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Updated On: August 17, 2023
how to write a love letter

Have you come across old letters hidden away at the bottom of your parent’s old trunk? A sheepish smile appears on their faces as they reminisce about the days of their budding romance, when writing love letters was the most romantic gesture one could think of. You sit there and wonder how to start a love letter because no one writes them anymore.

For today’s email, WhatsApp, and DM generation, writing a love letter and the importance of this gesture in the world of old-school romance are alien concepts. Writing a love letter to your beloved is a beautiful gesture that can make them feel cherished and adored. Love letters are a testament to your romance and can be preserved for decades. 

Sure, it is easier to send a text message these days. However, a “wassup” doesn’t hold a candle to the art of writing love letters. You don’t need to be a William Shakespeare to write a letter to someone you love. Honesty and vulnerability are the two ingredients you need to put your thoughts on paper and leave your beloved overcome with warm, fuzzy feelings. 

Why Writing A Love Letter Is So Romantic

Before we dive into learning how to write a love letter, it is imperative to reflect on why every rom-com shows a woman reduced to tears when she receives a love letter from her beloved. We live in a fast-paced world where everything is available at our fingertips, even love. Taking the time and effort to sit down, gather your thoughts and invest in writing a love letter demonstrates the importance of the person for whom you are writing the letter. 

When you write a love letter to someone you love, your feelings do not get lost in a thread of messages. Rather, your romance becomes eternal and a piece of paper turns into a cherished possession that contains the intimate details of your heart. If you are someone who still believes in the magic of letters and is an old-school romantic, we’ve made a list of a few tips with examples on how to write the perfect love letter to your beloved.

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Tips, Ideas And Examples To Write The Perfect Love Letter

Sometimes, we forget to communicate our feelings to the person we love the most. Expressing emotions verbally is a easy for some people while others are just not expressive enough. Writing a love letter is an intimate and personalized gesture that can help you communicate your feelings to your loved one. 

The perfect love letters are the ones that are written from the depth of your heart and strike a chord in the person you are writing to, making their heart full. If you are good with words, then writing a love letter will come easy to you. However, for the others, here are some tips and ideas for writing the perfect love letter: 

1. Begin by stating the purpose of writing the love letter 

Maybe you are celebrating a relationship milestone or are simply reminding your partner of your love for them. Many people wonder how to start a love letter, and the simple answer is to begin by stating why you are writing this letter. Here is a love letter example to help you get over your dilemma of how to start a love letter and write something which instantly grabs attention:

Example: “From the moment I laid eyes on you, my beloved, I felt alive. Until that moment, I had not known what love meant, but watching you and hearing the sound of your laughter was enough to make me realize what I had been missing all my life.” 

2. Write about an intimate memory

What are the things you can write in a love letter? The choices are endless and there are no right or wrong answers. That’s why it is necessary to properly choose which memory you want to include. A great love letter idea is to write about a moment that was special to both of you and has significance in your romantic journey. Including memories while writing a love letter can remind your lover how much you enjoy spending time with them, after all, nostalgia can be very romantic.

Example: If you are wondering how to write a love letter to your girlfriend, you can write something like: 

“I remember the Sunday morning when you came to meet me for the first time. Even the cold January wind did not stop us from going for a long bike ride. At that moment, as you sat behind me, confident that I would protect you, I knew you were the one I wanted next to me for the rest of my life.” 

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3. Be personal while writing love letters 

When you write a love letter to someone you love, do not be afraid to make it personal. Include details that made you fall head over heels in love with the person. Talk about the traits you admire or the quirks that you find adorable. Let them know that you notice them. The letter will serve as a constant reminder to them that you are observant and know them deeply. In fact, the process of writing a love letter will remind you of the things you love about your partner.

Example: During a recent discussion, a friend of mine recalled how her husband had written the perfect love letter for her on their marriage anniversary. 

She said, “Some people don’t know what to write in a love letter and make it very vague. But my husband wrote the most beautiful things about me, describing in detail some of my habits and traits which made him fall in love with me.  It was beautiful because it felt like I’m looking at myself through his eyes.” 

what to write in a love letter
Don’t rush it — take your time and choose your words

4. Remember to consider your partner’s personality while writing the love letter

Relationships are unique and, therefore, your love letter to your beloved should also be something out-of-the-box and beautiful. While writing a love letter, think about what your partner likes. If they are overly romantic, the type who quote sonnets in their sleep, find quotes to write in a love letter that they will relate to. However, if your partner is fun and has a humorous personality, be more quirky while writing a love letter for them. 

Example: A good love letter idea when writing to your partner who is a movie buff can be something like, “Are you Harry Potter? Because you fill my life with magic.” Remember, the perfect love letter is the one that is personalized and includes details that are special to both of you.

5. Take your time while writing love letters

Some people are too scared to spill their feelings on paper because they don’t know how to write a love letter. They are overwhelmed by the thought of what to write in a love letter. The important thing to remember is that the perfect love letters are the ones written with patience and a whole lot of love. 

