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Chitrangada: the woman who changed gender to marry Arjun

Her destiny said she had to be a man, but she fell in love with a man and bore his child. The story of Chitrangada, heiress of Manipur
Arjun Mahabharat

The sole heiress of Manipur and the only wife who perhaps found her place of worth in the story, Chitrangada is arguably an unsung hero in Mahabharata. A warrior, a queen, a lover. A loyal and royally deprived wife. Oh, and a mother, of course! Her identity gets muddled, like the rest of the women. Chitrangada gets lost in translation.

Despite her strong identity and command, she occupies little space in the epic. More than the main texts of Mahabharata scriptures, Chitrangada found her voice, her space, her character shaped in its subtexts. In poetry and in stories, retold. By Tagore. By Ghosh. And many more…

But before we go into Chitrangada’s tale, we need to step back a little in time, to set the context.

Why Arjun wandered

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