51 Romantic Things To Say To Him And He Will Be Yours

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Updated On: July 17, 2023
romantic words for him

Knowing the right romantic words for him is the secret to always holding the key to his heart. Except that finding the right words to say at the right time is a gift few are blessed with. Are you someone who finds themselves at a loss for ways to express your emotions? Do you struggle with staircase wit?

Well, pay attention. We’re here with a crash course on the most romantic words that speak louder than actions.

51 Romantic Things For Him To Make Him Yours Forever

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Contrary to popular perception, men too appreciate kind, loving, affectionate words, especially when they come from their significant other. So, if you have been reining in your romantic side on account of not wanting to put him off with corny, cheesy expressions, know that there is no reason to hold yourself back.

When you find words from the bottom of my heart, they are bound to strike a chord with his. To get started, draw inspiration from these 51 romantic words for him that will tug at his heart strings:

1. Your footsteps make my heart skip a beat

Looking for the perfect love messages for him? Then you cannot go wrong with this one. These loving words for him will surely let your partner know how much you value his presence in your life.

2. You are my own slice of heaven

There could be no better touching words for him than these! You’re literally equating him to the most aspirational, sought-after idea that is heaven.

3. No one has ever made me feel the way you do

Appreciate your partner or spouse for all the ways in which he makes your life a better place by being a part of it. These sweet word for him are just the perfect way of doing it. This is one of the love messages for him from the heart that is undeniably cute.

4. You are my home

As they say, home is a person. If your partner is that person in your life, make sure you let him know with these simple yet impactful romantic words for him. There is no way he will not be gushing with happiness after hearing you say this.

5. Meeting you was the happiest coincidence of my life

Thinking of romantic love words for him? Then tell him that your life took a turn for the better, the day he walked into it. These words are sure to melt his heart.

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6. The reasons I love you outweigh the stars in the sky

Looking for the most romantic words that speak louder than actions? Give this a try. It’s a perfect blend of mush and sentimentality. What a creative way of showing someone you care.

7. I never knew I could love someone as much as I do you

Want to tell your partner how much you love him but cannot find the right words for it? Give this a try and let him know he has made you experience love like never before. He will really know how special he is after this one.

8. You are my person

Few other short and sweet words of love hit the nail on the head like these do. If you’re both Christina and Mer fans, the meaning of these words will amplify manifold for you both. It’s so much better than saying you’re my partner and my best friend.

Love words for him
Tell your man how much you love him

9. Your touch sends shivers down my spine

If you’ve been together long enough, these are the perfect words to tell your partner that spark between you two hasn’t died down. These beautiful romantic words for him are indeed going to make him feel much closer to you.

10. I can’t get you off my mind

If you want to steer clear of deep love messages for him because it’s a new love but you want to show him how smitten you are, these are the perfect words. Want to let someone you’ve just started dating know how much they’ve come to mean to you? Use these flirtatious yet emotional words to let him know how you feel.

11. With you, I’m living my fairy tale

These touching words for him are just right to let your boyfriend or husband know that they’re your dream come true. Use these cute romantic words for him and he will not be able to resist smiling uncontrollably.

12. I can’t imagine a life without you

Looking for inspiration to craft the perfect romantic love notes for him on special occasions? Do keep this on in mind. It comes with a promise of a forever together and lets your partner know how much you value him.

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13. With you, I’ve not missed being single even for a day

While we all crave love and romantic partnerships, it cannot be denied that single life has its own charm. If you don’t miss those carefree days, tell your partner so. These are most romantic words that speak louder than actions.

14. My heart beats inside your chest

It’s a romantic yet quirky way to telling your partner how much they mean to you. And how deeply you love them. Pretty intense, we know but if you are thinking of sweet messages for him to make him smile, this is the one.

15. You’re the universe’s best gift to me

Love words for him don’t get much better than this. You’re essentially telling him that the entire universe conspired to bring him your way. It’s spiritual, philosophical and romantic, all at once. Such romantic love words for him will show him how invested you really are.

