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Updated On: March 22, 2024
alia and varun dhawan. Couple poses for the best selfies

Do you often find yourself drooling over a couple of selfies of celebrities? They seem to have the perfect shot for every occasion. While there have been some common couple poses for selfies, to garner more appreciation and likes on social media you need to think out of the box. Whether it is the selfie poses for couples or simply couple pictures, they need to be unique, special, and memorable to make that lasting impression on the viewers.

It can be difficult for couples to come up with a solid couple of selfie ideas on demand. But for every social media active couple, the pressure of putting cute and aww-worthy selfies are a must these days. After all, some level of PDA is necessary for every relationship, right? With selfies flooding everywhere these days just holding the front camera straight and smiling or winking or tilting head on his shoulder is not good enough. You got to get creative. Get ready with the best couple posses for some photographic PDA

30 Tips For Clicking Cute And Unique Couple Poses

To take cute couple pictures, you do have to make the effort. And you need to know some basic tips. The angle, your body, the camera, the props, the location, and the genuine warmth will make you rock the couple pose gaining much appreciation. Consider the time of the day as well as the light. If you want to make it great couple selfies then carrying a foldable selfie stick is a good idea. There could be another person behind the camera or you could be opting for a couple-selfie but with a little bit of creativity you can make your couple photographs unique. And if you are short of ideas for couple poses for selfies, here are 30 tips to follow when you are posing for couple photos.

1.  When nothing looks right, go up

This pose works best when you are having a bad hair day, don’t have a picturesque backdrop for your picture and no other angle seems to be looking good. Bonus point: this angle reduces your height difference and also makes you look slimmer (because we know the camera adds 10 pounds)!

Doing funny things together
Doing funny things together

2. The best moments are always candid

This is another cute pose to make the most out of a not-so-great setting. It’s close up, it’s candid and it’s heart-warmingly cute.

couple taking selfie candid
Candid moments

3. Play with monochrome

This couple selfie pose is the example of why everything looks ethereal in monochrome. A pose like this not only gives your peers couple goals, it also looks effortlessly artsy.

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4. ‘Still in bed’ selfie

It’s a weekend morning, you and your BAE are still in bed and not in a mood to finish off cuddling, but you also want to take a selfie for Instagram. How do you take one that doesn’t look run-of-the-mill? Hint: Refer to the above.

couple taking selfie while in bed
Dedicated love

5. The one to make your single friends cry

Turn the front camera on and capture the perfect moment of romance. This pose is so beautiful and the timing of the click is so perfect that you will be showered with ‘awws’ from Instagrammers.

couple taking selfie to make their friends jealous.
Make them jealousy.

6. Kitchen selfie

It’s hot and cute, both at the same time. This is a perfect selfie to take when you are making breakfast together in the kitchen. And it’s also a great excuse to show off the curves you have got!

couple taking selfie in kitchen
Kitchen Selfie

7. ‘We are going for a drive’ selfie

The most amazing thing about taking a selfie is that you can experiment with your body parts. Tattoos are not necessary, but it definitely adds a punch to your selfie. Couple poses in the car look hot. A drive in the rain or snow is an added bonus.

couple taking selfie while going for drive
Selfie while driving

8. ‘Walk with me’ selfie

This time the girl needs to be the charmer for the ‘walk with me’ pose. For a selfie like this one, it’s important to have a good backdrop – a sunset (like in the picture above), seashore, or a picturesque cityscape.

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couple taking selfie while they walking
Walk with me selfie

9. One for the couple goals

The plus side of being a photographic PDA-obsessed couple is that you get to capture amazing moments of affection like in this one. Unkempt hair, crumpled bed sheet, nightshirts still on and flattering light that’s all you need to capture a moment like this one.

couple taking selfie for couple goals
Couple goal

10. The one for crazy, stupid love

This is the best thing you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can ask a friend to capture this moment, or put your camera on self-timer mode and enjoy your privacy. Just make sure the light is complimenting and you have got enough pillows to make the bed look warm.

couple taking selfie for craziness
couple taking selfie for craziness

11. The Bollywood pose

Running through a field of yellow flowers or under the umbrella together in the rain a la Pyar Hua Ekrar Hua could be perfect Bollywood poses. Try the Pehla Nasha pose in a tea garden or take a tip or two from SRK and Kajol with swinging jackets and transparent chiffon. Just see the effect.

Couple in love
Under the umbrella

12. Food funda

You can be really creative with food. Clicking yourselves in front of your food plate at a restaurant is so passé. Try biting into the pizza or the super long dosa from both sides. The Lady And The Tramp noodle scene could be your thing too.

