How To Run Away From A Bad Date

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Updated On: May 21, 2022
how to get out of a bad date

You have bad dates. And then, there are some when you wish you had a gun to shoot yourself with in the mouth. You nod and smile at some story about the ridiculous thing your date did last weekend but mentally, you are on your couch reading Stephanie Meyer because even sparkling vampires seem like a better choice than being on this date. You sit there the whole evening desperately analyzing every possibility of how to get out of a bad date.

If someone is still out there in a quest for their soulmate, they know well how this whole dating business works. So, you loved the charming nature of a person on chat. But your hopes get spoilt as soon as reality strikes. Maybe you find out they are not even capable of holding an interesting conversation. Or, worse, they get too forward to hit second base on your very first date. The bottom line is if you have to think twice, “Did my date go well?”, it probably didn’t.

We often get confused about what to do after a bad date when we see clear signs there will be no second date. Before getting into that, we are here to help you out with some brilliant excuses to get out of date. Stay tuned to know-how!

5 Signs Of A Bad Date

The last time I went on a date, I knew within five minutes that I had fallen into the trap of another bad online date. This guy had such an off-putting personality it repelled me to the very core. And, beyond my imagination, he yelled at a child at the next table for being too loud. Sure you can assume the kind of embarrassment it caused. However, I survived the rest of the evening looking at the clock, plotting good excuses to get out of a date.

For a clearer picture, let me tell you more telltale signs of a bad date. Put a pin on these five points so that you can make a quick and informed decision about the future of any date and with a little luck, save two valuable hours of your life:

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1. Your date arrives late

Tell me whether you agree or not – this is a huge turn-off. I mean, who really wants to wait at the restaurant and sulk over the thought, “Did I just get stood up?” It’s another obvious example of bad online dates when your date comes super late and they do not even take the trouble to send a message just to inform you about the delay. A lack of basic courtesy is one of the first clues that you need a plan to figure out how to get out of a date.

2. There is no eye contact

Rule this one out if you are looking for signs date went well. Believe it or not, eye contact tells a lot about the intentions of the person sitting next to you. When someone is genuinely interested in you, they will pay heed to every word you are saying. You would never catch their eyes wandering around the cafe or glued to their cellphone. Also, eye contact helps build the chemistry between two people on a different level. So, yes, it’s one of the non-negotiable signs the date went well.

3. Your date boasts about their life and success stories

While it’s a good thing that this person is comfortable with you to open up about their life, nobody likes a condescending snob. Suppose, it’s been an hour and all they can talk about is their bigshot business deals, their luxury apartment on the Upper East Side, and their grand lifestyle. You have hardly spoken a word nor have they shown any interest to know you better. Perhaps now is the time to look for excuses to get out of a date like this.

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4. They are rude

There is simply no need to double-check “did my date go well?” if they disappoint you with their impoliteness. A person who doesn’t know how to give proper respect to an attendant doesn’t deserve much of your time. Did they just blatantly insult the waiter about a small miscommunication or send the food back with terrible feedback? I bet these are pretty clear signs there will be no second date.

what to do after a bad date
They brag too much!

5. Your date crosses boundaries

You need some really good excuses to get out of a date if this person makes you feel uncomfortable on any level. It’s far from being one of the signs the date went well when they ask too many personal questions. Maybe they try to push you to be physically intimate and you feel unsafe around them. In that case, don’t bother about looking for excuses and take your leave soon.

Excuses to get out of a bad date

Sometimes it gets difficult to bluntly refuse the companionship of a person, especially on a date, and walk out. There is no doubt it’s a rude gesture no matter how much you curse yourself for agreeing to come on this date. But you know what, where there is a will, there is a way. And, we will show you that way out when you are not sure what to do after a bad date:

1.  The classic ’emergency’ excuse

When you are on a first date after meeting online, many things can go wrong leaving you to worry about how to get out of a date. Here’s what you can do – send an SOS text to your best buddy and have them call you with an ‘emergency’. The emergency could vary from your best friend having a mental breakdown to her spraining an ankle. The more creative, the better.

