Break-up & Loss

We couldn’t marry because of family “honour”

They want to get married but her family threatened to kill him to save their honour
Sad romantic couple

It was a foggy, cold January morning in Delhi, when I reached the airport to board my flight for Mumbai. Standing in the queue to collect my boarding pass, I noticed a lady whom I thought I knew quite well.

I had not seen her face properly till then, but told myself, half in excitement and half in awe: “It must be her; for the similarities are too much to be a different person.”

Four year later, we met again

And as she turned back just then, our eyes eventually met. After how long were we seeing each other? Was it four years really? It seemed like eternity to me. We just kept looking at each other, probably too long for the others in the queue, as the impatient man standing behind me started prodding me to move ahead. I moved ahead, and so did she, along with the queue, but my thoughts instantly wandered a few years back.

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