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Top 10 Couple Poses For Unique Pictures and Selfies

Are you running out of couple selfie poses with your BAE? Take inspiration from these cute couple poses to recreate a fresh batch of your own.
alia and varun dhawan. Couple poses for the best selfies

It can be difficult for couples to come up with solid couple selfie ideas on demand. But for every social media active couple, the pressure of putting cute and aww-worthy selfies are a must these days. After all, some level of PDA is necessary in every relationship, right? With selfies flooding everywhere these days just holding the front camera straight and smiling or winking or tilting head on his shoulder is not good enough. You got to get creative. Get ready with the best couple posses for some photographic PDA

10 cute and unique couple poses for your next photograph and selfie together

1.  When nothing looks right, go up

This pose works best when you are having a bad hair day, don’t have a picturesque backdrop for your picture and no other angle seems to be looking good. Bonus point: this angle reduces your height difference and also makes you look slimmer (because we know the camera adds 10 pounds)!

couple taking selfie go up
Doing funny things together Image source

2. The best moments are always candid

This is another cute pose to make the most out of a not-so-great setting. It’s close up, it’s candid and it’s heart-warmingly cute.

couple taking selfie candid
Enzoying Time together Image source

3. Play with monochrome

This couple selfie pose is the example of why everything looks ethereal in monochrome. A pose like this not only gives your peers couple goals, it also looks effortlessly artsy.

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4. ‘Still in bed’ selfie

It’s a weekend morning, you and your BAE are still in bed and not in a mood to finish off cuddling, but you also want to take a selfie for Instagram. How do you take one that doesn’t look run-of-the-mill? Hint: Refer to the above.

couple taking selfie while in bed. Couple poses to get the perfect shot
Dedicated love Image source

5. The one to make your single friends cry

Turn the front camera on and capture the perfect moment of romance. This pose is so beautiful and the timing of the click is so perfect that you will be showered with ‘awws’ from Instagrammers.

couple taking selfie to make their friends jealous. Couple poses to get the perfect shot
Being funny and romantic Image source

6. Kitchen selfie

It’s hot and cute, both at the same time. This is a perfect selfie to take when you are making breakfast together in the kitchen. And it’s also a great excuse to show off the curves you have got!

couple taking selfie in kitchen. Couple poses to get the perfect shot
Making love Image source

7. ‘We are going for a drive’ selfie

The most amazing thing about taking a selfie is that you can experiment with your body parts. Tattoos are not necessary, but it definitely adds a punch to your selfie. Couple poses in the car look hot. A drive in the rain or snow is an added bonus.

couple taking selfie while going for drive. Couple poses to get the perfect shot
Going to long drives together Image source

8. ‘Walk with me’ selfie

This time the girl needs to be the charmer for the ‘walk with me’ pose. For a selfie like this one it’s important to have a good backdrop – a sunset (like in the picture above), seashore or a picturesque cityscape.

couple taking selfie while they walking. Couple poses to get the perfect shot
Spending time together Image source

9. One for the couple goals

The plus side of being a photographic PDA-obsessed couple is that you get to capture amazing moments of affection like in this one. Unkempt hair, crumpled bed sheet, nightshirts still on and flattering light that’s all you need to capture a moment like this one.

couple taking selfie for couple goals. Couple poses to get the perfect shot
Couple goals Image source

10. The one for crazy, stupid love

This is the best thing you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can ask a friend to capture this moment, or put your camera on self-time mode and enjoy your privacy. Just make sure the light is complimenting and you have got enough pillows to make the bed look warm.

couple taking selfie for craziness
Crazy love Image source

So here you have the best couple poses inspiration from the internet to recreate for your social media accounts. Choose the right angle and display the right moment to get all the love and likes, and give your friends the perfect #RelationshipGoals.

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