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Godfire: Lessons learnt from the love of Shiva and Sati

When love runs deep, it touches spiritual highs

Sati loved everything about Her Lord, especially His poetry.

“Say something nice,” she would say, as they lay staring at the stars in a clear sky. Typically, He would laugh and say, “you are very nice,” then hold her close. She would struggle out of the clasp, saying, “That’s so silly!”

One day, she implored, “No, say something really nice.”

Shiva: There is no such thing as the end of life, but, without you, my love, there is no life.

Sati: What exactly does it mean?

Shiva: It means… we are eternal, yet incomplete, if there’s no one to share the eternity with.

Sati: Ok, tell me something more… about life, something that rhymes.

Shiva: Ups and downs, round-n-rounds

Come and go in life.

To know your Self

In the middle of it all

Is the real thrill of the ride.

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