I Have The Best Husband, He Is Always There When I Need Him

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Updated On: November 30, 2023
I have the best husband

Every woman wants to be able to say, “I have the best husband in the world!” And some of us do get that lucky. Marriage is challenging, but magical at the same time and having the perfect husband makes it all the more wonderful. A successful marriage is all about how you face these challenges and overcome them. Together.

He Is Always There When I Need Him

What are the secrets of a successful marriage? Well for starters, marriage isn’t what they show in the movies. ‘Happily ever after’ has its own set of obstacles, and what makes the marriage so wholesome and magical, at least for me personally, is that that he is always there when I need him.

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I know I have the best husband in the world, and here’s why:

Our secret of a successful marriage

14th February 1991. As the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, I was on the threshold of bringing a new life into this world. As I went into labor, the whole family sprang into action. Calls were made to the nursing home, the car was ready and everyone prepared to accompany me to the scene of action.

While the world around me seemed to be in chaos, the only thing keeping me sane was the fact that I knew my husband was there for me. In fact, he was constantly by my side for the entire 9 months and he really helped tackle the side effects of pregnancy as a couple. When my contractions started, my poor husband watched from a distance, not knowing exactly how he should react. After all, he was only 24 then.

Sheepishly he handed me a Valentine’s Day card, while I tried to smile through my pain. Much to his amazement, he was asked to go to work on the very same day, even before our son was born. He resisted, but had to relent after getting a glimpse of our new-born.

He is always there when I need him
I went in to labor, but he kept me sane

He supports me against my in-laws

At 20, I loved drinking, partying, and and staying out all night with my friends. But they were a big no-no in my new home. I kept trying to bring my in-laws on board with the idea, but it took a while to extract the much-coveted consent from them.

It was a couple of years before they finally relented and I was allowed to stay out again. It was my husband who stood up for me and got his parents to accept my lifestyle. It was then I realized that I need him in my life because he’s the only only I could trust to be there for me.

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My biggest cheerleader

After having a child, I had given up work to stay at home and raise our son. But after a few months, I felt a familiar itch to get back to the workspace and fulfil my professional goals. If it hadn’t been for my husband, I wouldn’t have gotten the support I needed to put a stop to all my hesitations and just go for it. I’ll always remain grateful to him for giving me that push, and for guiding me through all the perks and challenges of being a mompreneur.

Our children had the best dad

After almost five years, we had our second son. Our world was complete. The scenario at home had also slowly but surely changed. He turned out to be a hands-on dad, very helpful with the upbringing of both kids. At every possible juncture, we tried to instil in our boys the idea of equality of the sexes.

The elders too, gradually let go of their reservations and life became much easier. My social circle widened and I went back to being my chirpy, confident self again. I even began to teach and felt happier about my life.

We have come a long way now. Our two boys have grown up into strappy young men, well-traveled and totally independent. I know I have the best husband for tolerating my ‘mama bear’ moments and grounding me when things got too hard. Everyday I find reasons why my husband is my best friend.

A wonderful, warm relationship has developed between my sons and my father-in-law, as they often travel together for work. Recently, when he mentioned how well they took care of him while traveling, my husband and I knew that we had struck gold.

Soon we will be the older generation, agreeing and sometimes disagreeing with the newer one. I hope we can do it with the same dignity and grace as they did. The secret of a successful marriage lies not in what you desire, but in what you actually choose to do to bring it to life. My husband and I, we chose to stick by each other no matter what storm we had to brave.


1. What are the signs of a good husband?

When he’s not embarrassed by you, takes care of you, and is trustworthy, you know he’s a keeper.

2. What is the best husband to have?

Someone you can depend on, and someone who you know will the best dad to your kids.

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