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how to impress a girl on the first date

How to impress a girl on a date? I doubt even Google has a foolproof answer to that question. To be honest, there really cannot be one correct answer to this question. Every person is different. Naturally, the way to impress them will also be different. Some girls prefer dramatic expressions of love, some like conversing only with their eyes. Some girls will be offended if you try to be protective, some will feel loved by the same gesture. Does that mean girls are complicated? Uh…No.

The game of dating is not black or white. It is mostly shades of gray. You gotta be smart. You gotta quickly recover from any minor/major setback when with a girl on a date. You have to thread the needle at one go; hover too long and your date will be cut short by “I have to go, it’s an emergency”. Nobody wants that. So really, how to impress a girl on a date?

Tips To Impress A Girl On A Date

You must be wondering how to impress your date. Needless to say, dating can be a challenge. But making the first date count is crucial. So, let’s discuss how to impress a girl on a first date. There is no one way to impress a girl. Every girl has a unique personality, so the things that impress a girl vary.

The best way to impress a girl is by making her feel special. For that, you must first truly understand her as a person. When thinking about things that impress a girl, you need to focus on various aspects of her personality. But how do you do that on the first date!?

Not to worry. We have collected some of the most successful tips to help you impress a girl. So while you get to know her and understand the best way to win her over for good, keep a note of the following things to impress a girl. Here are some pointers on how to impress a girl on a date:

1.  Call. Don’t text

Unless you have social anxiety (yes, that’s a thing) and prefer texting and waiting for an appropriate amount of time before you start to get ready for the date, give your date a call. Sure, you have asked her out via text message but, on the day of the date, make sure you communicate by phone call. A phone call can achieve information in less than a minute and there is no wait time. It adds a mature humanizing effect; it also shows the right amount of eagerness. It will definitely impress her.

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2. Groom yourself to impress her

One of the first things your date will notice about you is the way you look, so you need to groom yourself to impress your date. Shave, shower (if you have been putting it off for a few days), shampoo, condition (yes, men do it too). If you have been putting off trimming your beard for the last three months, now is the time to get cracking.

You don’t have to shave off the beard but trim it nicely to look presentable. A well-groomed beard will boost your self-confidence and a woman won’t be disgusted to wipe the cappuccino foam from it. Dress well. Casuals are evergreen. Remember to wear nice shoes (doesn’t have to be Italian leather, just the ones which you don’t wear on a daily basis). Most women check out the kind of shoes you’re wearing. Oh, and cologne. Because men who smell good get an extra brownie point!

3. Pay?

Now, this can get a little tricky. Personally, I think the bill should be split between the two of you. But you don’t know if your date cares about equality? Offer to pay, but if she insists on paying her share, honor her wish and go Dutch. If she doesn’t say anything, then you have no choice but to pay the bill on your own.

This can get tricky for a lot of people. Many might find it offensive if you grab the bill the moment it arrives (some will blame it on the age-old tradition of the men having to pay for meals you both have eaten; some on the male ego). So keep it light. Politely offer to take care of this date. If your date wants to split the bill, oblige. Don’t insist.

how to impress your date
Girl on a date

4. Do your homework

A little research goes a long way in your efforts to impress a girl. The answer to how to impress a girl on a date really depends on the kind of girl you are dating. A scroll through your date’s social media profile will give you insight into what she is all about. Don’t just check the photos, the real clues are in the comments section.

Maybe she loves the mountains and reading Murakami or she hates the color saffron and its ability to ruin every other color of the spectrum – stuff like that. When you have gathered enough intel, break it up and weave it naturally into your conversation to impress her. This will open up more vistas of like-minded conversation. There will be no awkward pauses.

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5. A small something for the girl on a date

Now you don’t have to buy her anything extravagant right on the first date. A small gift shows you are thoughtful. Maybe a copy of the book that she liked and has always wanted to read, is a sweet gesture enough. You can also go for a bunch of her favorite flowers or some chocolates.

6. How to impress a girl on a date? Maintain eye contact.

When with a girl on a date, eye contact can be a game-changer. Wandering eyes say a lot. This one thing is probably the most important to get right. Too much eye contact will make you “the guy who stared at me the whole time” and too little will make you come off as one who isn’t paying her enough attention.

Eye contact is all about balance: maintain eye contact when she talks but dial it down when you are talking. It will make her feel you are wonderfully attentive and will ease her into the date.

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7. On your mark, get set, attention

Generally, women complain about most men having a slight case of attention deficit. Your attention shouldn’t be affected by the couple at the next table or a bird flying overhead. Listen to her like she has the most interesting gossip ever (even though you might hate gossip and she is basically ranting about a colleague who shaves at his desk).

The point is to be attentive and listen to what she has to say; being a good listener sets you apart from everyone else out there. So, make eye contact, listen and compliment her genuinely. Don’t overdo it with compliments, just point out the few things you have noticed and liked about her.

8. Gentleman always wins the deal

A kiss on the cheek is a sweet but easily forgotten gesture. If you want the girl to await your return for a second date (assuming the first one went really well), play it like a gentleman. Hold off to proceed beyond a kiss, even though she is giving you signs she is willing to go all the way. Not many men will deny themselves the pleasure, but you should hold it together. There is that second date to make things better. Leave her waiting breathlessly for the second date.

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9. Select the right venue

Before online dating became all the rage, the most important part of first meetings was the location. Your first date should be someplace special. It can have a huge impact on how the date proceeds. Every place has a unique vibe of its own and it will set the tone for your first date.

Make sure to choose a place that will appeal to both of you. It should be exciting but also have a certain comforting feel to it. A cute cafe she likes or a romantic dinner on the rooftop is a safe bet.

10. Being a good listener is the best way to impress a girl

First dates are about a special connection. While your body language and gestures play a big part in this, the conversation is the most significant aspect of connecting with the other person. For most women, listening skills matter a lot. 

It’s not about letting her speak, she should feel heard and understood. Being a good listener entails giving your complete, undivided attention to the person in front of you. And when on a date, the girl should be the focus of all your attention anyway, making you a good listener by default.

There you have it, a thorough guide to how to impress a girl on a date. Keep in mind that a relationship is more than dating though. Of course, you cannot behave every day the way you are on dates. But the underlying mindset for things that impress a girl can be applied to your entire relationship. And who knows, if you try, then maybe every moment spent with your lady love can be as beautiful as your first date! 


1. Do you kiss on the first date?

Now, this is a tricky one. As much as you would like to have a well-defined protocol about this, there isn’t one. Whether you should kiss the girl on the first date depends on multiple factors. How well did the date go? Did she initiate any physical contact? You’ll have to make that call based on the answers to these questions and the gut feeling at the moment.

2. What to talk about on a first date with a girl?

Here’s a pro tip for guys who find it difficult to hold conversations or do small talk. Ask questions. Especially when on a first date with a girl, ask her about her likes, dislikes, and life in general. It will help you get to know her better and as an added bonus, you wouldn’t have to worry about conversation starters.

3. How do you romance a girl on a first date?

Romancing doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. It’s about making the girl feel special. You can do that by appreciating her, getting her a flower, or simply looking into her eyes with all your love. If you do choose to take the conventional route of gifting her, try to get something cute and personal rather than expensive materialistic items.

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