How To Impress A Girl On A Date And Make Her Want To Go On More

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
How to impress a girl on a date

So you met a pretty girl and are going on a date with her. Along with your charm, you are also carrying some nervous energy, because you can’t stop racking your brain for the answer to “How to impress a girl on a date”. You not only want to charm her off her feet but also want to leave her wanting more, i.e., a second date. 

Fortunately for us, in the generation of online dating, you can find enough details about a person before you meet them. Their hobbies, likes and dislikes, and other basic info, are at your disposal. Of course, when you meet a person IRL, there are many other factors that come into play. What if she is too beautiful? What if you blurt out the embarrassing story you weren’t supposed to? Don’t worry, we got you.

There are some tried and tested tricks to impress a girl on the first date that remain relevant even today. Before going on a date, a feeling of excitement, even panic, is natural, as well as the many doubts that are probably running through your head. Honestly, girls aren’t as complicated as you might think, and there are chances she is as nervous as you. Remember, you need to play smart, adapt and create a good first impression so that there is a second date, and beyond.

Don’t be too hard on yourself before the date. To be perfectly honest, it is not so hard to impress a girl on your first date, as long as you’re sincere and respectful the whole time. Yes, there are certain things that are non-negotiable (table manners, being nice to the server), but the rules of the dating game have never been black and white.

Find out everything you need to know to make a successful first impression and to impress a girl on the first meet. Make the moment count and make it memorable! But if you are still breaking a sweat, we are here to help you!

How To Impress A Girl On A Date

Joe and Jackie met on a dating app and hit it off immediately. Before they met, though, Joe was a wreck, wondering how things would go, changing his shirt three times, debating whether to bring flowers. He kept asking himself, “How to impress her?” Eventually, he realized he needed to relax, put aside his first date nerves or he would ruin the date before it even happened. And yes, he did take flowers. Turns out, he got a second date.

So then, how to impress a girl on a date?

Impressing a girl is not hard work. But if you are too jittery, unsure, shy, and overthink it, things can get a little messy. We share a few tips that will help you to impress a girl even before she meets you.

1.  Call, don’t text

Unless you have social anxiety and prefer texting and waiting for an appropriate amount of time before you start to get ready for the date, give your date a call. Just a quick call to confirm the time, a see-you-later call.

Sure, you have asked her out via text message, but on the day of the date, make sure you communicate with a phone call. Impress a girl with words, with efficiency, with your voice (if that is a bonus for you). A phone call can get you the requisite information in less than a minute and there is no time wasted. It adds a mature, humanizing effect; it also shows the right amount of eagerness.

how to impress a girl on a first date
A phone call adds a mature, humanizing effect

2. How to impress a girl on a date? Groom yourself well

Wondering how to impress a girl on a first date? Groom yourself. And groom yourself well. If you have been putting off trimming your beard for the last three months, now is the time to get cracking. You don’t have to go all beard-off, but trim it nicely to look presentable. A nicely trimmed beard will boost your self-confidence and your date won’t be disgusted by the sight of you wiping cappuccino foam off of it.

Shave, shower, shampoo, condition (yes, men do it too), and present your most dapper self. These are a few basics to impress a girl that you absolutely cannot skip and that’s where men’s grooming tips come in handy. 

Leave the trip to the salon to her; you do not necessarily have to do a full makeover…unless you have been really very, very lax in your grooming. Make the effort, be neat, be presentable.

3. Dress well to impress your date

Dress well. Dress comfortably. If you are the T-shirt and jeans kind of guy in your everyday life, make the effort to wear a fresh pair for the date — there are no rules that say you have to drastically alter your looks. Just be yourself. Neatness is a basic requirement. But if you are the guy with barbecue sauce on your tie, dressing neatly is a trick to impress a girl which will come in handy for you. 

How you are dressed will impress the girl before you even say “Hello” — first impressions are very important. Casuals are evergreen. And remember to wear nice shoes (doesn’t have to be Italian leather, just the ones you don’t wear on a daily basis). Most women check out the kind of shoes you are wearing, so don’t be scruffy on that front and end up making those major first date mistakes.

Oh, and cologne. Because men who smell good get an extra brownie point. There are all kinds of advice about how a man should dress on a date. Don’t get overwhelmed, just stick to what works for you.

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4. Do your homework

In your quest to do things to impress a girl, a little research goes a long way. Scrolling through your date’s social media profile will give you further insight into what she is all about and pick up a few things on how to impress her. Don’t stalk her, but don’t just check out the photos either.

The real clues about who she is and the things she does are in the comments section. Read the things she expresses and you’ll get an idea about what excites her. Browse the places she has been to, which will be good topics for fun conversation starters. When you have gathered enough intel, break it up and weave it naturally into your conversation with her.

Your research will help to start a conversation and keep it going, and that is how you impress a girl on a first date. This will open up more vistas of like-minded conversation and eliminate the scope of awkward pauses.

