6 Reasons Why Being Single Is Better Than Being In A Relationship

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Updated On: December 4, 2023
being single is better

The mad rush to find someone to be in a relationship has been so ingrained in our society that not trying to find someone to be with now almost seems like a taboo. While changing outfits for the third time before your second first date of that month, you must’ve thought to yourself, “Why am I even doing all this? Being single is better anyway.”

Your friends in relationships will tell you all the mushy things about how great a relationship is. Spend a day or two with them, you’ll probably realize there’s a lot more dirty laundry than you expected there to be. And let’s not even get into comparing committed vs single people’s bank accounts.

Whether you’ve been single for a while or you’re in a relationship and you’re starting to get sick of the “Are you ignoring me?” messages, it’s clear to see that being single is the best. Not convinced? Let’s give you 6 solid reasons why being single is better, so you don’t feel bad about getting ghosted on dating apps.

Why Being Single Is Better – 6 Reasons

Have you ever noticed your committed friends ducking out of the group and talking to their significant others on the phone, crunched up in a corner? If they’re not doing that, they’re probably texting them sit-reps on the events that have transpired thus far and the probable events that will take place.

As though they’re in the military, and their supervisors must be aware of their every move. Who has time for that? When you’re single, you can do what you want, without having to give a detailed report of the events that materialized to anyone. All you need to worry about is how much fun YOU’RE having, not how much your supervisor (read: partner) is worried about you.

Okay, okay, not all relationships feel like a military operation. Some are great and fulfilling as well. Even so, we’d argue it’s better to be single. Even the best relationships have petty fights, and the only fight you have when you’re single is whether you want to order Chinese or a pepperoni pizza. In the end, you can just order both.

If you’re still asking yourself, “Is it better to be single or in a relationship?”, let’s take a look at the most compelling reasons to enjoy being single as much as you can.

1. Why being single is better: You are the judge, jury and executioner

Want to watch  Stranger Things 2 on a Saturday night with your favorite bowl of ice cream and pizza? You can execute the plan and needn’t listen to the whining of your partner who wants to “have some fun” or “watch a movie” that night. You don’t need to debate what you’re ordering for dinner for two hours and you can pull up any old movie you want to watch.

Sure, you could have also done the same if you were in a relationship, but while being single, you can have it all without the guilt of having to turn down your partner. Want soup at 2 AM? Knock yourself out. Want to flirt with someone? Do it guilt-free. Want to plan an impromptu trip with your friends and travel? Nobody’s going to say, “But what about our brunch date?” The sole fact that you can literally do whatever you want is perhaps the biggest reason why it’s better to be single.

2. Build a better you

being single is better
Being single is better since it teaches you to be the best version of yourself

If your previous relationship ended in a nasty way and being single has left you all crying-on-the-bed depressed, it’s actually an opportunity to build a stronger, better you. Scenarios replaying themselves in your head might leave your mind at war with itself, but humans are susceptible to adaptation.

Being single teaches you to be more forgiving of yourself, leaves more time to figure out who you really are. (Take it from someone who has been a sappy mess of a depressed soul). Once you get the hang of leaving behind the toxicity of the relationship, singlehood would be too hard to leave behind. You can build a better, self-loved version of yourself.

No longer will you have to spend your nights arguing with a toxic partner about your “friends” being just friends or how you don’t give your partner enough attention. No longer will unnecessary trust and jealousy issues plague your mind. If your jealousy issues were causing problems in your relationship, it’ll also be a good idea to understand why you have the issues you do. The best thing about being single is that it teaches you to be true to yourself, so you can put your best foot forward if and when you decide to date again.

3. Less time spent on the phone

Imagine countless hours spent recounting your entire day to your partner when all you want to do is fall into your bed and sleep. Being single means you can just switch off your phone, get on a flight or take your car and go on an adventure. Impromptu plans can only work when you are single.

After a long, tiring day, the last thing you want is your partner to rant about their own long and tiring day. You can’t make up an excuse, your partner will see right through it. You can’t say you’re not interested, that’ll just be the rudest thing ever. When you’re single, you don’t need to worry about spending a mandatory 2 hours on the phone every day. Of all the good things about being single, perhaps the best point is it’ll get you off your phone.

4. More money for yourselves, people

Let’s face it. Being in a relationship means quite a handful of your monthly salary goes on dinner at a fancy restaurant or buying the eleventh gift for your partner. Being single significantly reduces your expenditures, leaving you to spend your money on an Allen Solly t-shirt or the high-top Puma shoes you have coveted for so long.

Or invest in a futuristic investment plan (if you are thinking like an adult). At the end of the day, there is more money left for you to indulge yourself. You can go ahead and treat yourself like the king/queen you are. There’s no denying that being single is better for your bank account.

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5. Success at work

Being single means you can stay up late at night without having to worry about a relationship you are not prioritizing. With significant time at hand, getting promoted is inevitable. This lets you reach that pinnacle of the corporate ladder you always wanted to achieve.

Forget about the “you’re always working, you never have time for me” taunts you get every time you open up your laptop on a weekend. When you’re not in a relationship, you can focus on the hustle as much as you want. When you have your own office with a view of the skyline, perhaps you’ll realize that being single is better than relationship life.

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6. Go out on as many dates as you want

Needless to say, going out on a first date is always kind of a rush. Being single involves going out on as many dates as you want. Play the field for a while. Grab a late dinner. Feel the thrill of a walk in a park, or kiss in the movie theatre. You can involve yourself in the spark of a first date. Go out with the nerdy guy/girl you have liked for quite some time now. You have all the time in the world to feel like a blushing teenager again.

Now that we’ve laid out being single vs being in a relationship for you, we’re pretty certain of the fact that you now believe that being single has its own charm. Just because everyone else is struggling to find someone to be with doesn’t mean you have to as well, you can take it easy and outperform all the committed people in the workplace.

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1. Is it OK to want to be single forever?

If you want to be single forever and like being single, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be. There’s nothing wrong with being single as long as you want to.

2. Is it healthier to be single?

According to a study by CNN, single people have a lower BMI than those who are married or cohabitating. In some cases, single people may have better mental health as well, since they don’t feel “tied down” by their relationships. It’s subjective, but some people claim to be happier when single.

3. Who is happier married or single people?

According to Psychology Today, single people can end up being happier than married people. The state of happiness depends from person to person, and some feel happier when single while others feel happier in a relationship.

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  1. Saloni Maheshwari

    Relationships are great, but being single has its perks too.

    You can anytime throw the phone down, or hop onto nowhere because nothing is holding you back.

    These little things in life are really important and being single you can take advantage!

  2. I am 53, single and VERY happy!

    I date women; young, old, middle-aged, and I enjoy their company. I see no reason to regret remaining unmarried. I do not see procreation of carbon-based organisms as the purpose of life.

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