What His Instagram Account Tells You About Him

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what his instagram account tells you about him
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Gone are the days when people needed to enlist the help of a friend – or a friend of a friend – to find out things about their current or potential partners. Today, insights about a potential love interest are only a click away. As the preferred social media platform for the young, Instagram is the Rorschach test for a person’s personality. Got the hots for a guy? See what his Instagram account tells you about him before you decide to act on your feelings.

What His Instagram Account Tells You About Him

Fortunately or unfortunately, one look at someone’s social media profiles can tell you way more about their personality than you can hope to find during a series of dates. So if you have just started dating or are at the cusp of a new relationship, pay attention to what his Instagram account tells you about him. There’s so much you can find out about a love interest based on who he follows on Instagram:

1. He could be a mama’s boy if follows his mother

After the elders overtook Facebook and turned it into a virtual extension of family drama, Instagram has become the preferred alternative for the youth. A space where they can share content with the like-minded people without worrying about being judged by parents, uncles, aunts and grannies.

If the guy you’re with or interested in follows his mom on Instagram, it is a warning sign. Anyone who follows their mother on Instagram is still pretty much tied around her little finger. Facebook friendship is still understandable but Instagram follow takes it to another level altogether.

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2. Following the ex is a harbinger of Instagram relationship issues

Red flag, red flag red flag! If he still follows his ex and also religiously leaves heart reacts on all her posts, chances are he is not over his ex. This constant effort of engaging with her on social media is a pathetic attempt to grab her attention.

This is one of those Instagram relationship issues that can become a sore point between you both. Besides, if he is not over her, he’ll never be able to give his 100 per cent to a new relationship. If you’re already dating, talk to him about it. If not, take the hint and keep away from Mr Hung Over.

What His Instagram Account Tells You About Him
Instagram is ruining my relationships

3. Following the boss is a hallmark of sycophancy

No one is friends with their boss. Not really. It is possible for people to have a great rapport or professional relationship with one’s boss but that relationship is as far removed from friendship as can be possible. If he follows his boss on Insta, it is pretty much a given that nothing on his profile can be trusted.

Every post out there will be carefully crafted to impress his employer. This guy is clearly using his social media profile as a springboard to catapult his career to new heights. Now, there is nothing wrong with being driven and ambitious. What’s problematic is someone relying on fake projections and not their skill to get ahead.

Nothing on such a profile can be taken on face value, and the same can be said of the person behind the profile.

4. If he follows sexy models, you have every right to be worried

Should I be worried if my boyfriend follows models on Instagram? If you find yourself asking this question, you already are bothered by the fact that his social media feed is brimming over with sexy models posing in swimsuits and lingerie. From a guy’s perspective, it may not be a biggie. But most women would freak out at this prospect.

Seeing their man interested in another woman’s appearances can leave them grappling with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. So while you’re analysing in ‘Following’ list with a fine-tooth comb,  look out for model profiles. Especially if this something you’d be bothered by later on.

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Of course, one odd account isn’t something to worry about. But if a majority of accounts he follows are model pages and profiles, you have every right to be concerned.

5. Too many women in the ‘following’ list is a definite red flag

Have you ever wondered should I be mad if my boyfriend likes another girl’s picture on Instagram? Or heard your girlfriends ask the same question? Well, a fleeting pang of envy on seeing your boyfriend or love interest engage with other women on social media is not unusual. However, this isn’t something to be mad about or pick a fight over.

Just like you have guy friends, he can have female friends too. However, if your boyfriend follows random girls on Instagram or the women he follows far outnumber the men, then it is definitively a red flag. One that you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s best to address this issue right in the beginning rather than lamenting that Instagram is ruining my relationships later.

6. Following bodybuilders indicates an unhealthy obsession

Being committed to fitness is an admirable quality in anyone. It shows that the person is disciplined, has self-control and takes his wellness seriously. However, a lot of times the line between fitness and an obsession with six-pack abs and bulging muscles get blurred easily.

Just the way the glamour world has driven women to starve themselves in a pursuit to attain size zero figures, it has made men fixate on the idea of rugged, muscular physiques.

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If the guy you’re dating or interested in follows way too many of these bodybuilding pages and accounts on Instagram, it points to an unhealthy obsession with an unattainable goal. Chances are a better part of his time and attention will be taken up by the gym.

And who knows he may be taking things too far by popping pills, pumping injections and taking steroids. You definitely don’t want to get in the middle of that kind of a mess.

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7. If follows cult pages, bolt as fast as you can

If your love interest follows cults on Instagram, it’s a clear indicator that you need to stay as far away as possible. From political to religious, supremacist to racist, any sort of indoctrination can be very hard to put up with in the long run. Especially, if you don’t believe in the same ideas.

Our social media profiles say a lot more about us than is revealed in daily interactions. So pay attention to what his Instagram account tells you about him to make an informed decision about whether things can work out between you two or not. Save yourself from yet another disastrous dating experience.

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    With so many social media platforms to overshare on, the Internet has become a gold mine for finding stuff out about guys you are interested in. It’s actually pretty beneficial in getting a general idea about who he is. You can actually tell a lot about a guy based on what his Instagram posts and activity are about! True!

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