10 Signs He Is Not Over His Ex

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
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So, the person you’re with had a tumultuous breakup in their past. You were totally cool with it when you first found out. After all, who doesn’t have a past! But now you can’t seem to shake off the feeling that something isn’t quite right. You feel he is not over his ex. On the surface, everything seems great, yet there is one hiccup – a part of them still displays the signs that someone is not over their ex.

You may feel that they suddenly became withdrawn or there is a part of them that you just can’t seem to reach. They brush it off as nothing. But is it really nothing? To help you put an end to that dilemma, let’s look at some of the classic signs he is not over his ex.

10 Signs He Is Not Over His Ex

If your instinct is telling you something is off about your current partner, chances are it is. Your sixth sense catches the signs that someone is not over their ex. And if that ‘something off’ is him being hung over a past relationship, it can spell trouble for the future of your relationship.

Dating someone who is not over their ex can prove to be dangerous because it could complicate your relationship. Dating someone who is friends with their ex can prove to be more troublesome.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs he is not over his ex that should look out for.

1. He doesn’t want to talk about his ex

You and your partner are having a heart-to-heart, and the topic of past relationships comes up. When you ask him about that ex, he wants to put an end to the conversation. ‘Can we please not talk about this?’ or ‘How many times are we going to have the same conversation?’ are the common refrains he uses.

If you feel that your partner closes up or even gets defensive when the topic of their ex comes up, it’s among the signs someone is not over their ex.

2. He can’t stop talking about his ex

Yes, this is in stark contrast to the first point, but people are complex and react to the same situation in different ways. If the man you’re with cannot stop mentioning his ex, it is a definite red flag to take note of.

Besides, this tendency can make you feel uncomfortable and leave you grappling with a sense of inadequacy, which isn’t healthy. These are absolute signs someone is not over their ex and you need to address your feelings immediately.

3. He has had several rebound relationships

When a person struggles to get over their feelings for a former partner, they often seek solace in building a connection with another person who they are substituting for their ex. That’s a rebound relationship in a nutshell.

If he has had a string of rebound relationships before he got together with you, it’s one of the signs he is not over his ex yet. In fact, it can leave you wondering whether what you have with him is real or just another rebound to fill that hole in his heart.

4. He is still in touch with his ex

Waiting for someone to get over their ex is one thing and seeing that they are interacting with their ex is another thing.

This is a sign as clear as the day. If he still talks to his ex, then there is little doubt that a part of him still wants to get back together with that person. He keeps them around in the hope that things will work out between them at some point. As his current partner, this can be extremely unsettling for you to see these signs that someone is not over their ex.

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5. The ex’s present relationships unsettle him

If he cannot make his peace with his ex moving on and getting into a new relationship, it is one of the alarming signs he’s not over his ex.

He may use reasons such as ‘he’s not good for her’ to justify his annoyance over such a development but the real reason is that the prospect of her moving on hurts him. He will make sure to know every detail about his ex’s current relationship and may even find ways to convince her to end it.

6. He somehow always runs into her

Stalker Alert! We hate to break this to you, but he may be so obsessed with the hope of winning her over again that he keeps finding reasons to meet her. In his mind, being in her life is equivalent to getting his foot through the door.

Even if the ex is not comfortable with these ‘accidental’ run-ins and finds it downright creepy, he keeps going back to her to ‘return some stuff’ or ‘offer help’. If this is happening, you have at your hand one of the alarming signs he’s not over his ex and it may be time you stepped in. Because these are signs he wants to get back with his ex.

7. He still has her pictures

This is a little clichéd but true. Guys tend not to keep pictures or souvenirs from their previous relationships. If he still does, then it is among the clear signs he is over his ex. He still craves for their presence in his life.

And that is why he keeps scrolling through these images late into the night. There’s a picture you found inside the book he is reading too.

You might feel that if the signs that someone is not over their ex still there, then why is he with you? Dating someone still not over their ex can be really painful for you.

8. He is still angry about the breakup

someone not over their ex
He is still angry about the breakup

A part of him still holds a lot of anger toward the ex for ending the relationship and breaking his heart. He may reason that it’s only because things got ugly during the break-up, but the real reason may well be that he’s mad that she opted out of the relationship.

