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Here’s how an introvert flirts

These are the signs when an introvert flirts with you.
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How does one find out what these awkward homo-sapiens have going on in their minds? Or, to be more precise, how does one know if an introvert is flirting with you? Well, we are here to clear the questions for good. Read on to find out exactly how an introvert flirts:

1. They don’t flirt

The first clue to find out if an introvert is flirting with you is that they won’t flirt with you in an obvious way. They’ll try to make a good conversation while you’re around them and make sure that you have a good time, but that’s it. Depending on their level of confidence, they’ll be talking to you about things you like to talk about and hoping that perhaps you will put them out of their misery and just notice how much effort they are actually putting into it.

2. Change in behaviour around you

How an introvert reacts around someone depends on how confident he/ she is feeling that day, which isn’t usually much. So, if they are behaving a bit different around you, it may be because they have a genuine interest in you. If they’re being more attentive, more awkward or clumsier than usual, there is a high chance that they actually like you.

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3. Opening up

This is one of the toughest things an introvert can do. If they are opening up to you about their life or about things that are happening in their lives, they really care about you and find your presence comforting. Sharing things takes a lot of effort for introverts, so you must be someone special to them if they are willing to make that effort with you.

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4. Making an effort to stay around you

An introvert prefers to just hang around and let things happen by itself without them having to play an active part in it. So, if the person concerned keeps hanging around even after everyone else in the group has left, or if they somehow always end up near you during social gatherings, it may be time to make a move because perhaps that is exactly what they are waiting for.

5. They suggest things

Introverts tend to have a pretty extensive collection of movies, books and games. So, if a known introvert starts suggesting things to you, and hands you a collection of movies or music, it might not just be a suggestion but a subtle invitation to enjoy it together. Regardless, sharing something they are interested in, is pretty much all an introvert can do to convey their feelings for someone.

6. Being a sarcastic jerk

An introvert is usually so busy second-guessing everything they say or do that they can’t usually end up saying or doing anything at all. So, if you are making them feel comfortable enough, you can pretty much be assured that they do like you. And they like you a lot.

7. Being very interactive on social media

The one power that introverts have is being very active on social media. If you are lucky enough to know one, you’ll find that they can be the funniest people on this planet. And social media is also a place where an introvert feels comfortable talking to others or expressing their views. So, if you’re having some deep conversations about this universe with an introvert at 3 am, know that this is special because they wouldn’t spare that much energy for 99.9% of the population.

Introverts aren’t good with signals, unless you are holding up a billboard that says “I am flirting with you.” So, make sure you let them know you’re interested in them and then buckle up for an amazing relationship ahead.

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