Fishing Dating-The New Dating Trend

Angelina Gupta
Fishing dating

“Fishing is like dating. Sometimes catch and release is the best option.”

Dating in the 21st century has become innovative and fun. You need to know all the new love slangs or you will be labelled outdated. From bread crumbing and ghosting, to this new trend which is called fishing dating. So, what is meant by fishing dating? What does it mean when someone says you’re fishing? Ever looked up online dating apps and sent messages to all your matches and waited for them to reply? Yep, you’ve done fishing dating before then. You ain’t new to this trend, but perhaps you do not know much about it.

What Is Meant By Fishing Dating?

Fishing dating is when you send messages to all your interests on dating apps and choose from whoever replies to your messages, or in this case, whoever catches your bait. In normal online dating, we swipe right to the person we like and wait for them to make a move but in fishing, you make the move yourself and wait for them to take the bait. You get to choose from whoever catches the bait and feel free to throw the rest of the fish back in the sea. Fishing dating is more about exploring options rather than looking for something deep and meaningful. This new trend is the new dating mantra.

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7 Things You Should Know About Fishing Dating

If you’ve not done fishing dating before don’t think that it hasn’t been done to you. It can begin with simple conversations like “How are you doing?” or “What’s up?” and you won’t even know that you’re just another fish in his net. Fishing dating has its bright and dark sides. It’s up to you whether you want to go fishing in the sea of potential matches or just go to a bar and pick someone up the old school way. Here are 7 things you need to know about fishing dating.

1. They begin with old school messages

Fishing begins with old school messages that seem pretty normal like, “What’s up?” or “How’s everything going?” The catch here is the time at which the message is sent. If you’re getting these messages late at night and it seems that it’s like a booty call, you’re being fished. This person is just waiting for the right person to catch the bait so that he/she can get things going.

2. They are copy pasted messages

Fishers mostly like to send the same message copy pasted to the fishes in the sea. This is because they gauge through your response to the message and then decide whether or not to go forward with the conversation. These copy pasted messages are sent to multiple people, or what they call fishes. If you respond to their text with slow replies, they too begin losing interest and move on to the next fish.

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3. It’s not just on online dating

Fishing dating doesn’t happen only on online dating apps. You may fish among your friends, flings or even some random guy you met online. Fishing is all about choosing from a pool of people and hooking up with one. My friend Sam went to parties and fished women. The source doesn’t matter. Fishing is all about which options you choose to explore on that particular day.

4. It’s a numbers game

Fishing dating is all about numbers. It’s about how many people you feel like fishing today and which would you choose as your top 2 or 3. Out of your top picks, you decide whom you want to hook up with and move forward. How many you fish at first doesn’t matter, it’s all about how many you want to hook up with at the end. Well, this is just a start to millennial relationship problems!

5. Fishing dating is actually common

Fishing is not something that has evolved recently. It’s something that you may have been doing before but have only realized that it’s called fishing dating. Imagine you going to a party and finding 4-5 handsome men. You like all of them but don’t know which one will be your match because you haven’t got to know them yet. You give all of them your number, which is where you spread your net. Out of the 5, 3 of them call you and this is them catching the bait. From the 3, you choose whom you want to hook up with and that’s where you’re done fishing.

6. It’s about hook ups

Instead of saying it directly, fishing dating is a more sophisticated way of hooking up. Online dating too ends up in finding true love at times but fishing is more about having a fling or hooking up. You explore your options in the sea of suitable matches and pick one. This is not about finding true love but about exploring the best option available at that time. If you’re thinking of fishing to find your true love, fishing dating isn’t for you.

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7. It is offensive

Fishing dating is offensive to those who have been fished. Many of them have no idea that they are just one of the many options and begin to imagine something more meaningful with the fisher without any idea that they are being fished. Some of them have a vague idea about it and go on with it. But for the ones who don’t know, they feel offended and disgusted at the idea of being just another option.

Fishing dating is a millennial dating trend that has evolved because of several dating apps being available at your fingertips. Fishing dating is a sophisticated version of a booty call. When it comes to fishing dating, some people know that they are being fished and don’t take offence because it is something they’ve done before. While for others looking for something more serious, fishing dating is offensive and makes them feel like an object and an option.

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