4 Types Of Soulmates And Deep Soul Connection Signs

November 9, 2022 |
Updated On | November 9, 2022
soul connection

soul connection

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They say that there are people you are destined to meet in your life. These are the people who share a soul connection with you and have the potential to change you and your life – for better or perhaps even, for worse. Just because they’re a soul connection does not mean that they are going to improve your life. It could also mean that their presence is meant to teach you a lesson or put you through some kind of test.

To understand the nuances of such relationships, let’s first address the all-important question: what is a soul connection? To understand this concept better, look back and think if you’ve ever met someone you felt drawn to like a moth to a flame. You meet them and suddenly you develop a kind of relationship that seems to transcend earthly bonds.

The meaning of soul connection is rather difficult to put into words others would understand, especially if they haven’t experienced such a connection themselves. We may not always understand a soulmate’s purpose in our lives, but as time passes, their role in our lives tends to become clearer. And over time, it hits you that this person didn’t just come into your life like a breeze arbitrarily. They came into your life to serve a purpose.

Among all the people in your life, they are likely to be the ones who stand out. But while the connection is undeniable, it’s also varied. There are, thus, several types of soulmates you might encounter and each type serves a different purpose. You share your energy with the person you have a deep soul connection with. The meaning of soul connection varies, but your intuition is the strongest indicator of soul recognition. Your heart will tell you when you come across your soul ties.

The thing about a soulmate connection is that meeting this person feels like fate. Being with the person reminds you that you have a purpose in life. Soulmates might not always be romantic loves. Even a deeply intimate but fully platonic relationship with someone might hint at a soul connection. The field of attraction around such a connection is so strong that it tends to feel otherworldly. It feels like you have known them forever, for years, eons, and ages. Soulmates can be transient in your life, but no matter how long they stick around, they still end up leaving a significant impression on your life and being.

Understanding Soulmates And Soul Connections

A soulmate is someone you share a soul connection with. It is a person who your soul recognizes as a partner, a friend, and a confidante. But, contrary to popular belief, a soulmate may not always share a romantic connection with you. So if the movies and books have told you that soulmate connection can only be shared with a significant other, we are here to tell you that that’s not true. Soul ties have nothing to do with romantic love, they are a cosmic affair in itself.

If you have ever looked at your best friend and thought, “Wow, I love this idiot enough to go to the moon and back for them. I will take on the world for them and never let anyone hurt them”, you just may have found your soulmate in your best friend. Woohoo! That’s a soul mate connection right there.

Now, whether a soulmate stays in your life or shares a romantic relationship with you or not, one thing is for sure – the appearance of a soulmate will make you feel emotions that you did not know you could feel. Everything you feel about your soulmate is intense – the yearning, the love, the lust, the peace, and sometimes, especially in the case of karmic soulmates, anger, and frustration. Soulmates tend to always want to be around one another. When you are not together, you and your soulmate will keep thinking about each other.

So, if you have recently met someone who makes your heart spin and feelings zip about on a roller coaster ride, you could have finally encountered your soulmate. Or one of them at least. Wait…what? Does that mean we could have more than one soulmate in this lifetime? Of course, we could. Soul connections can be many, especially since not all soulmates are created equal.

Some are connections from your past life while others share a sort of intense karmic relationship with you. There are also twin flames and soulmates who come into your life to help you heal and grow. Overall, soulmates are usually lumped under four categories, and, while there is some overlap between each category, every type of soulmate is designed to serve a specific purpose and, hence, appears at a certain moment in your life.

4 Types Of Soul Connections

Encountering a soulmate can be a life-changing experience. They bring out a side of you or maybe even some latent talents you never even knew you had or did not get an opportunity to notice or nurture before. But, then again, not all soulmates work the same way or tread in the same fashion.

There are a few different kinds of soulmates and each of them can serve a special and unique purpose in your life. If the thought of such soul ties has struck a chord within you, well then you have come to the right place today. Here are four types of soulmates that you may encounter in your life:

1. Past-life soulmates 

Past-life soulmates are lovers or soulmates from your previous lives. You may not believe in having a past life or reincarnation for that matter, but the moment you meet them, you will still be struck with an intense feeling of deja vu.  When you cross paths with them, you instantly connect with them and you feel a sense of strong soul connection with them. 

