6 types of men on Tinder that you should avoid

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Men on Tinder you shouldn’t go out with

Gone are the days when you used to walk up to a person nervously – with your heart throbbing out of its place – just to ask them if they’d go out with you for that movie. The little flame logo has revolutionised the way in which people date, especially in a place like India. The land of ‘culture’, ‘tradition’, and curious neighbours have fallen prey to the fiery red of digital dating with new people signing up every day!

But does that have to be a bad thing? Of course not. Whether you’re a Bollywood geek who believes in ‘the one’ or just a woman who’d like to find someone compatible, the chances of the man popping out of thin air at a convenient time and place are not quite high. Ergo, Tinder. Like all dating apps and websites, Tinder has its disadvantages. It comes with a set of no-no’s and boasts of a refined selection of creepy men. If you had a rupee for every time you encountered a creepy person on the streets, you’d probably be a billionaire. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While you can do little about the streets, keep your sheets creep-free with our detailed analysis of the kind of men unfit for your den.
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A man with no face

You know what? Some elements are best left in Game of Thrones where they are admired, respected, and honoured. Perhaps if, by the description, we meant dangerous assassins with sexy eyes who didn’t know what death meant, swiping right might have actually felt right. On Tinder, however, not having a profile picture raises many questions. Before you know it, texts testifying to his build keep spamming your inbox. We wouldn’t advise you to wait too long to cut him out.

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Picture or it didn’t happen

If you decide to use Tinder for sex chats, that’s absolutely fine! We wouldn’t want to deprive you of some good orgasms. But this heinous type of man is very common and prey on your inbox and your mind irrespective of your consent. We know you know that he is equipped with a penis and is perfectly capable of doing things with it. But for this victim of the existential crisis, the proof is of utmost importance. As a consequence, your inbox is flooded with images of his phallus that he sends to restore faith in his own manhood.

The god, the cartoon, and the dog

You’re swiping across the faces of countless men. Some are handsome, and some seem bland. All of a sudden, the great Sai Baba looks you straight in the eyes. Even if you’ve never been in a situation like that before, we’re quite sure that you must’ve swiped across the face of a cartoon or of a pet. While we wouldn’t advise you to head to that café hoping to share a cappuccino with Sai Baba, the possibility of dating some pixels might be a stretch. As for real dogs, let’s face it: those gorgeous canines are way out of our leagues.

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Mr Pretentious

Apparently, he reads Tolstoy, hums Tchaikovsky, watches Tarkovsky, and is by no means an advocate of ‘coarse’ art. His preferred brand of wine takes practice to pronounce, and his smokes are high-end Cuban cigars. We’re not claiming that such a person doesn’t exist, but we do advise that you to consider if he has a rank on the shady spectrum! If his convoluted texts make it evident that he has a thesaurus by his phone, he may bag a degree in deception, but not a date.

Digital Devdas

This dude is all about the high. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with smoking or drinking or posting pictures of one’s prized means of getting high on social media. But what do you do when all the guy’s pictures are of him blowing smoke rings in hookah bars and chugging whisky with friends? If that’s your kind of person, by all means, go ahead! However, if you receive a barrage of drunken, inappropriate texts which he later passes off as an effect of friendliness caused by the high, you, woman, tell him to scram.

Too horny

Contrary to what this man may think, forming a match is not an invitation for sex. How can you be sure, you ask? If your conversations with this man are all about him asking you to come over to his place or letting him come over, that’s a clear sign. Dating is by no means an endeavour you can rush; and if he can’t keep his thing in his pants, you better chuck this one.

With these tips and tricks, we’re positive you’ll up your screening game on Tinder, and drive clear of the creepy contingent!

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Radha Patel
Radha Patel July 1, 2018 - 11:46 am

Considering the momentum Tinder has gained as a digital dating platform, it is so important to be sensitised about the potential threats present there. This article is gives a precise view for the same. Thank you!

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