15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Girlfriend

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Annoy your girlfriend
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In a romantic relationship, getting on each other’s nerves is part and parcel of the process. A relationship without laughter and a bit of healthy banter isn’t really the most fun experience ever, is it? Plus, the mildly annoyed look on your girlfriend’s face when you make a bad pun makes the day seem better. If you’re looking for some harmless ways to annoy your girlfriend, we’ve got you covered.

Bear in mind, there’s a difference between being humorously annoying and being mean. For the sake of humor, don’t belittle your girlfriend or make her feel bad about herself unless being single by the end of the day is what you’re looking for. As with anything, be respectful and respect her boundaries.

That being said, there are still a bunch of harmless ways to irritate your girlfriend without causing much anger or any future issues. A pun on her name was never destined to be the best joke ever, but that’s what’s so annoying about it. They’re so bad they make you laugh. Let’s take a look at 15 funny ways to annoy your girlfriend, so there’s never a dull moment in your relationship.

15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Girlfriend

Read on to know how to annoy your girlfriend utilizing new and out-of-the-box ways with which you can experiment. Sometimes, it is fun to be different from the mainstream boyfriends who are gentlemen-like and keep their girlfriends on a pedestal.

If you feel as though your relationship isn’t as fun as it used to be or you’ve lost the playfulness, all it takes is a lame joke to make your girlfriend mad, and you’ll both be laughing in no time. It’s fun to have a few laughs every now and then and to annoy your girlfriend, you can try any of these 15 ways and laugh like crazy”

1. Only respond with funny photos, not texts

Your girlfriend’s getting bored at work or she just misses you and shoots across a “Hey, what are you doing?”. Now is your chance to indulge in zero texting, opting to text her funny/annoying selfies instead. They don’t even have to be selfies, just send across memes endlessly. When she responds with a “why are you like this?” to your shenanigans, we’d advise sending a “don’t lie, you love me like this”. If you’re looking for annoying messages for your girlfriend, these will do the trick.

2. Ruin her Instagram food photos

You know the photos she takes of her food, so she can upload it on Instagram later? Every single item on the plate is kept to maximize aesthetic appeal, and she already has a caption and a filter in mind to use for the Instagram post. Right when she angles her phone and starts taking the photo, go ahead and move the food around, ruining the aesthetic appeal.

While you won’t really do anything to ruin the flavor of the food, tampering with the aesthetics of the food so there’s no way a photo of it looks good is just another level of annoying. If you’re looking to make your girlfriend mad, this tactic is going to do too good of a job. You might even be left sincerely apologizing for the rest of the meal. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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3. Share funny photos of her on social media

No, the photos you share of her don’t have to be ones in which she’s looking ugly. That’d just be too mean! Take for example the images Ricky Gervais shares of his wife, where she’s often sitting alone, captioning it, “Jane, with all her friends”.

A cute post of your girlfriend with a little banter isn’t anything to lose sleep over. We’re guessing it will annoy her a bit but will be forgiven sooner rather than later. Playful ways to irritate your girlfriend like this won’t really make her mad, and might just make her laugh if she’s a good sport.

4. Tell her you have something important to share, and then don’t share it

‘Curiosity kills the cat’ and girls are always curious about things. So when you want to annoy your girlfriend, tell her you have something important to share with her. After she gets interested and sits down to listen to your story, tell her “it is not important” or start talking about other things, to change the subject.

5. Hang up without saying bye

A funny way to annoy your girlfriend would be to abruptly hang up your phone calls without saying bye. When she calls back to ask if you just hung up on her on purpose, say that it must’ve been the network and hang up on her again. You could even do this on a video call if you’re looking for a way to annoy your girlfriend on FaceTime.

We’d suggest doing this once in a year and then immediately telling her you’re messing around if you want to keep receiving calls from her. Perhaps even try being romantic on the phone the next time she calls.

