120 Questions To Ask Your Crush And Know Them Better

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Updated On: May 15, 2024
questions to ask your crush

Talking to the person you’re crushing hard on can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even if they’re clueless about the way you feel about them, conversation starters with your crush can be difficult to think of. Then how to keep this person interested and engaged? If only there was a list of questions to ask your crush!

We’ve all been there. Forget about coming up with a short list of suave, intimate questions to ask your crush, it seems hard to get past “how are you doing?” and “what’s new?”. But we have a handy guide that can make the conversation flow and help you get to know them better. Now you can stop worrying about “Are there any specific questions to ask your crush when you are out with them?”

To bail you out of your tongue-tied state, we have compiled an elaborate list of 120 questions to ask your crush and make them realize you truly like them. Keep it handy and brush up on a few items before you meet them next.

Meaningful Questions For Crush To Break The Ice

With this list, you can ask your crush about their core values and follow that up with meaningful conversations. These questions partly dive into who they are, and also give you an idea of who they want to be. This way, you’ll know how many of the big things you two actually align on. Because to get your crush to like you, you first need to be sure you actually like them! These thought-provoking questions for crushes and future lovers will help you with just that.

1. Do you believe in fate?

2. If you had only one day left to live, how would you spend it?

3. Carpe diem or not?

4. What is the greatest adventure you’ve embarked on?

5. What is the one fear that holds you back?

6. What is the one bad decision you don’t regret making?

7. If you could have any animal as a pet, which one would you choose? And why?

8. Would you ever go skydiving?

9. Would you ditch an important work commitment for a trip with your friends?

10. If you had 10 million dollars, how would you spend it?

11. What is your favorite childhood memory?

12. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

13. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done?

14. What has been your biggest lesson in life?

15. What is your love language in a relationship?

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Questions To Get To Know Them Better

Did any of these icebreaker questions for crush work for you? Now that you may have gotten a fair idea of who they are as an individual, use this list of serious and fun questions to ask Crush Boy/Crush Girl and you’ll see how your intimacy deepens. These queries go even further in unraveling their personality.

16. What is the one song you could listen to on repeat?

17. Tell me about your favorite movie scene

18. Is there an experience that influenced you deeply as a child?

19. Have you ever been in love?

20. Why didn’t it work out?

21. How have you dealt with heartbreak in the past?

22. Do you believe in soulmates?

23. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

24. Who is the one person you value the most?

25. What is your vision for your life?

26. Are you looking for a long-term commitment right now?

27. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

28. What’s your biggest regret in life?

29. What is your biggest fear for the future?

30. Do you wish you had siblings? (OR do you wish you were an only child?)

31. Do you regret any of your past relationships?

Does My Crush Like Me

32. Tell me about the worst date you have ever been on

33. What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

34. What was your greatest lesson from your last relationship?

35. Are you happy with the quality of friends you have in your life right now?

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Funny Questions To Ask Your Crush While Texting

So you’re getting to know your crush but don’t know how to keep the ball rolling over text? Now that we have gone over some of the heavy stuff, let us look at some of these interesting questions for crush which are more on the lighter side. These will keep the conversation flowing and make sure they don’t get bored. So before you end up double texting them in the wee hours of night, go through the list below.

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36. Can you live without the internet?

37. Who would you choose as your partner during a zombie apocalypse?

38. What is your most impressive skill?

39. What does ‘fun’ look like to you?

40. What’s the most foolish purchase you’ve ever made?

41. Tell me your funniest drunk story

42. What did you spend way too much money on and instantly regretted it?

43. Tell me about your weirdest one-night stand experience

44. Have you ever completely messed up a job interview?

45. What is your favorite food that you absolutely cannot live without?

46. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

47. Spill your biggest guilty pleasure

48. What’s the most humorous joke you know by heart?

49. How funny was your first ever email address or username?

50. Which website do you waste most of your time on?

51. What’s the weirdest thing you find attractive in a person?

52. Describe your perfect date to me

53. Tell me your favorite memory of your friends from college

54. Do you have any secret fantasy you don’t tell people about?

55. Would you rather be a bird or a fish?

56. Would you rather own a cat or a dog?

57. What do you judge people for most often?

58. If you could change your name, what would you like it to be?

59. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

60. Who is a movie character you relate the most to?

61. Are you good at keeping secrets?

62. Are you a good dancer?

63. What TV shows can you watch over and over again?

64. If you could revisit any age before 18, what would it be? Why?

65. What sport are you terrible at?

Deep questions for crush
Thinking of cute questions to ask your crush?

