Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Gym Rat

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“Can’t talk right now, I’m doing supersets. Let me reach failure on my tricep skull crushers and my bicep preacher curls and I’ll call you back.” This is something you might hear if you decide to date a gym rat. Needless to say, being in a relationship with someone who’s already committed to the gym isn’t like your average relationship.

For starters, it’ll feel like they know more about their favorite fitness influencers than they do about you. They’re always talking about this elusive cheat day that never actually rolls around, and let’s not forget the jealousy you’ll feel when they’re always working out and you’re not. 

So if you’re eyeing someone up at the gym or you’re thinking of dating a gym rat, let’s take a look at a few things you need to know so this love triangle doesn’t end up eating away at you. 

Things To Know Before Dating A Gym Rat 

Let’s get this out of the way first: you’re definitely going to feel like you’re playing second fiddle to a bunch of dumbbells and iron bars. Their gym buddies are going to be extremely important to them, and they’re probably spending all their money on protein and creatine, and on 3 brands of multivitamins and 2 brands of fish oils. 

Even so, it doesn’t mean dating a gym guy or a “fit chick” isn’t going to work out. Before you start dreaming of all the couple’s workouts you can do with this person, take a look at a few things you need to know. A gym rat never dives in without a warmup, why should you? 

1. You’ll need to learn the lingo 

“The dumbbell overhead press always makes my rear delts hurt for some reason. I’m trying to focus on hypertrophy, but I can never max out on my PB” (Translation: my shoulders hurt) or “I’ve hit my macros for the day, but my fats have skyrocketed ever since I started going on a bulking phase.” (Translation: I’m getting fat). 

It’s basically like you will both be speaking in different languages. If you want to have any idea what the fit chick is saying, make sure you learn the lingo by paying a visit to the closest gym near your house. A few conversations with bulked-up gym bros and you’ll be talking about your deadlift PRs and your bench press max as well. 

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2. Be prepared for soul food to become guilt food 

Do you like the occasional fried chicken with a generous helping of gravy on top? Is digging into a cheesecake exactly what you need after a long, tiring day at work? Is your lazy Sunday afternoon always accompanied by a pizza? 

Get ready for all of those to make you feel like the guiltiest person on earth. When you’re hogging away all your cheesecakes and brownies, the fitness freak sitting across from you is somehow genuinely going to be enjoying their salad (yes, that’s actually possible). 

3. Understand that the gym is not going to be more important than you 

If things go well and you two start a new relationship together, you’re probably going to feel like your partner spends more time at the gym than with you. Though it may seem like the squat racks and the lat pull-down machines are more important than you, trust us, they’re not. 

Sure, they’re always going to be at the gym, but that doesn’t mean they’re running away from you. In fact, it might just give them pleasure to know that they’re sculpting their body the best they can for you. 

Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about where they are. The “at the gym” WhatsApp statuses that we all forgot to update 5 years ago still ring true for your partner, and at least you won’t have to worry about them cheating on you! 

4. No, they’re probably not going to be a narcissist 

Don’t worry, they will not be checking themselves out in every full-body mirror they get their hands on. They won’t constantly be posing in front of you, and they’re not going to be too in love with themselves. 

In fact, if they ever do check themselves out, it’s probably because they’re pointing out the flaws in their body. The 6 packs and the perfect muscle definition are never enough – they want to get rid of all the fat from their body. 

Instead of the narcissistic boyfriend or girlfriend you’ll be expecting, you may just end up with someone insecure, despite the scrumptious body they have made. It’ll seem absurd to you, but you may have to remind them that their biceps are indeed big enough or that their glutes are perfectly toned. 

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5. Prepare to be pushed in the best possible way

If it seems like it’s going to be all bad while dating a gym rat, think again. After all the protein shakes and the time spent in the gym and the language you don’t understand, you’re still going to get to know a very motivated person who will push you to be the best version of yourself. 

Even if you don’t want to work out, some of the knowledge your partner has is probably going to rub off on you. Before you know it, you’ll know more about the caloric density of certain foods and exactly what your body needs to feel nourished. 

You won’t have to max out your deadlifts like they do, but you may still like a life of health and wellness. Who knows, maybe your Sunday afternoons will start featuring quinoa salads instead of pizza. 

So, there you have it. If you’ve been eyeing up that gym rat, now you know that the first date with them probably isn’t going to feature dessert. At the end of the day, if being healthy hasn’t completely taken over this person’s life, it can definitely bring you two closer, just like a set of dumbbells that are always together.

It may all seem like too much work, but your libido will thank you for it when the shirts come off in the bedroom *wink*. 

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