6 Signs That He Is Not Really Trustworthy

signs of an untrustworthy person

Trust is definitely the most vital factor that can make or break a relationship. The signs of an untrustworthy person are very unnerving. It’s impossible to build a long-term bond with someone who makes you suspicious, whom you can’t trust with your eyes closed and who has a tendency to make you wary of their ‘little white lies’ frequently.

That is why it’s important to make sure that the person is worthy of your unwavering trust before getting committed to them. You want to trust someone but then you constantly see the red flags in the relationship. Women often fail to notice the red flags and keep on turning the other way. But the signs of an untrustworthy person should never be ignored.

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If If you want to know if he is really trustworthy, look out for these 6 tell-tale signs.

Signs Of An Untrustworthy Person

Tiara and Morgan were in a relationship for three months. They had met through friends and all their common friends said that Morgan was a gem of a person but within no time Morgan started showing signs of a sneaky person. He seemed to have friends, and hobbies he cultivated in the gaming world that he didn’t want Tiara to know.  He would be just gone for days, his phone switched off and just when Tiara would started thinking he had ghosted her he would re-appear.

“Hesaid he wanted his own space that’s why he took off. These were signs of an unreliable person I could not put up with. It was mentally very stressful and I just could not trust him, so we broke up,” said Tiara.

She did the right thing. When there are signs that someone can’t be trusted then there is no point sticking to that relationship. If you see these 6 signs of an untrustworthy person then maybe it’s time to take a call.

1. He is finicky about his phone

is he an untrustworthy person?
He is possessive about his phone

If he tends to take phone calls in another room or away from you in public places, then it’s an obvious sign that he has got something to hide.

Some people like to keep a few things private, and that’s perfectly okay. He doesn’t need to share every detail of his life with you, but if he always takes his phone with him when he leaves the room even for a few seconds then he is not really someone you can trust.

If he receives texts in the middle of the night that he answers in a suspiciously private manner, keeps changing his mobile phone password so that you don’t access it and always takes his calls in private, then there is something shady about the guy. These are absolute signs of a sneaky and untrustworthy person.

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2. He randomly cancels plans – sign of an untrustworthy person

It’s perfectly normal to blow off plans on a short notice for legitimate reasons – like working late or having a family emergency to take care of. But if he has a tendency to cancel plans frequently with weird excuses or if he always comes up with the same excuse then it’s time to open your eyes. You shouldn’t trust him at all.

This is an absolute sign that you cannot rely on this person. He could be cancelling plans constantly and turning up really late for dates and parties. This shows he is a sneaky and selfish person.  

3. He frequently ‘forgets’ to share information

Let’s say he hangs out at his friend’s place every Friday night. You were told it is a ‘boys only’ party time but eventually you find out that girls often visit them too. If he never told you that then it’s an absolute sign he is an untrustworthy person.

When you confront him about it he says he ‘forgot’ to mention about it. This is called ‘little white lies’ and no matter what the colour of it is, it’s a lie.

You will know the he is a sneaky person and not someone to be trusted when his lies come out in the open often or he forgets the storyline of his lie giving himself away.

4. He is not there when you need him

you cannot trust him
He is never there when you need him most

How to tell if you can trust someone? When he is there for you. Being in a relationship needs two people involved in it to be present for each other when the situation demands. It’s perfectly normal for him to not be there every time you need him due to valid reasons.

However, if he takes too long to answer your call or reply to texts whenever you try to reach him to share work problems, family issues or emotional vulnerabilities then he has got something to hide. You need to be able to count on him when things go bad. If he is ‘too busy’ to comfort you when you need him there is no way he is worthy of your trust. It’s a sign he is an untrustworthy person.

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5. He has jealousy issues

A person who lies on your face, hides things from you and then manipulates you by piling more lies to prove that he is not lying knows in his core what he is doing with you.

Such people tend to look at the world from the same mirror. If he is constantly jealous of whom you are talking to, always asking where you are going and what you are doing behind his back, don’t mistake that for him being caring. It’s an untrustworthy person’s tendency to project his guilt about the things he is doing wrong with you. These are signs you shouldn’t trust him.

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6. He is not open about important things

If he has lied to you about important matters on more than one occasion in the past and has got away with it, I can bet he is going to lie to you again.

He doesn’t want to talk about his childhood or his ex girlfriend or neither is he open about talking about his job. It’s obvious, but needs to be said anyway. Some people have a tendency to lie and they are definitely not the ones you can trust. If he is not open about his life to you he is being sneaky and it’s hard to get along with a person like this.
That being said, our advice would be to dump him right away. If you continue you would keep suffering.


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