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How Devayani saved Kacha from death thrice but still he didn’t love her

All love stories do not have a happy ending. Kacha’s refusal and Devayani’s consequent heartbreak is one such example from Indian mythology
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Gods and sages in Hindu mythology are never beyond reproach because their loves also have betrayals and heartbreaks in equal measure. One such story is that of Kacha and Devayani…

Mission Sanjeevani

The quest for eternity is, well, eternal, and we come across this trope often in mythologies and literatures of all cultures. We read stories of heroes who set out on perilous journeys to discover fountains of youth or uncover secrets to immortality. What is ambrosia for the Greeks, peaches of everlasting life for the Chinese, is amrita for the Indians.

Our gods enjoy life and youth endlessly, thanks to that nectar of the oceans. But this is a story of a time before the samudra manthan, when the devas couldn’t really take life for granted. In fact, this assurance lay with their constant adversaries, the asuras. For it was Shukracharya, the guru (teacher) of the asuras, who knew the secret of the mrita sanjeevani – the formula of bringing the dead back to life. With this ace up their sleeve, there was very little to stop their march towards triloka domination. The devas were worried…

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