15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Girlfriend

annoy your girlfriend

In a romantic relationship, getting on each other’s nerves is perhaps the duty of both the partners. What is the fun in a relationship where you behave perfectly and do not give any reason to your girlfriend to complain and crib? Committing silly mistakes and forgetting things on purpose are just a few of the tried and tested funny ways to annoy a girlfriend.

15 Funny Ways To Annoy Your Girlfriend

Read on to know how to annoy your girlfriend utilizing new and out-of-the-box ways with which you can experiment. Sometimes, it is fun to be different from the mainstream boyfriends who are gentlemen like and keep their girlfriends on a pedestal. It’s fun to have a few laughs every now and then and to annoy your girlfriend, you can try any of these 15 ways and laugh like crazy!

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1. Change the way you respond to her texts

Instead of showing interest in the messages she is sending you, what you can do is reply with a ‘hmm’ or ‘k’. This type of text shows that you are least interested in the story she is sharing with you and might feel weird about the whole situation.

Change the way you respond to her texts

Change how you respond to her textsImage source

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2. Eat her food especially when she is hungry

An absolutely delightful way to annoy your girlfriend! When she is absolutely hungry after having a busy day at work or something, you can steal her food or keep eating tit-bits of her share of food. Food is something which girls do not compromise on and if you take her food without asking, then it will probably make her crazy.

3. Always make fun of the food she cooks

Girls love getting appreciated for whatever they do, especially when they are making efforts to cook something for their beloved. Whenever she cooks whether tasty or not she wants to be praised for it. But if you intentionally criticize her cooking all the time and make fun of it, she will be really annoyed by you.

Annoy your girlfriend by making fun of her cooking

make fun of her cooking Image source

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4. Tell her you to have something important to share and then don’t share it

‘Curiosity kills the cat’ and girls are always curious about things. So when you want to annoy your girlfriend, tell her you to have something important to tell. After she gets interested and sits down to listen to your story, tell her ‘it is not important’ or ‘leave it you won’t understand’, then see what will happen- she will definitely die of curiosity. If she insists, ask her why hid Katappa kill Bahubali?

5. Click her ugly pictures and tag her on social media

A funny way to annoy your girlfriend would be to take ugly and random pictures of her and upload them on your social media. Tag her so that all her friends, as well as your friends, can see them. Along with that, add a few cheesy lines on the post to make her lose her mind.

Click ugly pictures of her

Click ugly pictures of her Image source

6. Behave as if you forgot her birthday/important days

If her birthday is coming soon, act as if you have forgotten it. Pretend as if you know anything about her birthday. But, be ready with a present after irritating her or else she will be completely mad at you. Apart from that, forgetting important relationship milestones might also upset her especially if she has given hints to remind you of the same.

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7. Purposefully compare her to the girl she dislikes the most

Girls really hate it when in front of them their partner is praising the one, they dislike the most. So you can keep admiring the person your girlfriend dislikes. And if you go on to compare her with that girl, it will literally blow her mind and she will be infuriated by you. Remember not to take it too far, you are just doing this to annoy your girlfriend, not hurt her.

8. Book your movie tickets for a date separately

Convince your girlfriend to go on a movie date with you and make her all excited about your plan. Once you reach there, give her the news that your tickets have been booked separately and go and enjoy the movie all alone. She is bound to get pretty annoyed with this.

9. Pay least attention to the cleanliness around the house

Pay least attention to the cleanliness around the house

Keep the house untidy Image source

Women are generally very particular about cleanliness and always make it apparently clear that hygiene is absolutely essential for them. So if you really wish to annoy your girl, then you can make sure you do not keep the house clean. For example, leave your clothes here and there, keep the basin unclean, and forget to clean the kitchen and so on. The more you do this regularly, the more irritated she will be.

10. Overreact when you are ill

Whenever you get ill like suffer from a minor cold or get a cut due to cutting vegetable, you can throw tantrums and whine to irritate your girlfriend. You can keep making irrelevant requests to her and make her go out to do menial tasks for you. She loves you so she would be taking care of you but will also be annoyed.

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11. Do not take her side

In a relationship, she expects you to take her side especially in front of the relatives or friends. Sometimes if she makes mistakes in front of them and you do not support her on purpose, or start making fun of her then she will obviously get upset. You can easily annoy your girlfriend by this but make sure you do not take it too far.

12. Photobomb her pictures

Annoy your girlfriend by photobombing her pictures. If you go on repeating this and make her pictures useless, she will get annoyed sometime or the other. Plus, you can also Photoshop her pictures by adding some funny stickers and beards on her face; take a print out and place it in the house. This will make her angry for sure.

13. Type slowly while texting her

take time to type

Take time to type Image source

While chatting with her, keep the typing window open. You can type one word and leave it, so that it seems that you are typing a very long message. But after a long pause, just send one or two words and then see the magic. She will really be annoyed by you as she was expecting a long message from you and her patience will deteriorate.

14. Keep on telling her that she is fat

Even if she is okay and healthy and you do not really care how she looks, if you let her know she is looking fat, she will get bothered by it. She will keep on confirming whether she is fat or not. And if you keep on telling her that she is fat, it will drive her crazy as your opinion matters to her.

15. Ditch her for plans with your mates

Hype and make her wait eagerly for date nights and plans, but later ditch her and hang out with your mates. On purpose, let her know about it as well so that she gets angry and annoyed. Sometimes even if you do not let her know directly, click pictures and upload them on social media as this will make her lose her calm.

Despite the use of all these tricks to annoy your significant other, if she remains by your side and still has the patience to tolerate you, then she is definitely an angel. Do not let go of her and let her know that you were just having some fun with her.

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