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8 Signs your Boyfriend is in the Relationship Only For The Money

It's hard to believe someone would forge love and affection just for some money, but it is the ugly truth.
Is your boyfriend in the relationship only for the money?

Welcome to the age of male gold diggers! Oh yes, gone are the days where we only had female gold diggers. Times have changed and the tables have turned. Male gold diggers are everywhere, like predators looking for their next prey. They could be at your favourite restaurant, a bar, shopping mall and even in your bed. How do you know your boyfriend is not in the relationship only for the money?

Have you ever considered that your boyfriend might be one too? Have you ever had doubts about his actions? Many guys only have a relationship because they are interested in the money, not in the woman. It could be any woman as long as she is bearing the expenses and showering him with gifts. Yes, that may sound absurd but is the truth.

If your boyfriend is in the relationship only for the money then he will expect gifts from you.
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Is your boyfriend in the relationship just for money?

What keeps your relationship going? Is it love or money? Does your boyfriend appreciate your qualities or just the thickness of your wallet? You are way more successful than your boyfriend and he is financially dependent on you. He pleases you so that you please him in the form of money. You give him the best of gifts and he doesn’t shy away from taking them… well, maybe a little (it’s part of an act).

Male gold diggers are everywhere, like predators looking for their next prey. They could be at your favourite restaurant, a bar, shopping mall and even in your bed.

You didn’t say that you are his sugar mama! Well, a sugar mama is just like what we call a sugar daddy. A sugar mama pleases her boyfriend with expensive gifts and he stays with her as long as he avails all her financial benefits and your boyfriend has made you one! He is dating you for money and you are not even aware of it.

8 signs your man is dating you only for money

There are many relationships where men aren’t as financially secure as women, but they still put in every effort to compensate emotionally by focussing on the little things. They have enough self-respect to make sure that they fill the void by more important factors such as love, care and understanding. Gold diggers will surely give you all of the above, but it comes with a price and that price is debited from your account. Look out for these signs to make sure you are not dating a gold digger.

If your boyfriend is in the relationship only for money then he expects you to spend all the time
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1. He initially pays for everything and then never does

On your initial dates he was a perfect gentleman. He insisted on paying for the dinner and even paid for your cab fare, but as time passed, the financial burden was slowly passed onto you. Remember the times when he left his wallet in the car? How typical! But what do you know about his financial condition?

Was the money he spent on you even his or was he borrowing from Visa to pay for Mastercard?

2. He always has financial emergencies

How many uncles and friends of his have you helped in distress? He borrows money from you and promises to pay back, but you never see the money again. I’m sure that these uncles and friends only turn up when there is a financial emergency, otherwise you have never heard of them. Your boyfriend seems to be very concerned about them and is always ready to help them.

How caring! But why does that help have to go through your pocket?

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3. He is always interested in your finances

Rather than spending quality time with you, your boyfriend prefers to talk about your finances and investments. He will also give you financial advice and ask you to invest in shady funds you have never heard of. His interest has an ulterior motive which involves him profiting from the entire transaction.

Your boyfriend should talk about you, your likes and your qualities. After all, he is in a relationship with a person, not a bank!

If he does then your boyfriend is in the relationship only for the money.

if you are your boyfriend's banker then he is in the relationship only for the money
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4. He loves shopping….as long as you are paying

Your boyfriend suggests taking you for shopping. He adds three or four items for you and the rest of the basket is filled with his things. At the cash counter he suddenly gets an emergency call or finds some other excuse to disappear.

Mind you, all the things he has chosen are way too expensive for someone like him, but he doesn’t care as long as you are paying.

He takes you for shopping but swipes your credit card.

5. He is unemployed or lies about his job

What do you know about the person you are dating? Have you ever checked his facts? Your boyfriend might have portrayed himself to be a successful person and you believed him without even thinking of visiting his office once. It may sound like a crime series, but what if your life is turning into a crime episode?

In your career you have setbacks but still keep working hard to get back on track. How much effort is your boyfriend putting in to get back on his feet? Some unemployed boyfriends are like parasites and purposely do not do anything about their unemployment as long as they have girlfriends like you to pay. He could be in the relationship only for the money. Do run a check on him.

6. Your boyfriend sees you as his ATM

It is payday and he knows it. He asks for money to pay his utilities and other expenses. Whenever he needs money, you write out a cheque for him or take out money from the ATM and he doesn’t even say thank you. He knows that whenever he wants money his sugar mama is going to be there to comply. He is using you as his ATM and his personal bank. Try saying no and see how he reacts. He is surely not going to like that.

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7. Romance comes with a price

He is in a very romantic mood. Things between you two suddenly heat up and he asks you for something when you are too vulnerable to say no. The favours he asks for are always expressed in monetary terms. When he gets his way, all the romance suddenly turns cold. All his love and care will seem to vanish. Such people are just financial opportunists, looking for ways to extract money.

Is your boyfriend in the relationship only for the money?
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8. He gets angry if you say no

Some days your gut will make you question your decision. You will ask yourself, “Should I give him money?” and you will finally decide to say no to him. He will become angry and desperate because that was not the answer he was expecting. He has understood that his magic on you is wearing off and he is not happy with it. Sometimes he might just make up an emotional story to pull you back into his spell. Make sure that you don’t fall into his trap this time.

Many successful women fall into the trap of these financial opportunists. These men take advantage of a woman’s emotional vulnerability and find their way into their lives. In no time, they make their way into their finances as well. These men are able to blind a woman with their scripted love and these women fall prey to such parasites. Be sure to look out for these signs while you are dating, so that you can save yourself from being emotionally and financially cheated.


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