27 Sure Shot Signs Your Crush Likes You

Signs your crush likes you
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Remember your first crush? Somewhere around middle school maybe. They’d walk into the classroom and your best friend would look at you with a sly smile on their face. The heat would rise up to your cheeks and you’d try your best to not blush – because how embarrassing would that be? The object of your adoration would say Hi and you’d stutter a Hi back while constantly telling yourself, be cool, be cool. There was no way you’d even consider the signs your crush likes you back.

We’ve all come far from the good old-fashioned days, but the experience of having a crush is the same at its core. A mix of anticipation, nervousness and a fervent hope that your feelings are not one-sided. Maybe you’re someone who has a crush on a colleague, or you’ve got the hots for your charming neighbor. More interestingly, you think they like you back. That’s a fantastic inkling you’ve got no way of confirming. Or so you think.

Our minds and bodies are quite loyal and they try their best to not betray our emotions. Alas, they end up letting the cat out of the bag far more often than you might think. I’m here to teach you how to catch that cat with these 27 sure shot signs your crush likes you.

If you learn the art and science of picking up on these tangible signs, you’ll have the answer to the question that plagues your mind: how to know if my crush likes me without talking to him about it directly?

27 Signs Your Crush Likes You – But Is Shy 

Not everyone has the confidence of John Cusack in Say Anything when he professed his love by blasting a jukebox outside Ione Skye’s window. In fact, nine times out of ten, people like keeping their emotions low-key. There are two reasons behind this: firstly, they don’t know if their feelings will be reciprocated by their crush. And secondly, they don’t want to involve the general public in their private business.

It gets even harder to figure out someone’s feelings if they are shy or an introvert. Not a fool’s errand for sure. But a little attention to detail and a lot of patience can bear fruit when you are looking for signs that your crush likes you too. Georges St. Pierre quite wisely said, “When you pay attention to detail, the big picture will take care of itself.”

Instead of daydreaming about a future with your crush, you should be deciphering whether they’re into you or not. Gaining this clarity is vital to mental stability and emotional health. Thank God for these 27 signs your crush likes you, right? Off you go to read this piece which will put all dilemmas to rest.

1. An elephant’s memory

Have you noticed if your crush remembers random details about your life? Even things you may have mentioned in passing like your dentist’s appointment, are lodged in their memory with surprising accuracy. This is one of the best signs your crush likes you because it indicates their interest in your life. And if you catch them mentioning things they’d never normally know, you can delight in the fact that they’ve checked out your social media or had a conversation about you with someone else.

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2. Much eagerness

When we like someone, we’re quite eager to spend time with them. Especially alone time. If your crush’s eyes light up at the prospect of hanging out with you, you can consider this a big plus. Wanting to spend time with you, even briefly, suggests a fondness for your company. They’re equally willing and happy to be with you. Signs of mutual attraction? I sure think so.

3. Responsive 10/10 – Signs your crush likes you over text

There’s two ways to ascertain responsiveness. The first is by promptness of replies. You send a text and they reply in five minutes. It almost seems like they were waiting for you to text. The second way is by making time to reply. Their schedule is jam-packed with work but they get back to you the minute they’re free. In both cases, the energy of their text matches yours. Responsiveness is one of the most dependable signs your crush likes you online.

4. Willing to share

For a shy person, sharing details about their life is a big milestone. They take their time to open up to people. If you’re one of the few they’ve let in, then it means you’ve gained their trust. When your crush talks about their day, any problems they’re struggling with, or minor accomplishments, you can construe this as a development in your relationship. Dating an introvert occurs in phases and you may just have cleared the first one.

Signs your crush likes you online
Sharing is one of the best signs your crush likes you

5. All in the eyes

Samuel Richardson wrote, “When words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” When you’re looking for body language signs your crush likes you, the eyes are all-important. If you catch them looking at you on random occasions, it indicates their preoccupation with your physical presence. A reader from Minnesota wrote, “My crush stares at me from a distance in the office; he thinks I haven’t noticed. But I now have a solid hunch he likes me back. His eyes gave it away!”