5. Plan an activity

How to impress a girl on a date? Plan something that shows you have made an effort. Impress a girl on a coffee date by selecting a good spot. Impress her on a dinner date if you both enjoy the same kind of cuisine, or impress a girl you already know by finding those hidden gems that serve the kind of food you both enjoy.

The fact that you have planned ideas for the first date will really impress a girl and she’d be all praise for you. The normal and most common thing to do is dinner and a movie — the safe bet. But if you feel that trying to talk between every bite of food and sitting in the dark without speaking is not what you want to do, plan something different.

There are so many other options available nowadays — try a bowling alley or a walk in the park (this will definitely get you brownie points after the pandemic). Maybe you could plan to meet for ice cream by the beach and keep your date out for a longer time if you are both having fun. Or maybe a book reading if you are both inclined towards intellectual activities.

There are themed restaurants, Escape Rooms, ice skating rinks…so plan ahead and make it fun for her. This way, even if you find conversations difficult, you are at least doing something together and it can impress a girl you barely know.

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6. A small gift shows you are thoughtful

Women love thoughtfulness and consideration in a man. And yes, receiving gifts as well. Now you don’t have to buy her anything extravagant right on the first date. In fact, that might scare her off. Also, save your cash for the anniversaries and other special occasions that will hopefully come up later.

But, a small gift shows you are thoughtful. Maybe a copy of the book that she liked and has always wanted to read or a necklace made of her favorite flower. It is one of the things to impress a girl which doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can also go for a bunch of her favorite flowers or some chocolates or try some gifts for movie lovers if she’s really into watching films.

This is where it comes in handy if you’ve taken the time to get to know her. Your gift will be a reflection of how much you appreciate her unique taste, and that’s definitely your answer to “How to impress a girl on a date?”

7. Eye contact matters

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eye contact will make you appear confident and interested in the date. This one thing is the most important to impress a girl; also the one to get right.

Too much staring will make you ‘the creepy guy who stared at me the whole time’ and too little will make you seem like ‘the guy who didn’t paying me enough attention’. Flirting with your eyes is fine, but know your limits. The right amount will be making eye contact when she talks but dialing it down when you are talking. It will make her feel you are wonderfully attentive and will ease her into the date.

One of my friends went on a date with a man she met on a dating app. The next day she narrated the story of how bad the date was. She said, “Men really don’t know how to impress a girl on a date. They think it’s just bout paying the bill, but really it’s not. The guy I went with was an underconfident man who wouldn’t look me in the eye. It felt like talking to a wall. Men don’t realize that avoiding eye contact can give the impression that they are hiding something which is a very big turn-off for women.” 

stories about dating

8. On your mark, get set, attention

While there are some tricks to impress a girl on a first date, there is also a list of things you should avoid in order to impress a girl. Lack of interest, constant distractions and being a poor listener are big no-no’s if you really want to impress a girl on a first date. 

Your attention span shouldn’t be affected by the couple at the next table or a bird flying overhead. Listen to her like she has the most interesting gossip ever (even though you might hate gossip and she is basically ranting about a colleague who shaves at his desk). The whole point of this is to be attentive and listen to what she has to say; being a good listener sets you apart from everyone else out there. Yup, it can really be that simple to win a woman’s heart. Being a good listener is how you impress her enough to even consider a second date with you.

If the list of what to do on a first date is long, there’s probably an equally long list of what not to do on a first date. Don’t fret, a lot of it is really common sense and basic decency. So, make eye contact, listen and compliment her genuinely. Don’t get easily distracted, it could be translated as boredom!

9. Big talk and small talk

This is the chance to ask questions, get to know the things she is crazy about, find out how she feels about the things you are passionate about too. Politics and religion have now become very touchy topics, especially with social media and its army of keyboard warriors.

But these are good points to weave into your conversation, so you know her own views as well as the level of passion involved. For all you know, you may both find common ground on what you find funny in today’s world and laughter is always a good ice breaker. In your quest to impress a girl on a first date, you might end up discovering that she is a great person to talk to. 

How to impress a girl on a date with your words? There are plenty of flirty first-date questions you can ask as well. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” and “What’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?” These could be the perfect segue to your own little love story. But remember to maintain boundaries. This is your first date, and many women could be uncomfortable with personal questions. Make sure she’s okay with it.

Controversial topics could split you up before you even begin, but go ahead if these topics are important to you and will eventually save you time by discovering what her thought are on these subjects early on. Talking about exes can be illuminating, finding out she is not yet emotionally available if she talks too much about an ex can also be helpful.

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10. Don’t force it

If there are more yawns than laughter on the date, don’t force it. Whether you know or don’t know how to impress a girl on a first date, it is also important to remember to have fun and give her a chance to impress you. There is no obligation to prolong the session, nor do you need to prove to anyone that you have a second date. If there are more awkward silences than magic, do not push for another date.

