I want to try sex toys but my husband does not

I thought sex toys will bring some variety to our sex life but my husband feels I will begin to prefer them over natural sex

Dear ma’am,

I wanted to try out sex toys. I have been married for ten years and we have a healthy sex life.
Of late I have been thinking of trying out sex toys, just like that. My friend’s husband sometimes pleasures her by using them. I thought we can try the same. But my husband says we shouldn’t, as once I get used to the machine, I won’t enjoy natural sexual intercourse again, because no man can compete with a machine. Is this true?

I want to take the next step only after hearing from you.
Thanks in advance!

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Dr Sharmila Majumdar says:


Heterosexual men have been known to use vibrators or sex toys with their partners either because their partner suggested or because they organically thought

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