Apart from the words, you need to take your time and, maybe, try multiple times before you are ready to send the letter to your partner. You might sit at your desk for hours, surrounded by torn paper balls, writing draft after draft, before you finally write the perfect love letter. Don’t be overwhelmed. All good thigs need time. If you are suffering from writer’s block and don’t know how to start your love letter, here is a love letter example that will give you the push that you need.

Example: “My dear_________,

I sit here with a pen in my hand, trying to find the words to express my deep admiration and love for you. But how do I begin to describe an emotion so powerful that it makes me feel like it will consume me? How can I find words that can do justice to your beauty, to the magic within your heart and the million stars that reside within the shimmer of your eyes?”

6. While writing a love letter, recall the hardships you have overcome together

It might not seem like a good idea, but trust me, reminiscing how you and your partner got through a tough time is a great thing to write in a love letter. Reminding your loved one of the strength you both have demonstrated and how you have overcome the challenges that life has thrown at you is a good way to showcase the depth of your relationship. 

Example: While writing a love letter to your partner who you are in a long distance relationship with, you can write something like: 

“These days away from you when we are stuck in different cities across the world are a reminder of how much your love means to me. And yet, you are always there with no, no matter how far. You are there to help me when I miss my family, you are there when I wake up crying in the middle of the night, you are there whenever I need you. Words can’t express what you mean to me and I believe that with you by my side, I can conquer everything.”

7. Talk about the future while writing a love letter to your partner

It is human tendency to want stability in a relationship. Being assured that your partner is on the same page romantically is very important and what better way to do it than through a well-written love letter. During a girls’ night out, a friend pointed out, “The best love letter examples are the ones which reassure you of your relationship and give the affirmation that your partner loves you as much as you love them.” 

If you want to make your partner’s heart melt, drop a hint that you see a future with them while writing a love letter. Here is an idea for when you are picking your brain to understand how to write a love letter to your girlfriend: 

Example: “Your smile is the most beautiful thing that has the power to light up my entire world. It is the smile I want to wake up to every day, and I hope that I can be the reason you smile from ear to ear.”

love and romance

8. End your love letter with an affirmation of your love 

When thinking of how to write a love letter, don’t just consider the beginning. The perfect love letters are the ones that have a beautiful ending too. Your message should summarize what you are trying to communicate and leave the person feeling loved. Consider adding a cheesy line or opt for an emotional ending to make your partner teary-eyed with love.

Example: “I write this letter with gratitude in my heart. I am thankful that the universe brought you into my life and made it so beautiful. I promise to be your source of happiness today, tomorrow, and every day, for as long I breathe.” 

The power of a love letter is never to be underestimated. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life whom you love, let them know how special they are by writing a love letter to them. Your letter is what they will cherish the most, more than the material gifts. It is a simple yet profoundly romantic gesture that can do wonders for your love life. So take out your pen and paper, and begin writing already! 

Love Letter Example

There have been several iconic love letters written over centuries – Vita Sackville-West to Violet Trefusis, Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera, Franz Kafka to Milena, John Cage to Merce Cunningham, Ernest Hemingway to Marlene Dietrich, Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, and Napoleon Bonaparte to Joséphine, to name a few. 

If you want to feel inspired, here is a letter that Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian-American novelist and literary genius, wrote to his beloved Véra:

“How can I explain to you, my happiness, my golden wonderful happiness, how much I am all yours – with all my memories, poems, outbursts, inner whirlwinds? Or explain that I cannot write a word without hearing how you will pronounce it and can’t recall a single trifle I’ve lived through without regret so sharp that we haven’t lived through it together – whether it’s the most, the most personal, intransmissible or only some sunset or other at the bend of a road – you see what I mean, my happiness?

And I know I can’t tell you anything in words and when I do on the phone then it comes out completely wrong. Because with you one needs to talk wonderfully, the way we talk with people long gone… in terms of purity and lightness and spiritual precision… You can be bruised by an ugly diminutive because you are so absolutely resonant like seawater, my lovely.

I swear – and the inkblot has nothing to do with it – I swear by all that’s dear to me, all I believe in. I swear that I have never loved before as I love you – with such tenderness to the point of tears and with such a sense of radiance.”

Isn’t this just beautiful? So much love summed up beautifully on a piece of paper to be cherished forever! The most beautiful and treasured way to express your feelings or say the three magical words “I love you” is through a letter. Write what you feel. Pour your heart out on that piece of paper without worrying about the usual rules of grammar. It’s the intent, effort and feelings behind writing the love letter that matter the most. Good luck!


1. How do you start a love letter?

Start a love letter by stating the purpose of why you are writing it. Let them know what the occasion is and why it is special. If you want to express your feelings to your partner or remind them of the deep love you have for them, then state the same in the letter.

2. How do you write a creative love letter?

A creative love letter is one that is tailored for your partner and the nature of your relationship. Include instances that are special or memorable for the both of you. Write a poem, or quote their favorite book or movie to make it unique and creative. 

3. How do you end a romantic letter

End your romantic letter by summarizing what you are trying to say. You can either end with a promise or add a personalized salutation, like a nickname, that only the two of you know about.

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