Dating Gone Wrong – 10 Real-Life Dating Experiences Of Women

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Want to read some of the worst date stories out there to know you’re not the only one who’s experienced something bad? Or want to see the downsides of dating someone to get a larger picture of the straight dating business? Here, we are going to look at some of the worst dates ever, some of which entail violence and harassment toward women as well.

Dating in today’s modern and busy world is tough. I don’t mean that there aren’t enough men, but usually, all the good men often seem out of league. And those who do agree to go on a date, well, the real story is often different from the glossed up ones you see on TV or read about in magazines. Most women have complained of having a bad experience on first dates, and all for different reasons.

There are good men out there, of course, but sometimes when I hear about all the dates gone wrong from women around me, I am left with no hope. And after all, you don’t hear of enough bad girlfriend stories of first dates that end up in physical trauma and sexual abuse for the men, do you? Well, we don’t want you to end up dating the wrong person – that’s why here are some of the stories of the worst dates (including worst date Reddit stories too, told by their users on the platform) so that you know what to look out for.

10 Real-Life Disastrous Dating Experiences Of Women

A date gone wrong can be a terrible experience. It can leave you feeling unsafe in your own body for a long time after the threat has passed. You become extra careful in your future dates as well and you always have a friend on speed dial, who could call you with an ’emergency’ so you can run away from a bad date. Through these worst boyfriend ever stories, you also get better at spotting those whom you should avoid and those you should never trust.

And at the end of the day, if nothing else, they can serve as lessons for you, for other gullible women out there, and for the men reading this. With these ten bad date stories, you’ll be able to get some crucial lessons without having to go through the ordeal yourself.

1. He mixed drugs in my drink

Sarah experienced her worst date ever when she went out with a guy she had been talking to for six months. It was a well-lit bar, and they had a whisky together as they chatted. It was a beautiful night, and the conversation was going well when she started feeling sleepy. It was one of those moments when her entire mind went blank. She could not focus on anything, and all she felt was this need to run. Talk about experiencing such worst date stories first-hand!

She excused herself to the bathroom and spent 3 hours there, crying and trying to reach one of her girlfriends to come and get her. When her friend came, the guy had vanished, and Sarah had to be rushed to a hospital. Two agonizing days in the hospital later, she was told that she had been given a heavy dose of sedatives. When she later told her friends about her date gone wrong, she couldn’t control herself from breaking down.

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She suffered enormous mental trauma after the bad date and it took her a long time to get over it. She had been in contact with him for six months, so she thought she could trust him. But she was mistaken. It turned out to be one of those bad boyfriend stories that made her stay away from dating for years afterward.

2. He kept rubbing my legs

One of the worst and most awkward dates for Jane was when the college senior she’d gone out with started feeling up her leg from under the table. She froze. What’s worse is that after about 30 minutes of touching her like that, he dropped a line about sex and started talking about it loudly. “I was so stunned. I didn’t know how to react. In hindsight, I feel I should have just got up and left but I was totally dumbstruck,” said Jane.

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She spent an agonizing 2 hours with the senior before a friend arrived to bail her out. She narrated this bad experience to her friend and shuddered at the thought of dating the wrong person or going on terrible dates again. She wondered how long it would be before she ever found a good guy. These instances of worst date stories often tend to leave a deep psychological impact on the person that is simply impossible to erase completely.

3. He felt me up throughout our dance

A prom date is something we all want and Anna was no different. Her prom was one of those gala nights at a famous club, and her date was a college friend, who had been flirting with her for a good two years. She was excited about the night. The first hour was okay and he was nothing but courteous. Little did she know what she was going to experience would count as one of the worst date stories.

The trouble began when they started dancing. She could feel his hands sliding on her body, the entire time. It felt terrifying to the point that she was ready to run. A date gone wrong is a nice way to put it – this date was nothing short of a nightmare for Anna. The very same day, she lost all her feelings for the guy.

“What was he thinking? Is this the way to woo a girl? Terrible experience. The worst date ever!” said Anna. From then on, she was always hesitant to dance at a club or with any guy. The bad experience on her first date with this ‘friend’ left her scarred for months.

terrible dating experience
He kept feeling her up while dancing and she was very uncomfortable

4. I opened the car door and ran

I met Daisy on the internet. She is one of those pretty girls I aspire to be. She shared one of her bad date stories with me that had left her shaken. A guy she had been seeing for a while suggested a long drive as a date. She felt ready for that step. That would be one of the biggest mistakes she’d ever made, she realized in hindsight.

It all started getting weird when he parked in a secluded place and asked her to kiss him. The car door was locked, the AC was running, and she was very uncomfortable. It was one of those things that made her innards go cold but she gave in after a while.

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He was not done with the abuse though. Soon, he was sitting there with his pants open and gesturing. Daisy does not remember how she got back home that night, except that pure revulsion made her open the car door and run. Before this, Daisy had never had a bad experience on a date, but now she understood the consequences of dating the wrong person and the illusion of a good first impression. She cried for a solid three hours after the ‘date’ ended.

5. He broke my nose

After a whole night of partying with a guy Suzanne had been seeing for a while, she felt like it was going well. However, the guy was drunk, and as the party drew to an end, he kept asking her to accompany him to the bathroom. It was one of those moments that made her fear for her life, so she shouted. The bouncers came and rescued her. The ordeal didn’t end there. She went outside and called for an Uber. What she did not expect was that the guy would come around swinging and punch her in the face.

