How You Love To Be Spoiled, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
Love according to your Zodiac signs

If your partner doesn’t pamper you a little, is it even love? Everyone loves to be spoiled in love and that’s alright. You don’t need to be a rich daddy’s spoilt kid to enjoy being spoiled by flowers and other gifts. With the pados ki aunty in your society mapping your every move, it might be difficult to let your deepest desire of being spoiled come alive but once every blue moon, it is okay to embrace it with open arms.

Love comes in many forms, shapes and sizes; love also comes in little jewellery boxes from Tiffany’s or a fresh cream pineapple cake from Flury’s. Whatever it is that spoils you for good and makes you feel all mushy inside, know that, being spoiled in love is one of the perks there is to be in love.

Now, not everyone needs shiny trinkets. Maybe you are one of the subtle kinds whose idea of being spoiled in love is to have a home-cooked meal from your loved one or something to do with food – like breakfast in bed. The intention is to spoil you for good.

Read ahead to find out what is your idea of being spoiled in love.

How These Zodiac Signs Love To Be Spoiled

It could be tubs of ice cream or a solitaire for the birthday, it could be a peck on the cheeks every single day or a vacation in the mountains. Every zodiac signs love to be spoiled in a particular way. And this article is meant as much for you as it is meant for your partner because they would know how to spoil you when they go to your zodiac sign. Instead of groping in the dark about what gets you super excited just go through these handy tips and do your thing. Every zodiac sign has a spoiling preference and if you do what they love, they would love you to the moon and back.

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1. Aries – Make it grand

For an Arian, everything has to be bigger and better- the more grand, the better. The over-the-top gestures are what makes an Arian happy. A ‘welcome home’ party in a suite at a city-view Astor hotel might be the kind of thing Aries is looking for. If you are giving an Arian chocolate, make sure the pack has Belgium, Swiss and English chocolates. More is better and less is definitely not for an Arian. Arrange a helicopter to take a midnight ride over the Pacific or buy a freaking city of Atlanta for an Arian and watch them get spoiled AF!

They are the kind who really like to be spoiled and you really have to splurge to make them happy. But the good thing is they don’t expect you to spoil them every month. Once in awhile is fine as long as it is grand.

2. Taurus – The personal touch

People born under Taurus like their senses to be stimulated. If you are looking to spoil a Taurus with love, nothing works better than a soothing backrub, good wine and home-cooked meal. Lying on the terrace, watching a meteor shower and having cheesy pasta is another way to titillate their senses. Both the body and the mind need to be attended to, for a Taurean. They love to be spoiled this way.

They are simple people at heart and it’s the personal touch that matters to them.

Love according to zodiac sign
Taurus-The personal touch

3. Gemini – Nurture their intellect

If you really want to spoil a Gemini, it is safer to love and nurture the part they are most attracted to – their intellect. High-end presents won’t engage them as much as a wild comparison to John Donne. They like being spoiled over a wonderful conversation about the Milky Way. Poetry and romance entwined with intellect is something they have a weak spot for. So if you want to spoil a Gemini, read up, research because a little knowledge will go a long way.

They love the arts too. So tickets for the opera or the theatre are ways to spoil them. They love books too. If you send them an online voucher to buy 10 books they would feel like they have got tickets to the moon.

4. Cancer – Little surprises matter

They want to be loved and be given a sweet ache from so much love. A sweet handwritten note left on the bedside table is clichéd but it’s perfect for them. Little surprises matter to them and they are sure to be spoiled by the little tokens of love. A matching fake tattoo, a matching pendant or a His and Her T-shirt are sure to make any other person barf, but not a Cancerian.

They are emotional beings so if you are spoiling them, you need to make a connection to their emotions. If they spill a few tears of happiness, you are doing it right. You know what makes them feel pampered and spoiled.

5. Leo – Pet their ego

Oh, the proud lion. Chances are they get what they want, and they don’t want what they cannot get. If you are spoiling a Leo for love, make sure you acknowledge the very ground they walk on. They are built to be worshipped and they are well aware of the fact. A constant petting of their ego gives them a high – constantly remind them how smart and talented they are. You need to make them feel like they are the sun. If they are a movie star, you need to be their biggest fan. If they are a football player, you need to be their personal cheerleader. That’s all there is. Making them feel like they are at the top of the world is the best thing you can give a Leo to spoil them.