Such relationships are usually formed instantaneously as you feel super comfortable around them. Once you meet them, you get the feeling that the bond is meant to last forever. This type of relationship usually pushes you to evolve into a better person. You start believing in yourself and learn to trust in yourself. You feel in sync with this person as you are understood completely. There is hardly any chance of misunderstanding between you. 

Life will become easier to tackle when this person is present in your life. These soulmates are often your best friend. But they don’t usually become your lover in your present life. Both of you let your guard down when spending time together. This relationship is the purest thing you will experience in your life.

You and your past life soulmate are always there for each other and have the other’s best interest at heart. The chances of meeting this person are the highest when you are truly yourself. They will bring only joy into your life and nothing else. You feel a genuine soul-to-soul connection with this person. Look out for them, for they are going to change the very nature of your existence and make your life happier than ever.

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2. Karmic soulmates

karmic soulmate from your past life
Karmic relationships are not about peace

You probably know your karmic soulmate from your past life and you have known them for the longest time. In this life, you meet that person again only to reconnect with them. The relationship with your karmic soulmate is usually a very passionate one. You sense an intense connection when you come across this person and perhaps even intense attraction signs. But there is an important thing to note here about such soul ties. Unlike past-life soulmates, karmic relationships are not about peace. 

It is less about comfort and more about intense passion which, when not controlled, can quickly turn into a toxic relationship. Do you know that one friend who keeps bringing out your angriest, loudest version? The one who you seem to clash endlessly with, but just cannot seem to cut off? That friend may just be your karmic soulmate. You cannot cut them off easily nor for long since you both keep getting drawn to each other again and again because your attraction is just that powerful.

To make this relationship work, you have to keep fighting your ego. They come like a hurricane of change into your life and shake everything up. Suddenly your life becomes very happening and there is not a single dull day. This person usually comes into your life for a short period but their presence is so strong that it becomes impossible to ever forget them. 

Like all types of soulmates, this one has a purpose for you too. Karmic soulmates teach you about life and make you more mature. Even though it may not seem possible to maintain a good and everlasting relationship with them, with love and dedication for each other anything is possible and you can overcome any struggle. If you want to keep this person in your life then you have to strike a balance between your ego and your love for this person.

This person is believed to be reincarnated to resolve past life karma and they must break through the negative cycle of your life. If you recognize a soulmate connection of this type, know that you have come across your karmic soulmate. Now think wisely, about how to tackle life with this person.

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3. Healing soulmates — An unexplainable connection with someone

What is a soul connection? Sometimes, it won’t be love or intense passion. A soul connection may even just feel like a teacher or someone who came into your life with the sole purpose of healing and guiding you. This soulmate usually comes into your life as a mentor. Their purpose is to guide you to the right path and help you prosper in life.

As the name suggests, they heal you from all the wounds that life has inflicted on you and remind you how to love yourself. This person will appear when you need them the most. Perhaps after the loss of a job, a horrible breakup, or losing your best friend — you may come across a healing soulmate when you are feeling down in life and desperately need some kind of a respite.

A healing soulmate teaches us to accept things as they are and move forward in life. The bond with a healing soulmate escalates fast. When you are tired of your life and you feel like you are stuck in a loop of bad events, you crave this person. And voila! It’s like the universe grants you a wish. This soulmate appears in front of you at the worst of your times and helps you overcome the situation. 

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Do note that healing soulmates may not be permanent in your life for these soul ties are meant to be transient, not permanent. With mutual love and respect, the relationship might remain healthy. The course of your friendship with your healing soulmate is likely to face a lot of ups and downs, but if you have genuine love and respect for each other, then this relationship has the potential to last all life long.

Soul recognition of a healing soulmate is not that hard, which is the best thing about a soul connection. You never have to actually search for one or identify one. You instinctively know who they are because you can feel it inside you. A healing soulmate is not usually someone you date. And it can be purely platonic. Healing soulmates may not have a past-life connection with you but they understand you through and through. They inspire. They comfort. And, invariably, they turn out to be people you can truly depend on and remember forever.