She blacked out and woke up in the hospital with a broken nose the next morning. The guy was put in jail for the night and bailed out in the morning. Such horror date stories terrify women to their core. She recounts this violent incident with dread and is the reason she doesn’t date anymore.

6. He started shouting at me despite barely knowing me

Dating Disaster
Dating Disaster

Martha didn’t know she was headed for the worst online date with this guy she met on a dating app. She’d barely sat down when he exclaimed that she was hotter than her pictures and that he proclaims her to be his girlfriend. You see how this is already one of the most terrible dates ever, right?

Nevertheless, she sat down and thought that maybe he just had a weird sense of humor. Martha offered to pay for the first round of drinks, partly to get away from him temporarily. As she was buying the drink, she made some comment to the bartender that made him laugh. And you wouldn’t believe what happened next.

The guy was all over her when she got back with the drinks. “Was he hot? What did you say to him!” he yelled at her. Needless to say, Martha didn’t have a second round of drinks with him. Or any drink again for that matter. ”(He) had gotten instantly jealous of this bartender somehow, just five minutes after meeting me,” said Martha. Talk about having the worst online date ever!

7. He insisted I touch his penis

It was her first date with a guy she’d met at the gym. Lily had no idea how uncomfortable the night would turn out to be. First, the guy kept checking out all the prom girls who’d come with their dates to the same restaurant. That alone was enough to make her irritated and angry. Even bad dates aren’t this terrible, are they?

But this was nothing. As the dinner ended, he got very excited and asked her for a handshake with his friend Steve. And got very upset when she kept saying no despite his insistence. He told her how Steve was feeling sad that she wouldn’t shake his hands. Guess who Steve was? His penis! Lily dumped him there and then. Being a part of the worst boyfriend ever stories once was more than enough for her.

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8. He said I was repulsive

This one easily tops the worst date Reddit stories considering how fatphobic it turned out to be. Christine had found this amazing guy online with whom she hit it off in no time. They talked a lot and had great chemistry. One day, the guy asked her to stay the night and she agreed. Little did she know that it would turn out to be one of the worst date stories ever.

As time passed, things got a little intimate and they started heading upstairs. “It is then that he paused and looked at me. Like literally stood there and looked at my body. And then he sighed, said he couldn’t do it. Apparently, he thought I was ”too fat to have sex with”. He said I was repulsive and that he’d thought he was better than this but he wasn’t,” shares Christine. And all this after she had told him how folks around her had been cruel to her and how she’d had to deal with body shaming in the past.

Then he had the gall to feel bad and show himself as the victim in the situation. Christine ended up trying to console him because she had no idea what to do. But the first chance she got, she left the place, never to return. Such bad boyfriend stories make you think twice about dating another guy again. How can people be so hateful, mean, and fatphobic toward others?

9. He asked me for sex in return for fries

Diana was barely 18 when she went on a date with a guy she’d known for some years. He bought some fries and they went on a long walk together. They eventually reached a park. Immediately after they finished the fries, the guy tried to push his hands down his pants without her permission whatsoever. When Diana questioned what he was trying to do, he got angry and said that she should have sex with him.

He said that because he’d bought fries for her and had walked with her for so long, she should have sex with him, in public no less! Diana, of course, got up and left immediately. The guy started spreading a rumor about her that she was weird and had fucked her own brother. To this, Diana told everyone how her brother was, in fact, gay, and how that guy had actually tried to assault her sexually.

With time, the guy’s respect and dignity were shattered on the campus and everyone started avoiding him. They started calling him the ”fried pirate” and would run away whenever he was near. While the story started off as the guy trying to pass this as one of the bad girlfriend stories, at least it ended well, eh?

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10. He kissed me out of nowhere

Stacy agreed to meet a guy she’d connected with on a college dating app after chatting with him for a while. She certainly had no idea that a meeting she was looking forward to would turn into one of the worst date stories and one of the worst experiences of her life ever. She was meeting this guy after having gone through a harsh breakup some time ago.

So this guy comes up, looking nothing like his profile picture. And barely any time passed when he started sexually harassing her. He’d slap her ass and touch her body despite her clearly feeling uncomfortable. Stacy quickly messaged her friend to call her with a false emergency so that she could escape. And her friend messaged her quickly too, but by the time Stacy could escape, the guy pulled her powerfully toward him for a kiss.

And calling it a kiss would be an insult to the romantic act: it was horrible, him trying to forcefully throw open her mouth with his tongue, her gagging. It was the waiter at the café who came to her rescue. Somehow, she was able to escape but that was one of the worst date stories anybody could be a part of. And naturally, she took a long time to recover from it.

As we come to the end of this piece, hopefully, the men will have plenty of lessons to take from here, and the women too, on what and who to avoid. These horror date stories show the other side of dating, namely abuse, coercion, and harassment for personal gains. And it’s not that there are only women who are at the receiving end of such terrible incidents.

This is why it’s essential that you start dating those who you trust completely, or at least stay on premises that are safe and where you can get help if need be. But as we mentioned earlier, ultimately, this isn’t on you. It’s the abusers who should be held accountable.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed of people in these bad boyfriend stories to keep their identities safe.

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