Questions To Ask To Know If They Like You Back

Romantic questions for crushes that edgy on flirty? Yes! If you are seriously interested in this person, let’s go a notch higher. This list will give you an idea of whether they like you back or not. Depending on their response, you’ll know whether you should keep flirting with them, or if they are not that interested in you.

Here’s our list of cute questions to ask crushes and flames. Select a few from this, and gently throw them their way.

66. What is the first thing you noticed about me?

67. What did you think when we first met?

68. Do you have romantic feelings for somebody in your life right now?

69. Would you change anything about the way we met?

70. Am I your type?

71. Are you ready to be in a romantic relationship right now?

72. Do you feel a romantic connection coming on with me?

73. Do you want to get dinner with me sometime?

74. Do I make you nervous?

75. What is your dream date night for us?

76. If we had to spend time at home for a date, what would you plan for us?

77. Are we just friends or more?

78. Do you think I make you a better person?

79. What is the best compliment you could give me?

80. Is there anything you would change about my look?

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Romantic Questions To Ask Your Crush While Texting 

Now that the flirty questions are out of the way, let us move on to this next list of relationship questions for crushes. These will not only give you an idea of what your person feel about you, but can tell you more about who they are, romantically. What are their notions of romance, what is their love language, and what turns them on the most? Remember, you can only ask this stuff when you have a much deeper connection with them.

81. What kind of music do you find sexy?

82. What do you find the most attractive in the opposite sex?

83. What is your best pickup line?

84. Do you like it if someone else makes the first move?

85. What advice would you now give your younger self about a first kiss?

86. Do you want to be in a serious relationship?

87. What is your favorite sex position?

88. What is your favorite aphrodisiac?

89. Describe the last sexy dream you had

90. Who is or was your biggest celebrity crush?

91. What was your most embarrassing moment in front of somebody you had a crush on?

92. Do you believe that fate plays a role in finding love?

93. What qualities do you look for when you choose a life partner?

94. Do you believe in the concept of ‘the one’?

95. What does intimacy mean to you?

96. What do you think we have in common?

97. What is that one thing that sets us apart from others?

98. Do you enjoy dirty talk?

99. Have you ever had a dream about me?

100. What is your go-to karaoke song that you would want to sing with me?

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Provocative Questions To Ask Your Crush

Moving on from deep questions and flirty questions for crushes, let’s see how your flame does under pressure. Let’s make it more fun and provocative!

How does your crush react when provoked? Do they feel cornered? If you like them enough to consider taking this attraction to the next level, it’s best to find out these details that are often well-masked. This list of deep questions for crushes ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises later, and that you are actually falling in love with them.

101. Democrat or Republican?

102. What are your views on climate change?

103. Do you believe in God?

104. Lakers or Bulls?

105. Do you think Inception was overrated?

106. What are your thoughts on reincarnation?

107. Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

108. Capitalism, socialism, or communism – What’s your idea of an ideal societal structure?

109. What are your views on racism?

110. Are you a supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights?

Playful Questions For Crush

Looking for more personal questions for crush? We got you. Now that you have pushed them a little to the edge, here are the final few questions for when you just want to be playful around them. These are not too deep or intense. If you want to get your crush’s attention, here’s how you do it:

111. What makes you nervous?

112. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

113. How would your friends describe you?

114. What is your favorite restaurant in the city? Will you take me to it?

115. What is the worst lie you have ever told in a relationship?

116. Do you have a particular style of wooing women?

117. Do you secretly judge some of the long-term relationships that you see around you?

118. Is getting stranded in a jungle without your phone for five hours a big deal with you?

119. What would be your dream job if money wasn’t a thing?

120. Tell me your biggest deal-breaker in a friendship

When you’re done with these questions, you will know your crush like the back of your hand. And have a clearer idea about how well-suited you are for one another. However, use these lists tactically. Don’t throw a barrage of romantic questions or open-ended questions for crush at once, as if they are being held for interrogation. Weave them into engaging conversations seamlessly, and build upon their responses to truly understand what they’re like.


1. Why is it important to know your crush well?

It helps you decide whether or not you should act on your feelings and take things to the next level.

2. What if I don’t like what I hear?

Then you must work on getting over your crush and keep your mind open to other alternatives.

3. Will these questions tell me whether my crush likes me back?

If they’re happy to indulge you for all these queries, chances are the feelings of attraction and admiration are mutual.

4. Can I ask all these questions at once?

No, you must use these questions tactfully so as not to alarm your crush or make them feel cornered.

5. What if he asks me similar questions?

Respond openly and honestly. He has an equal right to get to know you well.

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