10 erotic movies to watch with your man

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Remember the episode when Chandler got all excited about Monica gifting them porn on Valentine’s? If that is your fix, I believe you do not need this article. Just make sure it does not escalate to a scary birthing video like in that episode. Now that we have narrowed our audience down to those looking for a more subtle version of seduction, let us venture into the world of erotica and pick for you ten movies you should watch with your man!

Why should you watch erotic movies as a couple?

Well, we agree that you and your man do not need any external stimulation to make love. However, there are some days when you do not wish to spend the evening drinking out and just want to chill and Netflix at home. And a little hot, steamy and sexy session under the sheets. A chilled out night with the only two of you doing things you love can be enough to turn your man on and make him go weak in the knees and Add some visual, romantic turn-on movies to the equation and you have a perfect recipe of a great lovemaking session ahead. Some of the most arousing movies have scenes that look and feel realistic and are sexy. So while you enjoy each other’s company and some warmth, switch on these top erotic movies and get in a perfect mood- and brace yourself for some ideal sex. And thank us later.

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1. Piano Teacher (2001)

What? Not Fifty Shades Darker? Let us open our list with a couple of unassuming directors and films. Michael Haneke, less known for erotica and dwelling more on the side of complex humanity, plays a different hand in this film. Piano Teacher revolves around the desperation and loneliness of Isabelle Huppert. Behind the cold hard exterior lies the suppressed desire for companionship, raging sexual hunger and urge for self-destruction. The raw emotions translate beautifully on screen.
the piano teacher

2. Secretary (2002)

As the name suggests, one of the most popular fetishes ever; the film promises no less. The spank relationship the characters share in this David Shainberg film is more than what you would assume. The woman comes from a history of abuse and finds work with a dominating boss with whom she soon strikes a sadomasochistic relationship. There is an ample amount of self-derision, disgust and loathing served with this erotica. But the blatant honesty is more arousing than any sugar-coated story.

secretary movie

3. Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider are stuck in a hot mess of anonymous sex. They try to live a relationship of dissociation where their attraction defines their encounter more than their identity. The steamy scenes sure will rev up the spirit in the bedroom. Though I am enlisting this film as classic erotica, the scandal around this Bertolucci film displays the toxic male dominance and abuse in the film industry. So your heteronormative hating soul might be more angered than aroused if the context clouds your oestrogen. In that case, opt for a nice soak in the tub with your man.

Last Tango in Paris

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4. Crash (1996)

Cronenberg’s psychological thriller based on J G Ballard’s novel is a concoction of cars and sex. Sounds like the ultimate masculine fancy to get your man all hot? Well, David Cronenberg brings a disturbing twist to game it up. The couple has a fascination for auto collisions and is hugely turned on by them. The smell of death and immense charm around it manifests itself as an erotic fetish where danger is arousing.

crash movie

5. Lolita

The controversial novel by Nabokov is notoriously famous for its manifest sexual tension. In the renditions of both 1962 and 1997, the eroticism shines, but Kubrick in the 1962 film concentrates on the disturbance more than the erotic aspect of the novel. I would suggest watching the 1962 movie for a couple of purposes. The secrecy of the illicit relationship between Lolita and Humbert Humbert creates the erotic atmosphere of prohibition.

lolita movie

6. 9 1/2 weeks

This one is a no-brainer bed breaker. A kinky young woman and a jilted lover meet to play at multiple sexual ploys. Anonymous sex is a common fetish among couples, often manifesting as role-playing. This film is right up your alley if you are looking for a movie to the key you more than subtly instigate you to get your hormones accelerated.

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9.5 weeks movie

7. Rang rasiya

The overall Indian pick would be Kama Sutra, but I choose Rang Rasiya because of our unified weakness for Randeep Hooda. Ahem! Coming back to the film which traces the life of Indian Painter Raja Ravi Verma whose work revolves around the sensuality of Indian women using Victorian aesthetics. Nandana Sen plays muse to the painter portrayed by Randeep Hooda. Make sure you do not get distracted by Hooda smearing colour and channel the emotions in bed.

rang rasiya movie

8. The House of Yes

This is a dark comedy bordering on the world of taboo and incest. Marty brings home fiancé Lesly. All seems fine until one meets Marty’s twin sister Jackie-O who was recently released from a mental health institution which showcases traits of borderline personality disorder. A strange re-enactment of the JFK murder had led the twins to have sex when they were young. Lesly encounters them having sex yet again and runs up to meet Marty’s uncle with whom she has an awkward sexual encounter. It is a hilariously hot story about messed up sexual sparks.

the house of yes movie

9. Basic Instinct (1992)

A run of the mill erotic movie brings Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone together. What is more needed to convince you? Yes, I won’t waste my words.

Basic instinct

10. The Wayward Cloud (2005)

This one is for the love of Tsai Ming Liang and watermelons. Yes, you heard that right. This Taiwanese film is not everyone’s cup of tea. A post-modern treatment of love, fetish and sexuality is also a surreal journey into the world of Tsai Ming Liang. There is no well-formed story but a crisis of water that brings splits and brings two young lovers in set pieces. It is strange, explicit and blunt at its best without many dialogues and a lot of watermelons involved. Curious? Go ahead and take the plunge.

wayward cloud movie

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