18 Signs She Wants You To Make A Move (You Can’t Miss These)

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Updated On: December 28, 2023
signs she wants you to make a move

Do you have a crush on a pretty girl who lives in your building or who is a friend of your friend or perhaps works with you, and you’re now looking for signs she wants you to make a move? Don’t worry. This list will come to your rescue. You met her and found her attractive. You like the way she laughs, the way she plays with her hair while talking about her favorite music band and the way she bites her lip when her friends make fun of her. All of this is making you crazy!

This falling in love phase is making you float in the air, isn’t it? But you are utterly confused if she shares your feelings or not. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking her out and getting rejected in the bargain. You are not alone. Nobody likes rejection. It’s quite a humiliating ordeal to forget and move past. All the butterflies in your stomach are making you look for subtle signs she wants you to make a move. 

18 Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Most guys fear rejection and never make a move. Even if she rejects you, then there are sensible ways to deal with rejection. The “what if” and “could have been” will keep pinching them for the rest of their lives. You have her number and you are anxiously looking for signs she wants you to make a move through text. The chances of you getting a reply are 50-50. She might text you back or she might see-zone you. Don’t fret. You dear writer has been there and done that. Given below are signs she wants you to make a move and become the Prince Charming to your Cinderella.

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1. The look of longing

As the legendary Al Pacino quoted in the movie Scarface, “The eyes, chico. They never lie”. Eyes say a lot more than you might think and they never lie. When a guy stares at you secretly, you may sense it. This is one of the first and most subtle signs she wants you to make a move. Is she looking directly into your eyes without caring about what’s happening around the two of you? If she is, then she is definitely interested in you.

And then she moves down from your eyes to your lips. Oh boy! She doesn’t just like you…in fact, she fancies you. The yearning look she has for you in her eyes as you mindlessly chatter about the things happening in your life, is a dead giveaway. These are obvious signs she wants you. If you want to make it a little flirtatious, flirt with your eyes, hold her gaze and when she is talking to you, look at her lips.

2. The touch of love

The two of you are engrossed in a conversation while walking down the street and her arms brush up against yours. Did that touch send a vibrating current all over your body? Before I fell in love, I thought all of that was filmy nonsense, but it’s true. When somebody you are attracted to touches you for the first time, an electric current flows through your body. It’s a rare and truly authentic sensation. It’s a non-sexual touch yet it will feel intimate.

Even if that touch was unintentional, it is sure to entice the both of you. If she is moving closer to you while interacting with you, then it is one of the definite signs she wants you to make a move on her. Whether it’s a shoulder-to-shoulder touch or knee-to-knee, it doesn’t matter. All you need to be sure of at this point is she wants to be near you. 

3. She notices tiny details

When a girl stares at you secretly, she is noticing the details of your appearance. If she remembers all the tiny details about you and the meetup, then she is definitely interested in you and wants to be more than friends. She makes mental notes of the things you like. If you ordered a Mocha Frappuccino when you met at a cafe, then she will remember your exact order details and will get it for you the next time you meet her. 

These are one of the subtle signs she wants you to make a move. She will notice how much sugar you take in your coffee or if you leave the crust off your pizza. If you realize that she pays attention to all these things, you will figure out whether she wants you in her life just as a friend or if she is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. 

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4. She looks for you in group settings

The two of you are invited to a party. When she arrives, she searches for you. How sweet is that! In a room full of people, she is trying to find you. When she finds you with your friends, she makes you break away from them so she can have some alone time with you. She wants to have some quality time with you. If that isn’t one of the signs she wants you to make a move, then what is? 

A woman is wanting to spend some quality time with you is actually a great sign – it’s an attempt to connect with you. Others at the party might gossip about the closeness, but she doesn’t care about that. Get her a drink and keep the conversation going. Ask her if she wants to get some fresh air. If she says yes, then it’s obvious she wants you.

5. Exchanging numbers

You met her and found her interesting. After gathering a lot of courage, you ask for her number and she gives it to you. But what if she gives her number even before you ask for it? That’s one of the obvious signs she wants you. A woman who isn’t interested in you wouldn’t give you her phone number.