If he is still festering inside then it is clear that she is on his mind and she still has the power to evoke reactions from him. You might feel like banging your head against the wall and saying, “Why is everyone hung up with their ex?”

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9. He prioritizes her

You and your partner may be out for a dinner date, and the ex calls with an emergency. He doesn’t think twice before bailing on you and taking off. Or you may be in the middle of an important conversation and she texts. He cannot resist replying instantly.

If he’s putting your relationship on hold to cater to his ex’s ‘needs’ or reciprocate to her overtures, it’s a sign he is not over his ex and there are a lot of residual feelings at play.

10. He can’t help making comparisons

If you cook his favourite meal, he points out how she made it. These are signs someone is not over their ex. If you dress up a certain way, he casually mentions how she too wore her hair the same way or had a similar pair of earrings.

The comparisons between you and his ex just do not stop. That’s just plain heartbreaking. You need to point out to your partner that these are signs he is over his ex.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Get Over His Ex?

The amount of time a person takes to get over a past relationship depends on a variety of factors. As such, it is hard to specify that duration with certainty. After all, every relationship and break-up is messed up in its own unique way.

That said, research does give us some insight into how long does it take a man to get over his ex.

According to a study carried out in a 2007 study, men can move on from a low-quality relationship in a matter of three months. However, as per the answers supplied by respondents of a survey carried out in 2017, the timeline is roughly six months. However, in the case of long-term relationships and divorces, it can take men up to 18 months or more for men to move on, if at all.

Another study suggests that while a break-up takes a deeper emotional toll on women, it can have a more lasting impact on men. In some cases, men never really recover from heartbreak, they simply learn to live with it and move on.

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What Do You Do When He’s Not Over His Ex?

happy man
So what do you do when he’s not over his ex?

Being in a relationship with a man who’s still hung over his ex cannot be a pleasant experience. It can instil in you feelings of jealousy, self-doubt and insecurity. That’s certainly not healthy. So what do you do when he’s not over his ex? We have some suggestions:

1. Talk to him

Let him know that you see all the classic signs he is not over his ex and express your unease with this equation. In a compassionate manner, tell him that while you understand why it’s hard for him to move on but it is something he needs to work on if he sees a future with you. He has to stop showing the signs that someone is not over their ex.

2. Don’t make it an issue

You cannot expect a person who is displaying all the signs someone is not over their ex to just shake it off just because you’ve had ‘the talk’ with them. Give him time to find a way for processing and getting over his residual feelings, meanwhile, do your best to not make it an issue.

3. Find ways to connect

The best antidote to heartbreak is love. Show your love and care to your partner in every way possible and find ways to connect with him, so that the memories he builds with you can override the nostalgia of his past.

Give him surprises, go on vacations and build new memories that would help to over shadow the old.

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4. Seek help

If you want things to work out with your partner but cannot seem to make headway in the right direction, know that couples counselling is an affordable way to save your relationship. Talk to your partner about getting professional help to overcome his tendency to gravitate back to his ex and the damage it has done to your bond.

5. Move on

If despite doing all that you could’ve, you still see the same alarming signs he’s not over his ex, get out of the relationship and move on. Remember you deserve to be with someone who chooses you, prioritises you every single day of his life, and not someone who treats you as a ‘consolation prize’ life threw his way.

Being with a man displaying signs he is over his ex can be extremely difficult and heartbreaking. Be strong, do your best, but don’t compromise.


1. Why exes ruin relationships?

If someone is still angry with their ex about the breakup or still keeps in touch with them then it shows a kind of emotional connection they still have with the person. This can ruin the present relationship.

2. Should you date someone who is not over their ex?

Ideally no. But if you get to see the signs that someone is still not over their ex, after you have started dating, then you must try to make them forget their ex with your love and care.

4. What do you do when your boyfriend is not over his ex?

You can talk to him and tell him how you feel. Let them know that you do not like them being in touch with their ex and seek counselling if it’s needed.

5. Should I wait for a guy to get over his ex?

It depends on how long you want to wait. If you feel it’s going to be forever then it’s time you moved out of the relationship.

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