Couple eating
Slurping noodles

13. The lipstick mark

No need to show the entire face only the lipstick mark on your cheeks and her twinkling eyes in the frame would do. It’s gonna have all the impact you need on SM.

Happy couple in a bad
The cute lipstick mark

14. Try the reflection

It could be your reflection in a puddle in the rain or on still water of a pond or a lake. Click your reflection in the right pose. There can’t be a better couple selfie than this.

Couple reflection on water
Couple reflection on water

15. Create illusions

This is our favourite. Maybe you could take a bit of help from Photoshop or any other photo edit app and create the illusion of an upside-down room, you are eating her up or she is coming out of your hair. Giggles! We just love these.

couple illusion pose
couple illusion pose

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16. Silhouettes rock

By the river, by the sea at the top of the mountains where you witness an ethereal sunset or just on your terrace try the silhouette and see the effect. Our personal faves are the sunset positioned between a kiss or the heart created by the hands or a couple blending into each other.

couple seeing sunset
couple seeing sunset

17. Chase the shadow

If reflections work shadows do too. Just try chasing your own couple shadow with the camera and see how creative you can get.  Let your shadow do the talking.

shadow of couple
shadow of couple

18. Finger-lockingly beautiful

Ever thought how your fingers and hands can convey all your feelings. Your fingers locked together or your hands just caressing each other can convey a lot of love.

Couple holding hands
Couple holding hands

 19. The distant selfie

Walking in the woods? Let her just walk and you keep half of you in the frame and click that casual selfie. The woods would create the perfect backdrop. She is splashing in the sea and you are lounging on the sun lounger. Take advantage of the distance and the backdrop and click the most creative couple selfie.

Couple taking selfie in water
Couple taking selfie in water

20. Dressing room selfie

It doesn’t take much. You could be trying three new dresses at the store dressing room and he could be trying a few too. Click a few mirror selfies while checking out which one suits you best. It could be a lot of fun.

couple taking selfie
couple taking selfie

21. Couch selfies

The couch could be used as a great selfie corner with props like bright cushions, throws, the pet dog or even the tub of popcorn that’s sitting on the center table. Give an idea how an evening in looks like at home but do it creatively.

Happy couple eating popcorn
Happy couple eating popcorn

22. Under the same jacket

Umm… this could be really romantic. Pop in under the same jacket or even a bright nice shawl would do. Go click! Click! You will love it.

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Under the same jacket
Under the same jacket

23. Water splash pose

couple under water
The pool pose

You could be in the sea, in the pool or standing under a waterfall. The splashing water couple pose can actually do wonders. Just make sure you got a waterproof cam out there.

24. Place showcase pose

When you are travelling you are keener to showcase the place. Use your creativity and keep the backdrop in mind when you click the selfie. The photos that come out are all for keeps. A great backdrop with the best couple poses can be a great combo.

Best couple photos
Best couple photos

25. The kitchen selfie

The colourful veggies, the spice in the wok, and the happiness of cooking, coupled with the best couple poses can give you the best selfies.

Couple taking selfie in kitchen
Couple taking selfie in kitchen

 26. The gym pose

Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl really give us couple goals. They love exercising together and often post photos. Maybe you can’t be as adventurous as them but couples photos at the gym or while you are exercising or doing yoga look really ‘healthy’.

couple doing yoga
couple doing yoga

27.  Show less

Just imply. This needs a bit of creativity but you can come out with the best couple photos this way.

Happy couple lying on grass
Happy couple 

A pair of legs with cycle wheels, couple embracing with the heads covered by a flowering tree, a kiss made invisible by a hat, these are some of our ideas.

28. Show off the couple tattoo

You can make a statement with your couple tattoo. Be a little innovative and showcase the tattoos with cute props. A cup of coffee, a heart-shaped cake are great ideas.

Couple tattoo
Tattoo in couple hand

29. Exploit angles

Yes taking selfies at innovative angles can do the trick. Place the camera above or below or at any other interesting angle and see the result.

Happy couple taking selfie
Happy couple taking selfie

30. Trick with apps

You can use apps to make additions and alterations to your photographs and make it a work of art. Try out selfie poses for couples and then work on it with an app and see your friends swooning over it.

So here you have the best couple poses inspiration from the internet to recreate for your social media accounts. Remember, if you are unable to click a good couple selfie yourself, do not hesitate to ask someone to do it for you. Use a tripod if you can and remain as natural and candid as you can be. Choose the right angle and display the right moment to get all the love and likes, and give your friends the perfect #RelationshipGoals.

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