You exchange numbers and start texting. Stay in touch, keep in handy some flirty conversation started with a girl and keep talking if you want to get to know her better. From meeting you socially to exchanging phone numbers to constantly texting each other, you have come quite a long way, haven’t you? But there’s more to go through on our list if you want to be sure about the signs she wants you to make a move. 

6. Flirting with you

Firstly, it is important to see how much time a girl is investing in you. If she is taking time out of her busy life to reply to your messages, then it is one of the certain signs she wants you to make a move through text. She will be open and accepting to your attempts at flirting with her. It takes a lot of anxious nail biting to start flirting with someone you like. What if they aren’t interested in you and the flirting offends them? 

You need to be sure if they like you in that sense to send them flirty text messages. One of the sure signs she wants you to make a move is when she flirts back or if she starts acting coy with you. If a girl is interested in you, then she won’t mind if you are being forward with her. Don’t straight away get too naughty with her. Make sure you know the difference between healthy flirting and unhealthy flirting. Start with something sweet. Tell her how attractive she is or that she has a great smile. Take baby steps and you will reach your destination in no time.

obvious signs she wants you
She is flirting with you

7. Asking open-ended questions

When someone is asking you a lot of questions, it means they are curious about you. Why would someone who isn’t interested in you want to get to know you better? It’s one of the signs she wants you to make a move on her. She wants to know the little details about you by asking open-ended questions. This is a great way to impress and flirt with her. You can also ask her some ice breaker questions to keep the conversation going.

The reason why someone asks you an open-ended question is they don’t want you to give a one word answer like yes or no. They want you to elaborate and express your opinions. They want to have a good conversation with you. They want long answers from you. The more she asks such questions, the more she wants to spend her time getting to know you.

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8. She sends you pictures of herself

She went out with her friends and took pictures after getting ready. She sent you her selfies. This is one of the clearest signs she wants you to make a move. By sending those pictures, she is fetching compliments from you. Be generous when you compliment her, but don’t go overboard and make her think you are creepy.

Doesn’t matter if those pictures aren’t flirty. Those could just be cute selfies of her. This is one of the things girls do when they are interested in someone. If those pictures lead to flirting and then sexting (if you are lucky enough, learn how to become a sexting pro) then kudos to you for catching all the obvious signs she wants you and utilizing the golden opportunity perfectly. 

9. Nervousness is one of the signs she wants you to make a move

Your dear writer wants to share a little anecdote here. Please bear with me. I had a massive crush on this boy. I had invited him home with the pretense of needing help from him to set up my bookshelf. When he asked for a glass of water, I was so hyper-aware of the situation and fidgety around him that I dropped the glass on the floor. If you are nervous around a girl, then learn some pro tips to talk to an attractive girl and prevent from embarrassing yourself.

We spent the evening sweeping up the shattered glass. But we got to know a lot about each other as we picked up the shards. We giggled and teased each other so much. It was one of the best days of my life. And that’s when we shared our first kiss. I still swoon and blush when I think about it. So if the girl you like is nervous around you and acts all jittery, it is one of the signs she wants you to make a move on her. 

10. Long phone calls and personal questions

In today’s world, who has tons of free time to spend hours on the phone talking and asking personal questions? Only those who want to initiate a romantic relationship with you. If the phone calls are hour long and the conversations are deep, those are subtle signs she wants you to make a move. These gestures mean they want to connect on a deeper level.

When we like someone a lot, we don’t realize how quickly the time passes as we go on prattling about the minute details of our personal and professional lives. The more frequent and longer these phone calls get, the more she is into you. Bonus points if these are late-night calls as she might even confess her fondness for you.

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11. Getting the past out of the way

Sharing painful details about your past is an indication that she has started to trust you. That’s a big deal. When someone opens up about the difficult times they faced, it’s an act of vulnerability and immense trust . When a girl stares at you secretly and when that secret gazing turns into coffee dates and finally she is sharing intimate details about her past, it is one of the clearest signs she wants you to make a move on her. She is trying to build trust with you.

It’s not easy to talk about the past. By doing so, she is indirectly making you a part of both her past and present life. The reason she has shared her past is to let you know she has been hurt just as you have been in your past. It’s an invitation to stay back even after finding out the bad things. It’s true what they say: It’s not love if they just accept your good traits; it’s love when they accept all your grief and flaws.

