Dating Abbreviations You Need To Know! Here’s 25 On Our List

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Updated On: December 5, 2023
Dating Abbreviations You Need To Know

Thanks to Tinder, WhatsApp and Snapchat dating has become a different ballgame. Unlike the old times when dating meant interacting face-to-face and talking for a few minutes over the landline, now it’s staying connected 24×7 through your smartphone and messaging constantly. So, it is inevitable that you would use dating acronyms and dating abbreviations when you interact with your date.

Or the person you’re dating would. Now, you don’t want to type ‘BRB’ every time the person you’re dating (or trying to) uses acronyms you’re unfamiliar with and then go run a Google search to figure out what they’re saying. If you’re not up to speed with the meaning of some of the most in-vogue dating acronyms, that’s exactly what you may find yourself doing.

But I’m here to save you the trouble and embarrassment. Sometimes dating acronyms make loving easier. Just typing in a few alphabets could mean a world without you having to make the extra effort of saying, calling, writing. Dating abbreviations have taken the world by storm and very rightly so because it’s possible to convey so much without having to write too much.

25 Dating Abbreviations You Need To Know

With dating scenes, the lingo has scaled up (or down, you choose). Like it’s so hard to type out three extra words instead of being cool and abbreviating it. In case you are as dim about dating lingo as I am (yes, there was a time when I had to ask a friend ‘what does BRB mean in texting?’ But those days are behind me now), read up to get street cred for being totally cool and get with the times.

Knowing dating abbreviations does help to be cool, but more importantly, the person of interest in your life would love you if you know how to convey more with less, which is the real cherry on the cake. Apart from knowing the meaning of the myriad dating terms and abbreviations, it’s also equally important to know the right time to use them.

Dropping a BRB in the midst of a hot sexting session, for instance, is a self-goal you want to avoid at all costs. This list of 25 dating abbreviations will make sure you steer clear of such fiascos. So, let’s get started with this crash course on dating acronyms, after which you will sound like a pro:

1. FWB

Meaning: Friends with benefits.

Something the millennials are familiar with and has caught up sooner than we thought in the Indian scenario.
FWB, which means friends with benefits, is a sexual relationship between friends. This is an extension of the classic no-strings-attached arrangement. A relationship where you have a physical relationship, no emotional baggage, a relationship to please the flesh.

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2. BAE

Meaning: Before anyone else.

When someone says “She is my Bae”, it doesn’t necessarily imply a romantic connection. It can mean a friend, a BFF, or a partner. So, what does BAE mean? Well, it is used to refer to a person in your life who is important enough to come before anyone else.

BAE in dating lingo
That’s my bae

3. FML

Meaning: Fuck my life.

Used to express exasperation, feelings of despair. An abbreviation used to communicate a situation you cannot get out of. Stepped in a muddy puddle while wearing white shoes. FML!


Meaning: I don’t know you.

This you can shoot off when someone’s trying to hit on you and you really want to avoid that person. But there’s one risk if they are dumb you might have to explain the meaning of IDKY. Imagine, if the moron who slid into your DMs responds with, “What does IDKY mean?” Well, don’t bother replying. You know where the block button is.

5. AF

Meaning: As fuck.

This one has come around and can be used anywhere. Eating something delicious – it’s delicious AF. Enjoying the vibe at a nightclub – this is lit AF. But be careful not to use it on the first date that could ruin the impression on you.

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Meaning: Bondage and Domination, Sadism and Masochism.

The term is independently sexual and it means exactly what it sounds like. Thanks to Christian Grey, the term BDSM has caught on really well across the globe. So, I suspect, you won’t have any trouble knowing what BDSM is. Whether or not you can or want to put it into practice is another matter altogether.

7. DTR

Meaning: Define the relationship.

In simple words, it’s a cool abbreviated word for “Where exactly are we in the relationship?” What can I say, whether you’re dating IRL or virtually, there is no escaping this conversation.

Stories about dating

8. DTF

Meaning: Down to fuck.