Your date will probably appreciate the space and the honesty. It really is not a litmus test of your machoism if she does not want to meet again either.

11. Who pays?

Wondering who pays on a date? You might want to read the following story.

Melissa and Anthony were on a date. When the bill came, they both reached for it. Melissa wanted to pay, but Anthony insisted. Now, this can get a little tricky. Modern lifestyles say the bill should be split between the two of you. But you don’t know if your date cares about equality. A trick to impress a girl is to always offer to pay. She may or may not accept it, but she will definitely appreciate the offer. 

If she is like, “No way. I don’t need no man spending money on me”, laugh and split the bill. If she doesn’t say anything, then you have no choice but to pay the bill on your own. This can get tricky for a lot of people. Many might find it offensive if you grab the bill the moment it arrives (some will blame it on age-old machoism, that the man pays for meals you both have eaten; some on the male ego).

So keep it light. Politely offer to take care of this date. If your date wants to split the bill, oblige. Don’t insist. Women who generally offer to pay their half might bring their own feminist turn to this and that’s not how you want your date to end, is it?

Infographic - how to impress a girl on a date
Here are some ways to be your best self on a date

12. Gentlemen always win the deal

There are many things which impress a girl. But being a well-mannered gentleman is always on top of the list. (There’s a reason James Bond is a natural Casanova and we love him so much). A kiss on the cheek is a sweet and forgotten gesture that women appreciate. If you want the girl to await your return for an impressive second date (assuming the first one went really well), play it like a gentleman.

Don’t proceed beyond a formal kiss, even though her body language may say different. You could be misunderstanding the signs, but do wait for the second date to make things clearer. Offer to drop her home. If she accepts, drop her home, thank her for the date and say goodbye. If she says she would like to go home on her own, the same ‘thank you and goodbye’ rules apply. Don’t rush to fix the next date before you leave.

A successful date needs the right follow-up, where you are also gauging how she feels about meeting again. End the date with a compliment. Let her know you look forward to seeing her again or how gorgeous she looks in that red dress. 

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Gender Roles To Play — Impress On A First Date

Some things do not go out of fashion, especially when it comes to how to impress a girl on a date. There is a basic courtesy in the dating game, that is easier to follow than fight till you understand each other’s position on the matter. These are gender role dos and don’ts to follow that are as relevant to teenage dating etiquette as second-time dating.

For men

  • Offer to pick her up: You can offer to pick her up from her home. She might or might not accept your offer but it is a good gesture
  • Hold open the door for her: This is an old-fashioned courtesy that may go a long way in making her feel special. Chivalry is one of the things to impress her with that you should be mindful of 
  • Offer to pay: Whether it is for the dinner, or the movie, or whatever it is you are doing together. She will possibly offer to pay half, or pay for dessert, but that is her prerogative
  • Drop her home first: At the end of the date, drop her home first to make her feel safe around you. Understand that she might have a curfew and if you want to see her again, don’t be the reason she is late at home

For women

  • Wear something comfortable: Yes, the tight red dress might be beckoning, but if you can’t sit down in it, there’s no point. You can combine something well-fitted and stylish, but comfortable too
  • Excuse yourself to the ladies room: It is alright to touch up your lipstick after the meal, but grooming yourself at the table is not advisable. Excuse yourself, use the bathrooms
  • Be polite: If he holds open the door, thank him. If you have an issue with that, do raise it politely, as you get to know him better

By following proper dating etiquette, you will be able to make your date comfortable, and in turn, discover those mutual attraction signs with them. Traditional rules of dating have given way to modern norms like maintaining an updated social media profile, splitting the bill, avoiding conversations about the weather, politics, religion, knowing the right coffee date etiquette, and so on.

And, if the rules sound like it is too many things to do, too many things that can go wrong, we broke it down into a simple grid for you to keep in mind, with a little help from the Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create grid. Keep this handy! You’ll be surprised how much you can learn on how to impress a girl on a first date. 

We know that first dates can be extremely awkward. However, with the correct mixture of the dating etiquette and dating advice given in this article, you will be able to seal the deal for sure. Be your natural, charming self and you should surely be able to impress her. Knowing how to impress a girl on a first date is not rocket science. Make sure you both have a good time without putting too much pressure on yourself.


1. How do I win a girl on a first date?

Be a gentleman. Being polite and showing you are a good person whom she can trust is important to win a girl on the first date.

2. How do you flirt with a girl on a date?

Compliment her. Since it’s the first date, don’t come off too strong; play it safe. Talk about her smile or her eyes. Understand the boundaries and move forward accordingly. 

 3. What are fun date ideas?

Any date which you both enjoy is a fun date. However, you can make things interesting by going to an amusement park, going for stand-up, or spending a day at the beach.

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