Love and Friendship

5 things one experiences during first kiss!

The steps that led to our first kiss
a couple about to kiss

Do you remember your first kiss?

First we were shy

We were friends and used to like each other. But failed to express our love.


Then we made eye contact

We made special eye contact and made each other feel the passion.


Coming close

It feels awkward. You are confused and your heart starts racing. Coming close needs that extra push.


First move

I felt gutsy enough to make the first move.


Slow and smooth

Ooh la la! The magic happened.


love - friendship

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  1. I can never forget the first kiss with my partner., There were fireworks all around and it was an amazing feeling and I knew it he is the one! Actually, while kissing you can know if he is the one for you or not. Trust me, it is!

    This feeling is just incomparable!

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