Financial abuse: My husband is forcing me to take money from my father

Studies show that financial abuse, or using someone financially, is an evil form of emotional abuse. But sometimes who suffer from it, tend to neglect it. Why? It’s common for couples to occasionally argue about bills or money. But if your partner is a control freak when it comes to spending and keeps asking money even form your family, it’s a sign of financial abuse. Your partner is using you financially.

Financial abuse is about power

Financial abuse gives one partner power over the other, which leads to loss of trust, authenticity, and lack of emotional or any kind of intimacy in the relationship.

You can talk to your partner regarding the matter, sort it out calmly but if this goes on and your partner does not listen to you at all, you might consider seeking help and opt for consultation.

You can also talk to those whom you trust, who can help you, who can make your partner understand and sort out the issue.

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