Husband walked out on children and me under the influence of my in-laws

He will return if I apologise for things that are not my mistake
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Ours is a love marriage and we married 7 years ago. His family and my mother were living with us. His mom and dad were lazy but did not interfere in our things. But my sister-in-law wants money. She calls up my husband and says bad things about me and tells him to treat me like a slave and not to listen to me. My husband used to tell me not to get worried about it. He used to say, ‘I don’t listen to her na? So what’s the worry? My sister is like this only.’

In-laws did not take care of my kids, it was always my mother who did all the work. When I used to tell my husband he used to say, ‘Don’t worry, I will take care. I will help but will not ask my parents to join in housework.’

Over time, my husband started to listen more to his sister and has stopped talking to me. Twenty days passed. I asked him again, but he spoke badly about my mom and used foul language too. He said that she taught me to fight with him. I got angry and asked him to get out. He left along with his parents and returned after a month. My brother suggested then, that only we (husband and wife) should live together with the kids so that there are no triggers to any fights. We stayed as a nuclear family but in three months’ time, he said he wants his parents to be here with us.

They speak in such a way that they create an inferiority complex in my husband’s mind. I am also working and need someone to support me to do household work and to take of my 5-year-old and 1.5 year-old-daughter. But no one supports me. All of a sudden, my husband said, ‘My father will come’. I asked, ‘How can we manage to take care of him?’ He said that he would take care. I said, ‘No please, not again. Again it will create problems’. But my husband said that he will live with us only if his parents are here too. I said no and he left us all alone and we have been living separately for the past four months.

Now he says, I need to come to his family and say sorry. If I do that and accept that all the problems are because of me only – then only he will come home. But the reason for my outburst out is that his mother will always be remembering something and always talk badly about me to my neighbours and not even give proper food for my younger daughter. But he does not believe all these things. Now he is completely changed and only sides with his parents.

Before marriage and until last March 2017 everything was other way around. He used to accept his parent’s shortcomings and used to ask me to adjust. But now all of a sudden he is blaming me and my mom for everything. He says that I am important to him but he is in a different situation. He is not ready to come to a counsellor or third person. He says the problem creator is you (me) so do this, only then will I return, else leave it. And also, even if I apologise and take the blame for all problems and then if everyone comes back, I have to do what he says and not anything else. Please help me how to solve this issue. I am stuck.

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Snigdha Mishra says:

Dear Stuck,

This is a very complicated situation. I mean there are too many people and dynamics involved. Can someone speak to you and your

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  1. That is simply ridiculous and I just cannot understand how a full grown man who is a father too, is stupid enough to leave his wife and children all alone. Deprived of commitment and sincerity.

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