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4. The twin-flame soulmate connection

It is believed that twin flames are one singular soul split into two bodies. A twin flame is the kind of soulmate who makes you see fireworks when you meet. In fact, when you do meet them, a soul connection through eyes will be palpable between the two of you right from the first glance.

They can remind you of all those rom-coms you grew up watching but never quite believed in. Twin flame connections have a very powerful presence in your life. They are the spiritual soulmate who help you overcome hindrances in your life. Conversations with your twin flame are likely to never exhaust you. You will always have something to talk about, for you always feel very comfortable around them.

You are of the same type and you feel that both of you think the same way. When you come across your soulmate and eventually form a bond, you will feel complete and at peace. Again, your twin flame doesn’t need to be your lover. But you will always feel an attraction toward them – as if you need them to feel whole. If a healing soulmate heals, it’s a twin flame that completes you and gives you a sense of purpose that drives you to ultimate happiness.

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What Is A Deep Soul Connection?

Sharing a deep soul connection can be a powerful feeling. But how exactly does one define it? Perhaps the best way to put it would be to call it a kind of soul recognition. It is when the person in front of us can look beyond the outer layers – the mask we put on for the world to see, our defense mechanisms, and our walls – and recognize our soul and understand it. This kind of connection involves an intimate understanding of each other.

You may find that kind of a deep soul connection in a lover. Or you may find it in a friend. A friend can be a platonic soulmate who can understand everything that’s going on with you without even talking to you. The bond with this person feels very natural and you do not find it difficult to maintain this relationship because it is so effortless. Soul-to-soul connections are very rare to find. So, if you do find the person you share an intimately deep soul connection with, then you truly are lucky.

Deep Soul Connection Signs

The signs of a deep soul connection are not seen but rather felt in that person’s presence. So, if you have come this far looking for answers to whether you share a deep soul connection with your friend or lover, chances are your soul already knows what you are struggling to accept. And that is quite understandable.

The emotional defenses we build over the years because of our life experiences, tend to kick in when it sees ourselves getting tangled up in emotions, making us feel so open and so vulnerable. Our fight or flight instincts may even tell us to run, to hide from someone who is not fooled by our masks but sees us for who we truly are at our very core.

But, if you have found the one you share such a special bond, such a deep soul connection with, it is time to stop hiding and start embracing your soul ties. Such connections are non-judgmental. They are healing and meant to guide you and find you your purpose. Still don’t know whether what you share with your new boyfriend who you love truly or an old friend you grew up with is a deep soul connection? Well, here are 8 signs of deep soul connection that may actually help you find the answer you are looking for:

1. You feel truly understood by your soul connection

From the smallest to the biggest things, your soul connection can understand you in every situation. Whether you’re complaining about a new boss at work or discussing an old and painful childhood memory with this person, when you look into their eyes as they listen to you, you can feel as if they are listening intently and know exactly how you feel.

Not only have they heard your stories but they almost always know where you are coming from. This is what makes the whole experience so fascinating. Finding a soul connection means you can’t hide from this person. They know you too well.

2. You feel like you can truly be yourself around them

The last time you picked crumbs of chips off your shirt and ate them right off while continuing to watch TV as if nothing had happened, they noticed and you never felt judged or uncomfortable. Or the night after that when you expressed your extremely regressive views on feminism that not everyone would understand, you did not feel ashamed of sharing your honest opinion with this person, even though you thought they may disagree.

That’s the beauty of soul ties. No matter what you do or how you act, you know they will embrace you with open arms. Whether you overshare on an indoor date night or end up embarrassing yourself in front of them, it does not change how they see you. In fact, they only feel closer to you.

3. They know what you need before you do

And you often also think that they know you better than you have ever known yourself. You need a side dip of mayonnaise with your pizza, they make sure to grab it for you before you sit down to eat. You usually forget to drink water while you’re at work, well cue their text message reminders saying, “Gulp another glass, you need it.”

Even if you’ve had a rough day because of a fight with your sister, they know not to drag you out even though it’s a Friday night, and just send over a dessert to your place instead. What is a soul connection? It is precisely this. They know what you need, how you need it, and when you need it.

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4. You are protective of your soul connection

And they are of you. And not in the jealous and controlling kind of way. It may border on that sometimes but it’s not full-fledged toxic. Your soul connection cares about you relentlessly, maybe even more than anyone ever has. You feel the same way for them. You’re protective of them; not only do you not want any kind of harm to come their way but you also want to see them be the best version of themselves.

