He loves me, so why does he have sex with the other woman?

My medical issues prevent me from having sex and I can't bear it that he has sex with another woman
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Dear Prachi,

I met a guy through a friend and we instantly connected. But the problem is that he is already in a relationship with another girl. It is a FWB (friends with benefits) thing with her and he has clearly told her that he can’t marry her in any situation. Initially the girl agreed to these terms, but as time went by, she got attached to him. Meanwhile, he is getting close to me and also introduced me to his family members. His parents seem to be very lovely people. They showered me with so much love and included me in their family functions.

The problem is that we have never had physical relationship due to my medical issues (vaginismus). Hence, he still in a physical relationship with her and this is hurting me a lot. If he is very sure that he won’t be able to marry her (due to different religion, caste, language) why he is still talking to her? I tried to walk away from him a couple of times but it is very hard for me since his family is so close to me and he somehow manages to convince me. I can’t let him go, since he shows me so much love. What do I do?

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Hi Swetha,

This indeed sounds like a very tricky situation. It does

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