People using this don’t want to beat around the bush. They say exactly what they want and that is to have sex. Well, if you’re DTF yourself in the given situation, time to go a little happy dance. You’re about to get laid!

9. BRB

Meaning: Be right back.

If you are having a conversation with someone and have to step outside to pee or poop or to carry on a chore, the polite ones use this. Since this is used to break up a conversation, people generally tend to overthink this one, especially during the initial phases of dating. Don’t fret over ‘what does it mean when a girl says BRB?’ or ‘how do you reply to BRB?’

In all likelihood, she may really have somewhere to be or she may want a little breather from the constant texting. Just reply with, ‘Sure, TTYL’ (talk to you later) and get on with your day.


Meaning: Let’s meet in real life.

Enough of online dating now let’s see each other. That’s what LMIRL really means. This you use when you have come to know the person well, and want to take the relationship to the next level. This dating abbreviation is one of my faves.

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11. BM&Y

Meaning: Between me and you.

So, what does BM&Y mean, like REALLY not just literally? Well, it implies privacy. Things you do, say, feel are meant to stay “between me and you”.

12. SFLR

Meaning: Sorry for the late reply.

A polite way to tell you Bae you were a bit busy and took time to reply to their text or email. What does SFLR mean in texting while dating? It indicates things have progressed because the other person is starting to feel like they owe you an explanation of their absence.

dating acronyms
SFLY indicates things have progressed between you and beau

13. JFYI

Meaning: Just for your information.

This is a way of telling your date that there are some things you need to know. Like: “JFYI I don’t like nightclubs.”

14. 4YEO

Meaning: For your eyes only.

Yep, this one’s meant only for you, and please don’t share this info or picture with anyone else. It’s imperative that you understand 4YEO meaning in the right context because it’s mostly used as a precursor to nudes.

15. SCNR

Meaning: Sorry could not resist.

You sent a volley of kisses on text after meeting your date for the third time. It would be a great idea to follow it up with an SCNR. Just to be safe.

16. HAK

Meaning: Hugs and kisses.

This is the cutest one we feel. HAK does convey a lot and can be texted in all situations. Now that you know what does HAK mean, go knock yourself out sending virtual hugs and kisses to that girl or guy you’re crushing over.

HAK dating abbreviation
Send hugs and kisses virtually

17. KFY

Meaning: Kiss for you.

This is cute too. And if the parent or the boss is hovering around the mobile, KFY is a better way to convey your feelings than using the kiss emoji.

18. BRT

Meaning: Be right there.

If your girlfriend has already reached the restaurant and you are 5 mins away just send a BRT on text and rush. Follow it up with heart emojis and HAK, I recommend, if you want to be greeted with a smile and not a scowl.

19. WYCM

Meaning: Will you call me?

Drop a WYCM if you want to call your date but are not sure if they are free. It’s important to understand what is the meaning of WYCM in the right context though. If the person just started dating hasn’t responded to your texts in days, don’t WYCM them. Chances are you’re dealing with the ugly ghost of ghosting.

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20. WYWH

Meaning: Wish you were here.

No better way to convey you are missing them. Awwwww!

21. VBD

Meaning: Very Bad Date

If it was a date that didn’t go off well at all, then just write VBD to your bestie and they would know. Be ready for an immediate call and the chatter that would follow.

22. TS/STR

Meaning: Transexual or straight.

You use this when you want to know a person’s sexual orientation.

You use this when you want to know a person's sexual orientation.
Transexual or straight

23. NSA

Meaning: No Strings attached.

You’ve probably figured out what does NSA mean just by reading that full-form. Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory. If that’s the kind of relationship you want, then NSA is a great way to convey your intentions. 

24. MSW

Meaning: Man seeking woman

This is typically used by men on dating sites.

25. PAW

Meaning: Parents are watching

This dating abbreviation is our favorite. It is a great way to let your Bae know that this is not the right time to blow the kisses on a video call.

Now that you’re all caught up, go flaunt your newly acquired knowledge. These dating acronyms are all for you. Good luck!

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