6. Act as though you forgot her birthday, but keep a gift in hand

If her birthday is coming soon, act as if you have forgotten it. Pretend as if you don’t know anything about her birthday. But, be ready with a present after irritating her or you can bet your top dollar that the outcome isn’t going to be a pretty one. Apart from this, forgetting important relationship milestones might also upset her, especially if she has given hints to remind you of the same. To do one better, go ahead and arrange a surprise party while acting as though you forgot about the whole thing. What could be better?

mess with your girlfriend over text
There are plenty of ways to annoy your girlfriend, just don’t take it overboard

7. If she’s at the grocery store, ask her to get something that doesn’t exist

This prank took the internet by storm recently, where girlfriends would ask their boyfriends to get them a “female” product that didn’t exist from the store. They’d return red-faced when the cashier tells them no such thing exists. Switch the genders up and ask your girl to get you something she won’t have an idea of, so she’d genuinely believe it exists.

Wait for her to come back to you ready to hit you, telling you what a fool she made of herself in the store. You’d make your girlfriend mad and extremely embarrassed with this one.

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8. Repeat everything she says

“Really? Are you 7 years old?” your girlfriend might say to this, to which you’re going to tastefully reply “Really? Are you 7 years old?” You get the gist. Repeat everything she says, if she doesn’t get mad at this, then she possesses the mental maturity of a philosopher. You could even use this to mess with your girlfriend over texts, but we doubt you’ll be texting for longer than 3 minutes if you choose to repeat everything she says. In your next conversation, opt not to be a dry texter.

9. Don’t talk any louder than a whisper

Is there anything more annoying than having to repeat “what?” three times, and still have no idea what the person you’re talking to just said to you? Annoy your girlfriend on FaceTime or IRL by only whispering, so she practically won’t even be able to hear you, even with her ear to your mouth.

10. Overreact when you are ill

Whenever you get a minor cold or cut yourself while chopping vegetables, you can throw tantrums and whine to irritate your girlfriend. You can keep making irrelevant requests to her and make her go out to do menial tasks for you. It’s not as though you don’t already do this, most men are guilty of making a big deal of the pain they go through during illnesses. Take it one step further and make your girlfriend mad by incessant complaining.

11. Photobomb her Zoom meetings

If she’s at an important work meeting on Zoom, you know exactly what you have to do. Walk right behind her and act completely oblivious to the fact that she’s in a meeting, and start talking about embarrassing things. Forget about how to annoy your girlfriend, you’d be making her hurriedly look for the ‘video off’ button while pushing you away. You’ll see her go red, but you won’t exactly be making her blush, that’s just her cheeks filling up with rage.

12. Photobomb her pictures

Annoy your girlfriend by photobombing her pictures with her friends or every time she gets a photo taken. Eventually, every photo she uploads on her social media will have you somewhere in the background looking right at the camera with that ear-to-ear smile on your face, something she can’t wait to knock away.

13. Type slowly while texting her

While chatting with her, keep the typing window open. You can type one word and leave it so that it seems that you are typing a very long message. But after a long pause, just send one or two words, she’s bound to say “it took you THAT long to send me this?”. Mess with your girlfriend over texts by making it seem as though you’re writing the longest message ever recorded in history, but end up just sending her an “okay.”

14. Pretend as though you can’t use a camera when she asks you to take photos of her

Even though it’s all fun and games while you’re taking bad photos of her, please do end up taking a couple of good photos as well or else things are bound to get really ugly. We all know how the “perfect” photo is the most elusive concept there is, so irritate your girlfriend by acting as though you just don’t know how to operate a camera.

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15. Use the annoying dad jokes

If you’re looking for the most annoying messages for your girlfriend, the obnoxiously annoying dad jokes are right up there. Every time she starts a sentence with “I’m”, your lame joke senses must immediately get to work. For example, if she texts you “I’m hungry”, you reply “Hi hungry, I’m dad!”

Or just shower her with lame jokes like “I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me.” Mess with your girlfriend over texts with jokes so bad, she’ll end up cursing her fate for coming across such a hilariously bad joke.

Despite the use of all these tricks to annoy your significant other, if she remains by your side and still has the patience to tolerate you, then she is definitely an angel. Do not let go of her and let her know that you were just having some fun with her. PS: period jokes to annoy your girlfriend don’t work. Don’t even try them!

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