You are very quick to point out who the snakes are in their friendships and often tell them who is good for them and who is not. With your soul ties, you also make sure that they are always happy and healthy. Whether it’s a paper cut or a football injury, you feel concerned for them and almost care for them as much as you would for yourself.

5. What is a soul connection? Your relationship goes beyond friendship or romance

So you’ve been going out with this person for a while but haven’t really labeled your relationship yet. Yes, there are mutual attraction signs but you’re not entirely sure you want to exclusively date this person or where things are really going. You are also not sure if you want to friendzone them. And one night at the bar, when your friends ask you what’s really up with this person, you say something like, “I’m not sure at all. I wish I could explain it. I know I can’t get enough of him/her but I don’t know what I want. Everything is much easier with him/her but I don’t know what to label our relationship.”

If you’ve found yourself describing a relationship in a similar way, well then that right there is one of the instant soulmate connection signs you just cannot miss. The funny thing about understanding soul connections is that they’re incredibly hard to understand. You can barely put into words what you feel, but when you feel it, you feel it so strongly. This unexplainable connection with someone makes you feel all kinds of things but you just don’t know how to put it into words.

6. Being vulnerable around each other

For someone who normally does not cry in front of everyone, crying in front of this person somehow seems very relieving to you. Instead of feeling like you may be judged or mocked, you rest assured that around them, you will only feel loved and cared for. That’s the beautiful thing about finding your soulmate connections. You let go of all your guards and want to just run over to this person and allow them to be there for you.


7. You do not judge each other

Your soul connection through eyes becomes apparent from the way you two look at each other. With love, affection, and absolutely zero judgments. Just in the way you look at this person and they look at you, it almost feels like coming home. A home is a place where you can be yourself completely without any judgments or explanations.

It’s the place where you can scream loudly, dance to your heart’s content, play, cry and do whatever you want to do. Going to this person is going to feel like coming home. Having complete freedom and without the fear of being judged.

8. You heal and grow together with your soul connection

When you fall, they don’t criticize, mock or leave you. Instead, they will pick you up, dust you off, and if you’re too hurt, even carry you on their shoulders. When understanding soul connections, you will indeed see the remarkable bond that you both share. When one needs help, the other would never back away. That’s the beauty of having soul times and growing together with them. Life will keep hurling its obstacles at you two. But with your soul connection, you will tackle those beautifully.

Soul connections or soulmates are not easy to find in this life. While there may be multiple people you feel extremely close to, a deep soul or soulmate connection just feels different. It is humbling and intimate to be in the presence of someone who your soul recognizes. If you have found your soulmate or feel something like an unexplainable connection with someone – be it in your spouse or your best friend – know that you are very, very lucky.

So, do not try to run and hide when you see the signs that you’ve met your soulmate. But instead, open yourself up to the feeling – no matter how overwhelming – and you will both emerge from it stronger, more grounded, and feeling at peace with the world and with yourself.


1. How do you know if you have a soul connection?

Soul connections do not always have to be romantic, they could be platonic too. To recognize a soulmate connection, you need to rely on your instincts. Your instincts will tell you when you have a soul connection. When there’s a person with whom the connection feels so intense that it makes you think, you are unable to lie to that person or hide anything from them, then you know you have a deep soul connection with them. 

2. Can a soul connection be broken?

Not all soul connections are meant to last forever. A spiritual soulmate is often meant for teaching us a lesson. There are different kinds of soulmates and it is not easy to sustain relationships with each and every one of them. Some connections might not last simply because they did not suit us. Since a soul connection is very deep and usually impulsive, there is always a chance of a clash resulting in a broken soul connection.

3. What is the purpose of a soul connection?

At some point in life, we have all felt the need for a connection that feels pure. Soul connections have the potential to change us as a person. They transform and help us unleash our true selves. We cannot actively search for a soul connection, it will happen to us. Soul connections are free of materialistic desires. A strong soul-to-soul connection means rejuvenation of our spirits. The purpose of soul connections is to build positive vibes together and in return, a healing force can be sensed through the bond.

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