Look worried for a few minutes, explain what the emergency is, and casually tell your date you will look into it later. If they are sympathetic enough (and if you look really worried and your acting skills deserve an Oscar), they will ask you to take care of the emergency first. That way you don’t appear rude in leaving the date halfway.

2. The ‘not feeling well’ trick

No matter the place, situation, or time, this one works like a charm. For women, this can be especially easy to pull off. Start with “Oh God, no!” and when he asks you what the matter is, tell him you feel like your period just started and rant about how you always forget the date of your incoming menstruation. You don’t even have to give an explanation. Just tell him to catch up soon and rush away.

Men, on the other hand, can resort to digestive malfunction. “I think the lobster didn’t agree with me. It’s better if I take off today and get some rest. Would you mind if we pick up from here the next day?” As simple as that. When there are no signs date went well, a bit of white lie can cover your back.

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3. Spill the beans

In this case, spill your drink or coffee all over yourself and exclaim in horror. Now, add how this is your absolute favorite piece of clothing and that you need to rush home to get it cleaned lest the stain set in. The worst part of this is you lose a nice outfit. But anything is better than sitting through the suck-fest you are both calling a date, right?

4. Bring out the mushy train and sob

So this is gonna need Meryl Streep’s level of fabulous acting. Pretend that a part of this first-date conversation topic triggered something from the past. Begin with teary-eyed crying. Slowly proceed to sniffling and blowing your nose-in-a-handkerchief kind of dedicated acting. The finale could be you saying “Sorry” and rushing out with no looking back.

5. Bring out the crazy

You have varied options to choose from. Laugh uncontrollably (if you don’t mind making a laughing-stock of yourself in public), pull your hair out (disgusting), and act paranoid. Tell your date how sleepless nights make you feel like there are other people in the apartment with you. Throw in bits and pieces from movies into your story. Sell your crazy self.

Any man/woman in their right mind wouldn’t want to date a person with these many issues. If you are lucky enough, they will be the ones to leave with an ‘emergency’, solving your problem of how to get out of a bad date.

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6. Popcorn run

This has actually worked when you are on your movie date and getting the wrong vibes from this person. So, you want to leave ASAP without appearing to be rude. Just tell your date you will go out to buy some more popcorn. They might think you are considerate enough to not let them miss the movie, but this is a perfect escape plan. By the time they notice you have been gone for a long time (being engrossed in the movie), you will already be miles away from the theater.

7. Or take the high road

You are both adults. Just tell your date the truth. As difficult as it is to say so, go ahead and do it. Tell them “I am sorry, you seem like a lovely person but this isn’t how I expected the evening to go. I can tell you’re not having the best time either. Shall we cut this short and save ourselves some time?”

They might find it insulting and rude at first but will eventually appreciate your attempt of being honest with them. That way you don’t have to tiptoe away from them when they are looking the other way but walk away like the mature understanding adult that you are.

So, we hope the article resolves all your confusion about how to get out of a bad date. Next time go creative with any of these ideas whenever you get the slightest hint that your evening is about to get spoilt.


1. What is a bad date?

A bad date suggests the person you are meeting lacks basic courtesy; maybe they are impolite or snobbish. Sometimes you just don’t get the right vibe from a person and your wavelengths don’t match. When you can’t find any reason to continue sitting with that person throughout the evening, it constitutes a bad date.

2. How long should first dates last?

First dates are more about getting to know each other better and trying to break the awkwardness. A standard first date should last 1-2 hours. But if things go really well and you slide into drinks and dancing after dinner, don’t worry about a time schedule. What’s important is that you are enjoying the company of this person.

3. Should you apologize for a bad date?

It will be a really generous approach. Even if you don’t apologize, simply acknowledging the fact that you both felt the date was off-tune will help to clear the air between you two and move ahead.

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