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When your partner is flirting with someone else at a party

Here’s how to deal with your partner when they are hitting on someone else at a party.
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When your partner’s flirting with someone

Someone once told me a story about a party she went to, with her partner. The guy kept flirting with other people in the party. At the end, when the DJ was playing Single Ladies by Beyonce and when he asked the single women to put their hands up, she threw up her hands and that’s how she broke up with her high-school boyfriend in the middle of a party. Don’t take it that far, there are several other ways to let your partner know that it’s not okay to keep flirting with other people, especially if you guys aren’t in an open relationship. In case such a cringy situation arises at a party, here are some things you can do to deal with your partner:

1. Take control of the dance floor

Bring the moves to the dance floor and dance like there’s no tomorrow. The entire room will soon be staring at you and wanting your attention, and if I was your partner, I would be freaking out.

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2. Start talking to their best friend

Joke and talk with their best friend. Laugh and look like you are having fun. Bae will soon be frustrated and wondering what you guys are up to.

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3. Slither up to them and mutter something hot in their ear

Especially if making out in a public bathroom is on their bucket list, dial up the heat by nibbling their ear a little after whispering. Then walk away and don’t look back. They will be on their knees and begging soon.

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4. Glare at the back of their head

Classic move. Do nothing other than glaring at them and cursing them in your head so much that they start feeling uncomfortable and give up.

5. Drink up

Bottoms up with those shots! If your stupid partner thinks that they can pull weird stuff on you, then you can force them to be the designated driver. They deserve it.

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6. Ignore them

The hardest one and yet the best way. Ignore your partner. Talk, laugh and have fun with everyone but them. Pay them no heed at all. Even if they were flirting with others just to tease you, this will teach them a lesson.

7. Actually have fun

You are at a party and you mean to enjoy it. There is ample amount of alcohol and a dance floor. Who cares what your partner is doing? After all, no one should be able to ruin a perfectly good party. Drink up, dance and actually enjoy the party like you meant to. You can deal with the idiot later.

People barely have time to relax these days. So when they go out of their way to be at a party, it means they mean to chill and settle into a happy buzz if only for an evening. But just in case your partner went ahead and ruined a fine evening by flirting with other people, you can follow the first few ideas on this list to gain control of the situation. But my advice? Follow number 7 and let it be. If they are being a jerk to you, they deserve the cold shoulder. So enjoy to your fullest and let them know that you don’t need them to have fun. And just in case Single Ladies starts playing, you know what to do.

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