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If you give them gifts then ensure you are spoiling their majestic disposition. They like branded and rare things. A branded fountain pen, exclusive designer clothes and the newest gadgets in the market work for them.

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6. Virgo – Love notes and cupcakes

It does not take much to spoil a Virgo so it’s quite easy to spoil them for love. A suddenly planned trip will do. A handwritten note stuck on the mirror will do. Virgo takes notice of the little things. So if your Virgo lady changes her hairdo, you noticing it will be enough for them. A thoughtful message before going to bed will also do. A little cupcake left on your work desk will make them go mushy. Really, it is all about the little things that you take note of.

They like the small gestures and feel super happy if you do the smallest things for them. They could tear up if you get them a teddy. No! Really, we mean it.

Love according to your zodiac sign
Virgo notices smallest things

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7. Libra – Anything works

People born under this zodiac sign are highly perceptible to finding a mate for themselves and they do not like being single. Libra is the most hedonistic sign of them all and nobody likes being spoiled for love than they do. From inexpensive jewellery to Manolo Blahnik shoes, to a hilltop resort to a simple trek in the desert – they are in for everything. Anything that says ‘This is for you, my sweet love’ is ready to spoil them enough. A Libra absolutely loves being spoilt. So if you are with a Libran, respect that!

8. Scorpio – Sacrifice matters

Scorpions are hard-core romantic. But they are also the most spoiled zodiac sign. It is absolutely necessary for a Scorpion to feel that you are willing to do anything for them. More of a Joker-Harley Quinn kind of a romance, like Geet-Aditya kind of a romance from Jab We Met. No matter how crazy they are, tell them how ready you are to kill, maim, sacrifice your life for them and they will absolutely love to hear that.

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They always want to hear that here is a person who would do anything for them. Sometimes they like it if you make sacrifices like maybe give up time with the girl gang or at the bar with the guys to be with them. They really feel special and spoiled this way.

9. Sagittarius – Embark on an adventure

The nomadic lovers, travel freak Sagittarians do not like being tied down. If you are wooing a Sagittarian and want to spoil them, hit them in the right spot. Plan a day/week of adventure sports, hit a water park, go paragliding or plan a surprise birthday party for them. Don’t let them get bored. They will be spoiled to the core if you pack a suitcase for them and sail away together on a ship heading for an island. Adventure lovers they are and anything related to it will get them spoiled for good. Give them a dose of adventure and you have spoiled them to the core.

10. Capricorn – Go traditional

They are traditional in every sense, even when they are being spoiled for love. They will be pleased with classic stuff, like being kissed on the hand or stuffed toys being gifted to them. It won’t be easy to please them sometimes and they won’t even try to hide it. Getting a song dedicated to them is a good way to go. Or writing a love letter and sending them by post. Anything traditional is good enough to spoil them for good.

They are traditional people and traditional concept of romance like candle light dinners and walks in the rain under the umbrella are their faves.

Love for capricons
They go traditional

11. Aquarius – Think out of the box

Creativity is a soft spot for an Aquarian. They do not like clichéd stuff. They like weird things and people who think out of the box. So if you are in for spoiling an Aquarius for love, you have to think of something out of the box, something creative. If they like monkeys, get them a custom made monkey T-shirt. If they like Cosplay, dressing up as Wonder Woman might be a way to stimulate their senses. The weirder it gets, the better they like it.

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12. Pisces – Take care of everyday things

They are so giving, it is impossible to think that they may be wanting to be spoiled as well. It is easy to forget that they need attention too. So if you are going to spoil a Piscean, make it seem like a movie or do the little things that they always do for you. Letting them sleep in late, taking care of them in bed and gifting them a small something also tends to make them happy. They loved to be spoiled with attention and if you can think of something totally outlandish then this zodiac sign also loves that. But they like to be pampered and spoiled in the small everyday things. Wake them up with some bed coffee and cookies they would kiss your hand.

So now you know how each zodiac sign loves to be spoiled. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and pamper them.

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