Can self stimulation change the size of my clitoris?

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Can self stimulation change the size of my clitoris
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Hello Ma’am,

I’m an eighteen-year-old woman and I’ve been masturbating for a year. The situation is that now I feel restless if I don’t do it for a day.

Also, my clitoris has become quite large. What is this happening to me? Please help.

Counsellor Sharmila Majumdar says:

Dear Young lady,

To begin with, masturbation is an absolutely normal and healthy exercise. It also eliminates the risk and fear of sexually transmitted infections.

Fear of sexually transmitted infections
Fear of sexually transmitted infections.

However three times a week is the ideal number of times that either a man or a woman should indulge in masturbation. Please involve yourself in other activities so that your mind is occupied and you don’t think about it all the time.

With respect to your concerns regarding your clitoris becoming large, don’t worry about it!

However large a person’s clitoris becomes, the increase in size will be very minimal. This is so, as the clitoris is not a huge organ.

Also, unless a doctor does a physical examination, we do not take a patient’s word for it. Moreover, the genitals are genetically structured and inherited from mother-grandmother and so on. So don’t worry about this!

All the best.
Dr Sharmila

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  1. And more to add on it like I have read it in many of the websites that the clit does not increase or decrease in size to be find out as it is super elastic and that you should yes indulge in other activities to help u not over masturbate!!!

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