12. She introduces you to her family

This is a big step for you if she introduces you to her family and friends. These are desperate signs she wants you to make a move on her. Introducing you to her family means taking a risk as there’s always the possibility that she might hear a lot of opinions and criticism from her loved ones. What if they don’t like you? Despite all the negative things that could happen, she still goes on to introduce you to her loved ones.

It’s difficult for women to make the first move. She might do it indirectly by asking you to  hangout with her and her friends. These are subtle signs she wants you to make a move on her. And when you meet her friends, they already know who you are. They tease her with you and finally it’s out there in the open that she likes you as much as you like her.

subtle signs she wants you to make a move

13. She gets jealous when you mention other girls

If you still aren’t sure about the signs she wants you to make a move on her, then try bringing up other girls and watch her reaction. As a woman, I can tell you that we don’t usually get jealous of other women. But when it comes to the man we like, then we tend to get a little possessive and jealous. Healthy jealousy can build strong relationships.

She will get impatient and restless at the thought of you with someone else. We aren’t the ones to take this lightly. If you make a girl jealous by bringing up other women, then she might do the same with you. She will bring up other men to make you feel jealous. She will make sure you are as afraid of losing her to another man as she’s afraid of losing you to another woman. 

14. Defending you is one of the signs she wants you to make a move

One of the signs she wants you to make a move is when she defends you and stands up for you in your presence or absence. She may not have a fight, but she will make sure she defends you despite everyone going against you and your opinions. 

Claim this opportunity and thank her for supporting you. Talk to her about this and get to know her opinion as well. Imagine liking someone so much that they defend you in front of their friends and family. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever!

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15. Tries to enhance her appearance

Every woman is beautiful, but if she makes extra efforts to look beautiful in your eyes, then it is one of the subtle signs she wants you to make a move on her. You ask her out on a dinner date and…she arrives looking like a scrumptious snack. She is wearing the color you like. Her makeup is on point. Her hair is perfect. All of these efforts scream that she is attracted to you. She is trying to seduce you.

She wants to impress you by looking her best for you. She will often adjust her hair and her clothes in your presence. If you want to be sure before making a move on her, notice if she is noticing you checking her out. If she bites her lips and grazes her fingers on her neck, then take a chance and lean in for a kiss. 

16. She is very helpful and a good listener

She readily agrees to help you. It’s mostly a guy thing, but even girls like to help the guy they like. Whether it’s with their office work or if they are shifting houses, they are free to help you whenever you ask. Whether it’s with your homework or something related to your family, she is always there for you. 

She listens to all your stories. Being a good listener means being interested in what the other person has to say. She is paying attention to all the details when you talk. She asks follow-up questions and even offers her feedback. She laughs at your lame jokes and giggles at your terrible attempts at flirting with her. These are clear signs she wants you to make a move on her.

How to know if a girl likes you?

17. Doesn’t back off when you move close to her

You like her a lot and in your attempts to find out if she has the same feelings for you, you get closer to her. She doesn’t back off. She likes being near you. You can feel her breath on your face and she can feel yours on her face. Things are getting steamy now. You want to lean in for a kiss, but you don’t know if she will kiss you back.

If she hasn’t backed off yet, then touch her knees. She has purposefully angled her body towards you so you can know she is interested in you. Run your fingers gently along her thighs. If she isn’t irked by your actions, then it’s one of the unmistakable signs it’s time to kiss a girl.

18. She compliments you and cooks for you

Does she shower you with a lot of compliments? If yes, then she is making it quite clear that she wants you. She wants to see if you blush at her compliments. She will make you laugh by cracking silly jokes. Even if those jokes aren’t particularly funny, laugh out loud because she is doing her best to make you laugh. Encourage her goofy side.

It’s the era of memes. Sending memes has become a universal love language as Gen-Z uses memes to flirt. If she sees a meme and sends it to you, it means it  reminded her of you. That’s one of the obvious signs she wants you. Some women show their interest by baking and cooking for the man they like. If she asks you to come over and has cooked for you, then you need to know she hasn’t just invited you to eat. You might even get lucky.

If the girl you are attracted to has shown any of these signs that we’ve laid out for you, then what are you waiting for? Approach her and have the best time of your life. She will be playful with you. She will want to spend time with you. The ball is in your court. Be brave and ask her out. 

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