My husband has dirty chats with several women and I can’t bear it

My husband says that he is not chatting with other women anymore but I am finding it difficult to trust him
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Hello Snigdha,

I have caught my husband having dirty chats with women several times. For him this is fun but for me it’s unbearable.

He doesn’t change his behaviour. Almost a year back I discovered he was chatting with a woman 24/7. Those chats were not just dirty and explicit but he also said to the woman that ‘she was his real wife and not me’.  I was completely shattered but tried to manage. I took advice from some wise people I knew. I tried to detach myself. But when you’re staying together, it’s not possible. Though he tells me that he is not chatting with that woman any more, how does one believe a cheater? Please help me.

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Snigdha Mishra says:

Dear Lady,

I understand. You know infidelity, cheating, etc. are not easily explainable. I’ll look at

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consult here native

Crimes of passion – When anger takes over the mind!

Why would she stay on with an abusive husband?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Snigdha Ji. Communication is the key. If you keep thinking about all this, you might go under depression. Let it out, share and discuss.

  2. Madam, I feel it becomes a habit for the male partner and not really any amount of talking or discussion help to build the trust. I know it myself. Also the male partner tries to find out such women who can go to any length to start and continue such behaviour.
    J Jayanti

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