22 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

Ways to make your wife happy

Marriage requires constant work. There will be bad days, and there will be days when you will be smiling ear to ear. If you are looking for ways to make your wife happy, you needn’t fret. There is no need to spend lavishly or make grand level efforts to keep your wife happy. With a little bit of planning and understanding of what your wife likes and dislikes, you can make her feel extremely special and loved.

Over the years if you want to keep the romance alive in your marriage then keep the ways discussed here in mind as these can truly be beneficial for you.

Besides, keeping each other happy is the prime responsibility of both the partners. The sooner you accept this fact, the better it will be for your married life.

22 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

Here are the 22 ways to make your wife feel special and happy almost every day of your married life.

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1. Write love notes for her

writing love note to her

Write short and sweet love notesImage source

Girls love it when their men are romantic and send them love letters or notes of love from time to time. Send creative text messages that show ‘I love my wife’. Sweet, short yet innovative text messages with lovable emojis can be a good way to show that you love your wife and miss her when she is not around. This is one of the simplest ways to woo your wife and make her day.

2. Make efforts to groom yourself

Before marriage men usually make efforts and try to look good and attractive so as to impress the girl. But once they get married, they hardly care about their looks. In this context, make efforts to look good when you are around her and show her how important she is to you. And take care of your personal hygiene. Something men become lackadaisical about but it’s truly important to women.

3. Use compliments to make the wife feel loved

Use compliments to make wife feel loved

Compliment your wife generouslyImage source

To make your wife happy, appreciate her often. After marriage, partners tend to get comfortable with each other and take each other for granted. Compliments and appreciation is hardly a part and parcel of daily life. Remember this, girls just love compliments. Therefore, compliment her for anything like her dress, her bag, her shoes, her work etc. She will just love to hear good and encouraging words especially from the person she loves the most in the world.

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4. Listen to her

When she wants to discuss something or there is any problem she is facing and wants to share it with you, listen attentively to her. After listening and understanding, help her out and try to give suggestions for the same rather than acting as if you do not care.

5. Consider her as your equal

In order to make your marriage work and for both of you to be happy, remember to treat your wife as an equal partner in the relationship. Make her realize that she is important to you and her presence and opinion matters in the relationship.

6. At times cook meals for her

Make her feel special by cooking meals for her and spending some time with her. All she wants from you is attention and love, give it to her.

cook meals for her

Surprise her by cooking for her Image source

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7. Go on dates and long drives

Apart from spending all day juggling professional and familial responsibilities, try to take out time for the two of you. Plan a dinner date or just go on a long drive together. Do not let the romance between the two of you die away.

8. Give surprise gifts to make your wife feel special

No need to wait for an occasion to buy her gifts. She will be super happy to receive a gift from you especially when it is a surprise. It is not compulsory that it should be expensive then only she will be happy. Gift her anything that she likes and she will surely appreciate it.

9. Be honest and loyal

Be honest and loyal

Be committed to your wife Image source

Girls want their husbands to be loyal and truthful towards them. Thus, you should be loyal towards her and make her feel secure. Loyal men are not easy to find nowadays. Prove her you are one of them, she will be really happy and feel lucky.

10. Thank her often to make your wife happy

When she does something for you, say thank you to her. Do not ever behave like she has done nothing for you or only you are the one making all the efforts. This will make your marriage suffer. So always be thankful towards each other.

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11. Do household chores to show that you care for your wife

She will be looking after the house all by herself. But if at times you are at home, then try to help her with the dishes or laundry. She will love to get some help from you and this is also a very romantic – doing the chores together.

12. To make your wife happy, buy her flowers often

Buy her flowers

Get her flowers Image source

Do not wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to bring flowers for her. Buy her some whenever you feel like expressing your love and appreciation to her.

13. Tell those three magical words

She is now yours for life but you need to keep expressing yourself to her. Never shy away from saying ‘I love you’ to her. Even if she knows that you love her the most, expressing it at times can really make her feel special. Infact, there are so many ways to express love without even saying a word. Try them.

14. Keep aside your ego and accept your fault

When you do something wrong, accept it gracefully and apologize for the same. Never bring your ego between the two of you as it can destroy your relationship. Learn to accept your mistakes and improve yourself.

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15. Treat her gently and pamper her

Treat her gently and be sweet and nice to her, even if it has been years after your marriage. This will make her feel happy and show her that you still care for her in the same manner as you used to care for her before marriage.

16. Be responsible

Be responsible and accept your responsibilities in life with accountability. Having the support of a responsible partner, will not only make her happy but also will make her life easier. This will inturn make your marriage strong and you will be able to tackle life’s challenges together.

17. Support her and let her achieve her dreams

support her

Tell her you”ve got her backImage source

Always show support in whatever decisions she takes or whatever she achieves in life. In case she has any unfulfilled desires, then help her achieve those dreams as any true partner would do.

18. Include her in all the decisions

She is your better half, make her feel that way. Include her in all the important decisions of the house and do not neglect her. Make her feel valued. Otherwise, she will be really upset if she just has to follow your decisions.

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19. Always show respect to her family

Remember she is the one who is leaving her home and family to come to stay with you. Her life has changed tremendously after marriage. She is doing everything to make your family happy and satisfied. You should also do the same for her family. She will really like it.

20. Plan a trip

Go on romantic holidays to revive the romance in your life and to relieve all the stress. Random trips are really a better option to spend some time together away from the daily boring routine life.

plan trips with your wife

Plan trips with your wife Image source

21. Be sexually active

Sexual connection is very important in any married person’s life. Be sexually active and take the lead, she will be happy and really enjoy it.

22. Give her a much-needed break

Whenever you notice your wife needs her personal space, you can give her the opportunity to unwind. Give her space and tell her not to worry about the family and enjoy herself.

These 22 ways are enough to keep your wife happy and make your married life a joyful ride. So get ready to enjoy this ride to the fullest.

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