No One Shared My Picture on Friendship Day! The Lesson I Learnt…

Amrita Mukherjee
you are not part of anyone album on social media at friendship day

I have at least 1000 friends on Facebook. But I didn’t make it to the photo lists that many of my friends published on Facebook on Friendship Day yesterday. Does this mean I don’t have friends who care? Or did this make me sad that I wasn’t there in any of those happy photos my friends posted, talking about their best friends and how they made their life worth living.

Is life only about Social Media Shares on Friendship Day?

This Friendship Day I got important life lessons that I can’t help but share with you.

1. The message on the messenger

on friendship day did you get message by your friend

The message on the messenger Image source

I was scrolling FB checking out who did what on Friendship Day, and marveling at the happening life of others, when my messenger window popped up. It was a heartfelt message from a friend who wrote she would gladly sponsor the uniform and shoes of the students of the school, we run for children in Jharkhand through our NGO.

Whether she uploaded my photo or I uploaded her’s on Friendship Day did it really matter? Naah! But could our friendship do some good? Yes!

2. The friends you “have” to talk to everyday

I have three friends I have to talk to everyday. We live miles apart in different countries, have hectic lives with work and family, but never a single day goes, that we do not interact. We have been friends for more than 30 years now and we know each other like the back of our hands.

And none of us made an effort to put up photos on FB. Yes that’s one thing we have in common. We all are lazy when it comes to things like posting pixs on Social Media. You ask us to talk we will do that nineteen to the dozen over overseas calls.

And when it comes to contributing to our NGO they are the first ones to do it.

3. Friends who never forget you

the best friends who don't need social media to enjoy friendship day

Unforgettable friends Image source

My brother wasn’t extremely good in studies nor was he a huge success in his professional life. But he had a rare asset. He had real friends. So when he was fighting cancer there wasn’t a single day that his friends wouldn’t turn up at the hospital or at home to be with him.

I bumped into one of his close friends yesterday while having coffee at a roadside stall. I told him to come to our home someday.

He said, “Now that you have shifted to a new place I can come. I couldn’t imagine walking up the stairs of your old house knowing that he won’t be there to open the door.”

His eyes had welled up. I thought my brother was truly lucky. He had a friend who teared up talking about him 9 years after his demise.

4. The friend you lost but want to be happy

She was at some karaoke restaurant crooning Kishore Kumar numbers happily on Friendship Day. I saw the video on FB and smiled. She was my best pal for 30 years till we became colleagues for a brief time. The equation immediately changed and the friendship took a major hit. I left the organization in four months but by then the friendship had been sacrificed, rather butchered, at the altar of competition and insecurity.

Although we are not friends in real life anymore we are still friends on Facebook.

We are not enemies though. Looking back at those wonderful childhood days I can only say that we will always wish each other well.

5. The friend who is not on your Facebook

friend request on Facebook on friendship day

A facebook friend Image source

My call went out to a friend last night. No this wasn’t for a dinner or a movie date.

“Haven’t been to the temple for a long time should we go next week?” I asked him. Strange question to ask you may think.

But he didn’t. He confirmed immediately.

We both are on Facebook but never felt the urge to send each other a friend request. Because Facebook buddies is passé. You can call us spiritual buddies. We are temple pals.

And we don’t wish each other Happy Friendship Day.

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