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Mandavi, Bharata’s wife: Almost a queen but the loneliest woman in the kingdom

Bharata was admired for not claiming the throne of Ayodhya, and for carrying his mother's guilt. How about his wife, though?
bharat and mandvi

Ignored by the sage who wrote our story

He never thought fit to give us our due footage, the wise Valmiki.

Ramayana was about Rama, and his wife, his devoted brother Lakshman. According to some accounts, Urmila, Lakshman’s wife took over his share of sleep and lay asleep for full fourteen years. Just as well. It was better than roaming the royal palace without a husband, nor children. At least we had our husbands and children, Shrutakirti and I. A happier fate than our elder cousins, Sita and Urmila.

Rama had strung Shiva’s heavy bow and won Sita. We were all married at the same time. No one cared how young I was. And Shruta even younger. It was a good home, a prestigious family, all the sisters would remain together, they said. Only, we didn’t.

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