6. Super-duper-helpful

There must be times when you ask your crush for help with something. What’s their approach toward the request? Are they very keen on wanting to help, even when unasked? If yes, then this is one of the signs that your crush likes you back. But please don’t confuse their inherent helpful nature with a specific desire to help you. There’s a difference between disposition and inclination…

7. Quite dressed up

We tend to pay more attention to our appearance when there is a possibility of being around a romantic partner. If your darling is interested in you, they will put in a little more effort toward their appearance. The clothes will be sharp, hair will be styled, and the hygiene will be perfect. In a manner of speaking, your crush will ‘clean up their act.’ The next time you smell new cologne on them, consider the fact that it may have been applied just before they came to see you.

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8. A curious cat

Asking the right questions is a skill; it is also one of the signs you crush likes you. Because when we like someone romantically, we want to know more about their life in detail. Hence, your crush will ask a lot of questions about everything – your ambitions, your pets, family and friends, favorite books and movies, and even how your day went. Taking this active interest in your life will give away their feelings.

9. Dropping compliments

Okay, this one is quite obvious – a subtle sign of flirting too. But allow me to clarify a few things; your crush compliments you in a manner that’s distinct from how they praise others, the compliments are personal in nature, and they are not a one-time thing. A co-worker you like telling you that you look good is not really an indication of reciprocated feelings; it’s far too general and everyday. But a crush telling you, did you do something different with your hair? It looks so good on you, is a cause for celebration.

10. Body language signs your crush likes you – Why so nervous?

This is a big one. Changes in behavior around you can be solid signs your crush likes you back, but is shy. They can go either of two ways – nervous shyness or nervous confidence. The former is driven by a desire to not do something silly, while the latter is an attempt to impress. Nervousness can manifest itself in slips of the tongue, blabbering, fidgeting, clammy hands, and bursts of awkward laughter. Just like Chandler Bing. Body language plays an important role in all relationships…

11. A million-dollar smile

Smiling is one of the best ways to find out if your crush feels the same way toward you. It means that they’re fond of you and happy to see you around. A smile is a reflection of the friendship you share too. It’s important to note if your presence is the one that causes the smile. Maybe they’re having a bad day when you walk into the room – do they look at you and turn that frown upside down? If yes, revel in your triumph.

body language signs your crush likes you
A million-dollar smile, just for you!

12. So much teasing

This is especially applicable if you have a crush on your best friend or are friends with your crush. Good-natured teasing is one of the cutest signs that your crush likes you too. Poking fun at you is a gesture of intimacy at its core; a liberty that is taken because you both know each other that well. So the next time you both are having a fun time, be sure to observe them carefully. Chances are, they like you as more than friends.

13. Attentive and a listener

What I mean to say is that they are, a) attentive, and b) an attentive listener. Your crush can be attentive toward you by not getting distracted when you are together. They don’t phub (phone-snub) you, talk to other people, or seem lost in thought. They’re fully present. And by extension, they are good listeners because they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. No interruptions, no self-centered conversations – just plain-old quality time.

14. Touchy-feely – Signs your crush likes you

In no way do I mean breaching boundaries or violating consent. Being affectionate always goes hand in hand with a healthy respect for personal space. People generally tend to break the ‘touch barrier’ with romantic interests. It is a method of building intimacy with the person. If they brush their hand against yours, spring warm hugs, ruffle your hair, and are physically comfortable with you, then these are all signs your crush likes you.

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15. Seeking your opinion

This is a fantastic way of understanding how important you are to them. Think of this scenario: your crush is out shopping for clothes and they are confused between two shirts. They send you a snapchat asking what you think. This is a classic indicator that your opinion is valuable to them. This can happen in any setting where they will turn to you for advice or opinion. Super-sweet!

16. A little green-eyed

Here’s my personal experience with healthy jealousy. I had a huge crush on a friend of mine during college. Assuming that my feelings were one-sided (and not wanting to ruin the friendship), I began exploring other options. I realized that my crush would stare at me from a distance whenever he saw me talking to a potential date. Confused, I confronted him about it a few days later. Long story short, we’re still dating. If your crush narrows their eyes when you mention others, you now know just what they feel.

17. Same-to-same?

Much has been spoken about our tendency to ‘mirror’ our crushes, but what do we really mean? Mirroring is replicating their actions on an unconscious level. If our crush is sitting with their legs crossed, we might do the same when we are engaged in conversation with them. Mirroring is one of the ultimate signs your crush likes you, back but is shy to admit. If you have a catchphrase or certain abbreviations you love, don’t be too surprised if you find them adopting your language.