16. May you always have what your heart desires…

…because I know no one deserves it more than you. Use these caring words for him to let your partner know that you think the world of him.

17. Happiness…thy name is (insert his name)

What could be a more fitting way of telling your partner how much he means to you than calling him the source of your happiness. Use these romantic words for him on his birthday card to make him feel extra special.

18. With you, anything is possible

Tell him how much you believe in him and your future together by letting him know that with him by your side, no goal is too far out of your reach.

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19. You’re the wind beneath my wings

Add some creativity and a dash of poetry to your love messages for him from the heart. Does your partner push you to be a better version of yourself? Appreciate him for it by telling him that he is the wind beneath your wings.

20. ‘Cuz of you, I forgot those smart ways to lie

Borrow these romantic words for him from Shakira to let him know that you trust him enough to not keep any secrets from him. He will be impressed!

21. You make my heart race

Tell him that his one look, one touch, one gesture that turn you into a mushy pulp by saying these flirty words to him. It’ll definitely rev up the romance between you two.

22. I’m so lucky to have you

touching words for him
Express gratitude

Do you feel blessed to have him as your partner? Don’t hold yourself back from telling him that and do so often.

23. Nothing is more perfect than waking up next to you

Make your love known with these sweet words for him. Don’t take anything for granted. Sometimes stating the obvious can make all the difference in deepening your connection.

24. You’re perfect

If you’re not the one for long, emotional expressions and are looking for short and sweet words of love instead, don’t miss this out. In just a couple of words, you’re telling your man that he is everything you need him to be. And then some.

25. Even the thought of you makes me smile

‘I was smiling to myself at work today and someone asked me what’s up. That’s when I realized I had been thinking of you. Just the though of you fills me up with so much joy.’ What could be better.

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26. You bring out the child in me

An offbeat way of expressing your love to man in your life is to tell him that with him you can be your carefree self again. He brings out the child in you. Such cute romantic words for him will definitely let him know how much you enjoy his presence.

27. I love that you love me for who I am

If you can be yourself with your partner and show him your good, bad and ugly side without hesitation, tell him that. Tell him, ‘these are words from the bottom of my heart to thank you for building with me a relationship without pretenses’.

28. You are the man of my dreams

These romantic words for him are perfect for those who are a total mush and don’t hesitate in wearing their heart on their sleeve.

29. I want to grow old with you

caring words for him
Convey your commitment to your partner

This is one expression that conveys your love, admiration and commitment to your partner in a single breath. When he hears you say it, he’ll know that he has your heart forever. In turn, you will have his.

30. Your voice is music to my ears

These are the most romantic words for him for the honeymoon period of your relationship when everything is exciting and happy. Tell him that not just his physical presence but even the sound of his voice can make your heart skip a beat. We assure you he’ll think of this and smile to himself long afterwards.

31. You are the kindest person I know

Want to express your love with caring words for him? Appreciate him for his kind heart. When he knows that you see him for who he really is, he will know he has found love in you.

32. You’re drop dead gorgeous

There is no reason why you can’t express your love for him by lusting after him a little. Telling him that he looks drop dead gorgeous ?ought to do the trick.

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33. I love the taste of your lips

Speaking of naughty yet romantic words for him, tell him this if your really want to press the pedal on some hot and steamy action between you two! Beautiful romantic words for him can wait because it’s about to get a little steamy in here.

34. I wish we could spend more time together

Looking for romantic love notes for him to tell your partner how much your miss him? Try this. It may well open up new ways in which you can be together more often. For instance, if you’ve been in a relationship long enough, saying this could be the nudge needed to decide on moving in together.

35. I couldn’t have gone through life without you

sweet words for him
Make him feel cherished

If you believe that your life is better because of your partner’s presence in it, tell him so. Make him feel appreciated and cherished.

