He told me he had broken up with his ex

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Updated On: March 20, 2024

It all happened a year ago. We were gym-mates. We crossed paths daily yet never exchanged a word with each other. It was my birthday when my flatmate organised a surprise party for me. She invited all my close friends. That day, I met him when a common friend brought him to my house. He wished me “Happy Birthday” and I smiled.

Everybody was having fun, eating and grooving on music while we sat in the balcony with our bottles of beer and started chatting. In no time we connected well with each other. We shared a lot in common. He told me about his broken relationship, future goals and his thoughts about his true soul-mate.

Then, I told him about my ‘happily single’ life with just a few close friends and some career goals. It felt as if we were both exactly the package of what we wished to see in our partners. We were like, “Oh God, where the hell have you been hiding for so long. We’re so much like each other.”

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We chatted the whole night

It was morning when my friends went back and bid us goodbye. Little did I know that actually they were upset with me. They felt neglected, as I spent whole night chatting with someone whom I hardly knew before, instead of spending time with my friends. And it was obvious. After numerous apologies they pardoned me. Even today, they never fail to taunt me for that day.

Four months passed and our bond strengthened. I often suggested ways to mend his draining relationship. I even asked him to make hangout plans with his girlfriend and me; it would be fun. But he never did so. He used to always dismiss this idea by telling me, “Now we hardly talk to each other yaar. Moreover, she is very cranky and you won’t like her negative attitude.” I found the reason fair enough, unaware of what was in his head.

I kept my feelings hidden

By then I had somewhere fallen for his gentle and balanced personality, positive approach towards life and respect and kindness for one and all. My friends say that I am very good at hiding my feelings. So, fearing the disturbance in our perfect friendship bond by the involvement of that #lovething, I kept my feeling deep inside myself only. I never expected anything from him nor did I ever think of owning him. Moreover, I knew very well that he was already in a relationship. I never wanted to make it a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai triangle.

I kept my feelings hidden
My friends say that I am very good at hiding my feelings

I never wanted to make it a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai triangle.

One day, he told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend because he was unable to stretch that fruitless relationship any further. He added, “I think you are the one having all those qualities which I’ve been searching for since long. Trust me, I want to settle down with you forever. I never swear, but this time I swear by my mom that I have genuinely fallen for you.”

There he hit the bull’s eye. He knew very well that promises and vows mean a lot to me. And yes, my feelings gave up their control and I also spoke my heart out. We got close and things happened both emotionally and physically.

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Then I went to his house

One day, I casually called him for a sleepover weekend plan at my place along with a few friends, like always. He refused for no good reason. I felt he was feeling low. So, I went to his apartment which was at walking distance from my house to see if he’s fine.

He was taking a shower. His flatmate cum best friend opened the door. To my astonishment, I saw a portrait of his ex hanging in his bedroom. I was puzzled. I asked his flatmate about it.

He said, “Ex? Are you mad? They do fight often, but they are madly in love with each other. Why will they even think about breaking up when all is well now? In fact, yesterday only they made a sleepover plan.”

My world just shattered. He came out and started behaving weirdly. He didn’t like me visiting his place and interacting with his friend. I just ran away crying.

“He always returns to me”

He always returns to me
She disconnected the call saying, “No hard feelings for you, girl, but you were actually fooled.

The next morning I got a call from his girlfriend. His flatmate was her close friend also. Therefore, he told her everything. She enquired about his whereabouts from me, since she was being ignored since four-five months, which was exactly the period when we spent a lot of time together. I cleared the air. She was cheated on and even I was feeling deceived. She disconnected the call saying, “No hard feelings for you, girl, but you were actually fooled. I know him since long and it’s a fact that in the end he will come running after me only.”

And guess what, I was trapped. That happy-go-lucky girl in me was badly wounded that day. Maybe because his game of fakeness developed in me some genuine attachment for him, be it as a friend or a lover. There and then, everything ended. He never apologised to me.

Thinking about it all over again, I feel that there were no alarm bells which could have predicted this outcome. Not only was he very natural, but also because I just got carried away. I should have given some more time to understand and to be valued, rather than yielding to his demands this quickly. He was just amazing when it comes to pretending and manipulating people. Hence, it was very easy for him to be exactly what I needed for a couple of weeks, a month or even a few months. It’s hard to know what’s real.

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