Here’s what happens when my crush and I share the same gym

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When the equipment is not the only thing that draws you to the gym

There are special stories about people who have met their future girlfriends, husbands or partners in the gym. It is not so bad having a crush to look at when sweating our hearts out. In between squatting and working on the abs, it is nice to have a mental preoccupation. Having a crush at the gym is not uncommon – all fitness freaks or workout lovers sweating it out under the same roof – you are bound to find like-minded people. And while you melt the extra body fat on a side plank, the man who has recently joined your gym (for reasons unknown to you) has caught your attention.

Now, you might be thinking about his political affiliations or what songs are lined up on his workout playlist and the kind of job he has. You could be the kind of a woman who can walk up to a person you like and chat him up, but you cannot really halt midway through your run to gather information.

Some common thoughts women have when they have a gym crush.

“Look at my tushie, I have been squatting all morning”

A mental ‘Friend, how camest thou in hither, comest sight my butt’ sort of a thing because a great butt is quite an attention grabber.

“Did he take the treadmill next to mine on purpose?”

Ah, this happens in school-college time when the college crush chooses to seat himself right beside you. So when the crush chooses to run on the treadmill right next to yours, it is quite a deal maker; meaning it gives you the extra push to go a little longer on your run.

“Goddamn it! Just take off your shirt already”

You have already imagined what kind of a smooth, toned body he might have but you are not quite sure. So when the sweat makes his shirt stick to his bod, this thought is bound to occur.

“Oh, he is looking at me. HE IS LOOKING AT ME!! Be cool, be cool”

Always trying to play it cool. So every pull-up you do at the pull-up bar, you sneak a peek at him and one of those rare moments you are caught looking. Little hint: We get a tingling feeling when someone is looking at us. Maybe your crush feels it, too.

He is looking at me

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Oh, my God, his abs are so toned”

The moment when he finally takes off the shirt in the men’s room and you slyly catch a glimpse of the demi-God bod.

“Shit. He caught me looking”

Probably he is acknowledging your stares and is aware of your little crush on him.

Does My Crush Like Me

“Why is he always checking his phone?”

We have different kinds of people who hit the gym. He might be one of those people who dedicate time to read newspapers online while building their bodies. Whatever the reason, him being glued to his phone can be a massive internal disappointment to you.

“Maybe I will smile at him the next time our eyes meet”

Ah, to talk of such bravery!

“Did he just grunt? I think my vagina just skipped a beat”

So, he is the kind who grunts while working on his biceps with his dumbbells. Sexy noise has never been so damn sexy.

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“Is that a woman with him? Great! So he is taken”

The heart-breaking moment when you see your crush walking in with a woman. Is it a friend? Are they colleagues? Oh, my God, they are married! The sound of your heart collapsing two floors down is resounding in your own ears. But head high, chin up – the gym will be a glorious place again, because you are working out for yourself, not for the man whose name you do not know.

Even if the mantra is that working out is for one’s own self, having eye candy who makes you stay a little longer in the gym is not a bad thing. Also, the mind gets as good a workout as the body. Totally a win-win scenario.

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