18. Very concerned for you

Do you ever feel like saying, “it’s not that big a deal, I’m fine!”, when your crush fusses over you? If they hear you’re running a fever, you can expect them to check in multiple times during the day through text. They might ask if you need something, or try to cheer you up online. These are all signs your crush likes you over text (and irl). To recount the words of Morrie Schwarz, “Love is when you are as concerned about someone else’s situation as you are about your own.”

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19. Generous with the laughter – Signs that your crush likes you too

Come on, your jokes aren’t even that funny. But I bet your crush cracks up at them as if you’re the funniest soul to have ever trod the earth. It’s an adorable form of support, and bonding over humor is said to be a great relationship quality. If a lame pun sends forth a barrage of laughing emojis, and if the memes you share are received with a lot of enthusiasm, you’re looking at the signs your crush likes you online.

20. The body gives it away

It isn’t too hard to spot the body language signs your crush likes you. Watch out for their posture and approach. An ‘open’ body language is a positive indicator; the arms or legs are not crossed in a defensive manner, and the person is open to receiving. Also note whether your crush is leaning toward you when you talk. This stems from an instinctual need to be close to the one we like.

on crushes

21. “I’m kidding!”

Does your crush joke about the prospect of you two dating? For instance, when you’re chatting on WhatsApp, do they text things like, you’re acting like a girlfriend/boyfriend? I’m sure that this is covered up with an “I’m kidding!” Both are signs your crush likes you over text. Hinting at a romantic relationship (even in a funny context) is good news for you. It means that this option has been considered by your crush quite a bit.

22. Respectful toward you

A mark of true attraction is respect for the other individual. If your crush is genuinely into you, they will never exhibit any signs of disrespectful behavior – interrupting you, cracking insulting jokes, shaming any part of your appearance, or raising their voice against you. Similarly, any sort of manipulation or abuse will be absent in their conduct. Here’s your reminder to not entertain anyone who doesn’t treat you right!

23. Supportive and encouraging

Cheerleader no. 1! Here comes one of the most wholesome signs that your crush likes you too – they are very supportive of your ambitions and dreams. They don’t hold you back or restrict you from trying new things. This is because they have complete faith in your ability to excel. Encouraging you at every point of the way, a crush who reciprocates your feelings will be your motivator!

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24. Signs your crush likes you online – What are they getting at?

Have there ever been ‘almost confessions’? Maybe you two are texting late into the night and they start to build up to the subject. Unfortunately, they backtrack, change the topic, or leave the conversation midway. But you could’ve sworn that they were about to admit their feelings. Frustrating, isn’t it? As annoying as they are, these are the signs your crush likes you back, but is shy to tell you so.

25. Kind and inclusive

Gone are the days of romanticizing mean people. If you are still subscribing to the thought that being ill-treated is a form of love, quit doing so – now! A true sign of two-way affection is kindness. Your crush is compassionate and understanding of your behavior and decisions. They also try to include you in their life. When you are a part of a group conversation, they try to rope you in and make you feel acknowledged. This is a kind of love language too.

26. Makes compromises

Your crush is willing to make adjustments for you by stepping out of their comfort zone every now and then. They don’t mind doing things they don’t necessarily like if it makes you happy. This is a very sweet way of showing that you may be a priority in their life. Be sure to do the same and make tiny compromises too. For these are the thoughtful signs your crush likes you.

27. Sincere in their approach

How to know if my crush likes me without talking to him, you ask? Honesty is a priceless quality – but you already knew that. What you need to see is whether your crush is honest with you. If they follow through on promises, don’t lie about trivial things and don’t fake aspects of their personality, you can heave a sigh of relief. This means that they are their most authentic self around you – what could matter more?

Please tell me you got what you were looking for. Hopefully, you checked more than seven boxes of the signs your crush likes you. If the answer is a yes, then my heartiest congratulations to you. Since you are convinced about the mutual attraction, you can broach the subject with your crush directly. Make the brave first move by asking them out on a date!

On the other hand, if you’ve discovered that your crush doesn’t think of you romantically, worry no more. Your peachy fantasies have been cut-short for sure thus preventing you from getting invested in them. You have to deal with feeling bummed out right now, but congratulations on having avoided a world of hurt. Surf the single wave and enjoy every bit of it!

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