Affair and Cheating

Why it is important to save evidence against your spouse who’s cheating on you

When you discover that your husband is having an affair, you must save the evidence. Not because you want revenge but to safeguard your interests and future
recording of calls

He cheated on her and destroyed the evidence

Saloni’s husband of 11 years decided to brand her mentally unfit, threw her out of the house and took custody of the children when Saloni objected to his affair with his secretary, a decade younger than him. Saloni had found many mails, posts, messages and bills which could have proved incriminating in the court but she had believed him when promised that he would put an end to it all, that his heart lay with her and his family! He took his time to decide who he really wanted to be with and picked his secretary and kids. He systematically erased/destroyed all evidence of his affair and when sure that his record was clean he slapped her with the divorce notice. In court he proved that she was mentally unfit and could do harm to herself and the people around her.

Saloni told me in the interview, “I have not seen my children in more than 12 years. I struggled to find myself, my place in this world, my work. It took me a long time to understand that it was not me who was wrong, it was him.” Saloni was suicidal for a year after her husband continued his relation with his paramour and at every opportunity made it seem as if it was her fault, as she was dumb, un-smart, fat…. “Now I help empower women by encouraging them to study more and qualify for higher pay grades in the school where I teach. I’m happy with my life, but yes, I deeply regret missing out on my children,” she said with a sadness I knew was at least a decade old.

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