Gifts you can get for people you have just started dating

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Gifts for that special someone

Gifting something special to that special someone has never been an easy job for anyone, especially when you have just started dating. It certainly gets easier when we have known them long enough to guess what they would like or need. But it’s a whole new ball game when you are in the initial phase of knowing each other, yet you have to find that perfect gift for their birthday, graduation day or buy something that says ‘just so you know, I care about you’.

You have to find a gift that is personal and sweet, yet not creepy and desperate. However, since you don’t know the person well enough, you can rely on the below list.

1. Your favourite book

It’s a great way to know each other better. If you know your date has never read THE book that you live and breathe by, and the book that totally defines where you stand emotionally, gift them a copy. This opens up a chance to give you some insight about your compatibility.

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2. A concert ticket

It’s pricier, but gifting your date a concert ticket is not just a gift, but a date as well!

3. An Uber-cool graphic T-shirt

It’s probably the safest gift option there is. Find a design that is quirky and unique.

4. A bed table

A foldable bed table is a great way to let your special someone know that you would like a romantic breakfast in bed in a non-creepy way.

5. Tea infuser mug

If you know your date loves tea over coffee, this is a perfect gift. It’s practical and tasteful.

6. A spa voucher

Because who wouldn’t like a rejuvenating spa and dinner afterwards?

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7. Comfortable snoozies

A cute and fluffy pair of snoozies socks is a great gift. Plus it will remind them how awesome you are when they will put them on.

8. A box of string lights

String lights never go wrong when it comes to impressing someone because it sets the mood right for everything – from conversations to cuddles.

9. Cashmere scarf

It’s a perfect special gift for your girl. Choose a colour that you would like to see her in. If she is on the same page emotionally, then wearing it will feel like she is getting a hug from you. Aww!

10. Peace lily indoor plant

It’s easy to maintain, it’s super pretty and it’s indoor! Even if they have few windows in the rooms, your date will love it as this house plant blossoms in low light.

11. A set of jar candles

Jar candles are elegant and they are recyclable too. Choose a set with varied fragrances, so that they can light one up according to their mood.

12. Mini grooming box

There are many options available online for both men and women. Choose a good brand of your choice, or try to know what their favourite grooming brand is and buy accordingly.

13. Massage oils

It’s just the right kind of gift to let your special someone know exactly what’s on your mind. It’s also the best kind of playful and fun gift, ideal for the honeymoon phase in your relationship.

14. A mini sex toy

If you want to be a little gutsy and if you two are already having sex, then a mini sex toy is the perfect way to let your partner know that you are up for some experimentation. Choose something that is not intimidating and something that you both can enjoy.

So pick a gift that is not too expensive, not too big, not too stressful, not too vague and you will do just fine!

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