36. Friends’ envy, my pride

Tell your man how special he is by letting him know that your friends envy you for having found him, and you just can’t stop flaunting how perfect he is. He would love to know that you feel proud in having him.

37. I love you even when I hate you

No matter how perfect a relationship, it still cannot be free of its shares of problems and disagreements. With these short and sweet words of love, you can reassure your partner that you love him even in the ugliest moments of your relationship.

38. I can’t take my eyes off you

Looking for cheesy yet cute love words for him? Tell him that he is your eye candy and you just cannot get enough of him. Even guys like to hear that they’re pretty!

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39. I’m proud of you

Want to show your love and appreciation for your partner in a way that makes his heart swell with joy? Tell him that you’re proud of him. These short and sweet words of love will be more impactful than anything you ever say to him.

40. I love you

Sometimes, the simplest romantic words for him can be the most effective. So, say ‘I love you’ to your man and do it often. Look into his eyes and say it earnestly, so he knows how much you mean it.

41. You are my lucky charm

Use these words of love to tell your boyfriend or spouse that their presence has transformed the course of your life. These are the most romantic words for him when you’ve realized that you have found the one.

42. You were worth the wait

Romantic Love Notes for Him
Let him know he is special

These touching words for him will tell your man that you value and cherish his presence in your life. Chances are he will go above and beyond to keep it that way.

43. I will never stop loving you

There is no better way to tell a man how much he means to you than a promise of loving him forever. Say it if you mean it. This is also one of the perfect romantic words for him on his birthday to show him that you’ll be by his side on each birthday that is to come.

44. You taught me the true meaning of love

If you have been through a string of bad relationships before you found him, it’d be thoughtful of you to tell him how much he has changed your perspective on love and relationships.

45. We’re imperfectly perfect together

Want sweet messages for him to make him smile? Then tell your partner that you wouldn’t have life any other way with these romantic words for him. This will tell him that you are grateful for this relationship even with all its flaws and imperfections.

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46. You gave me everything…

And a little bit more. In moments when you’re unafraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, tell him how he perfectly complements your life and makes it more fun and full of promise. These are the most romantic words for him when you want to show him how grateful you are for him.

47. You add color to my life

If you were down in the dumps – nursing a crushing heartbreak, perhaps – when you met your partner, do take a moment to thank him for turning around your life. He brought color and cheer back to your grey and gloomy life. It’s nice to acknowledge that every once in a while.

sweet words of love
Thank him for turning around your life

48. I could eat you up right now

For those moments when you feel overcome with a strong sense of longing to have all to yourself, use these words to let him know how much you desire him.

49. You never cease to amaze me

If your partner does something that sweeps you off your feet, convey your gratitude with these sweet words for him. These cute romantic words for him will let him know how crazy you are for him.

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50. You will make a great father

If you and your partner see children in your future, telling him this. The acknowledgment that you can’t wait to make gorgeous babies with him and are confident that he’d do a great job raising them is sure to melt his heart.

51. Thank you for loving me

Not all deep love messages for him have to be complex or poetic. So, finally, the simplest and most straight forward romantic words for him. Thank him for choosing to love you, day after day.

With these most romantic words that speak louder than actions, you can bowl over your partner and make his heart melt several times over. So, keep them handy and use them as often as you like.


1. What can I say instead of ‘I love you?’

You can appreciate the qualities that you admire the most in him or the things he does to make you happy.

2. What to say to a man to make him feel special?

You can tell him that you’re proud of him. Or he has given your life a new direction. Appreciating him for all thing big and small in does for you and your relationship is the best way to make him feel special.

3. What are some romantic words to say to a guy?

Any of these 51 most romantic words that speak louder than actions are good enough to bowl over your partner and make his heart melt.

4. What to say to a guy to make him blush?

Tell him he is gorgeous and you can’t take your eyes of him, sealing the word with a naughty wink to make him blush.

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