11 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Wife

Catch A Cheating Wife

If you’re looking for ways to catch a cheating wife, chances are there is already trouble in your marital paradise. You see clear signs that your spouse is being unfaithful. Perhaps, you’re in denial and want to negate your suspicions by digging deeper. Or maybe you need solid proof of the transgression before you confront her.

Whatever your reasons, this journey cannot be an easy one to embark on. On the one hand, you have to brace yourself for the heart-breaking realization that your wife has violated your trust and the vows of marriage. On the other, there is the guilt of intruding on her privacy.

What if it’s all for nothing? What if your suspicions are unfounded? How would you live with yourself afterward? These dilemmas are bound to weigh on your mind. But the alternative is living with mistrust, which is no better really. Sometimes what needs to be done, needs to be done. So, brace yourself to find out how to catch a cheating wife.

11 Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Wife

It’s true that technology has made cheating easier than ever before. That’s perhaps why we see a spike in cases of infidelity, with at least 70% of married couples in the US getting involved in some kind of affair during the course of their marriage. The same technology also makes it easy to catch a cheating spouse, no matter how clever they’re in covering their tracks. Intrigued? Pay attention to these 11 smart ways to catch a cheating wife:

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1. Catch a cheating wife with her cell phone

While it’s true that our phones have essentially become an extension of our being today, you can still recognize when someone is being excessively protective about theirs. If your wife never leaves her phone unattended, doesn’t allow you to use it and always places it screen down, you can be sure it holds proof of her transgression.

The question now is how to catch a cheating wife. If only you could get your hands on her phone, you’d have all the proof you need to know whether your suspicions were unfounded or spot on. Turns out, you don’t need to physically access your phone to find out what’s so damning on it that she protects it with her life.

See all the texts that your wife is hiding with the help of mSpy. You can catch your cheating wife by installing mSpy on her phone. You will see all Whatsapp texts and photos, as well as messages from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Get mSpy to find out the truth.


To catch a cheating wife using her cell phone, be prepared to sacrifice some sleep. Once you’re sure she has dozed off, retrieve her phone and unlock it using her fingerprint (or whatever biometric it uses). That is if you don’t know her passcode. Then, find a quiet corner in the house and carefully go through her text messages, photos and more.

But what if she has meticulously cleared her trail? By installing the mSpy app on her phone, you can track all the future activity on her phone. That is why this is the best way to catch a cheating wife.

2. Use a caller ID app

It’d be a lot easier to catch a cheating wife if you knew which numbers she has been contacting most frequently. If you spot one that you don’t recognize, it’s probably the one that holds the answer to whether or not she’s been cheating on you, and with whom.

When you’re browsing through her phone, pay attention to any unusual numbers that are contacted frequently or added to favorites. Saving one’s beau’s number with a false name that won’t raise any suspicions is the oldest trick in the cheater’s playbook. So, Michelle from work could well be Michael. Or ‘Boss’ could be the contact name used for a lover.

Note down the number and run it through a caller ID app such as True Caller, Mobile Number Locator or Hiya. Use a free app to catch a cheating spouse, so that you can confront them with evidence.

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3. Go into their Chrome history

If you don’t find anything of value in your wife’s phone, first of all, heave a sigh of relief. Maybe you’re losing sleep over unfounded suspicions. At the same time, the likelihood that you’re out to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever cannot be ruled out. It’s best to cover all bases to assuage your doubts.

Find an opportunity – or an excuse – to log into your wife’s computer. Head to the setting tab on Google Chrome. Once there, go to passwords and select the Autofill option. All the sites for which she has checked the ‘remember me’ or ‘keep me signed in’ options will reflect here. You can not only see the email id used for login but also unhide the passwords.

Pay attention to any unusual sites or unknown IDs here, and note them down. This is a great way of finding out if she has been using a dating site to cheat online or has been using a covert ID for her shenanigans. Also, make sure you get the passwords for her email, cloud accounts, social media handles etc, if you don’t know them already.

how to catch cheating wife
Discreetly check her online activities

4. Snoop around her computer

Brian, a software engineer, put his tech skills to snoop around his wife’s laptop because his gut feeling was telling him that she had been having an affair. “I was convinced she was having an affair but had no proof to confront her. So, one day, when she was ‘out with the girls’, I logged into her laptop and checked it thoroughly. Sure enough, I found an alternative email id she used to communicate with a man she was sleeping with as well as a hidden folder of the nudes he had sent her. That’s how I caught my wife cheating,” he says.

Once you have access to her computer, don’t leave before you have snooped around to your satisfaction. The best way to catch a cheating spouse is to look for any hidden folders on the hard drive. If she is in fact cheating on you, these may contain picture of her and her beau, tickets from their travels, or other details about the relationship.

But also, keep an eye out on things that seem conspicuously routine. For instance, a folder labelled ‘Client Files’ may in fact contain all the dirt you need on the affair. ‘Workout Videos’ can be a decoy folder to hide sex clips or nudes shared with her lover. Make sure you copy it all in a hard drive or pen drive so that you can use it as evidence when you confront her about the affair.

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5. Analyze her finances

How to catch a cheating wife? Pay attention to her finances and money trail. Affairs are expensive and chances are your cheating spouse is footing at least a part of the expenses to keep those clandestine meetings afloat. She may have used her credit cards to pay for hotel stays, lunches, dinners, gifts. So, scan her card statements with a fine-tooth comb.

If you’re trying to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever, you may have to dig deeper. Chances are she may be paying for it all in cash. Go through her bank statement to notice any unexplained withdrawals. Then, compare to see if these coincide with the dates when she was ‘working late’ or ‘having lunch with friends’.

6. Catch a cheating wife on Facebook

How to catch her cheating when you find nothing suspicious on her devices? It may be time to turn your attention to her social media activity. Social media is a hotbed for affairs, as it gives old flames an easy way to connect and pick things up from where they left off. Of all the social media platforms, it is perhaps the easiest to catch a cheating wife on Facebook.

That’s because you can easily track her entire activity log by simply logging into her account and going to her wall. If she has been tagging a particular person in memes, hearting and commenting on their posts, it gives you a good start point. These interactions point to an intimate connection between the two. You can scratch the surface to see what lies beneath.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to open her Facebook Messenger and look for ‘Secret Conversations’. There is a good chance that she may have consigned her interactions with her lover to this tab, as it saves her the hassle of deleting chats every few hours.

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7. Get into her phone

Anyone desperately looking for a sure shot and best way to catch a cheating spouse needs to take note of this. What if we told you that you could get into your spouse’s phone and access it remotely without them ever finding out? With spyware apps such as Spy Tracker, Spyic, MSpy, you can gain control of her phone and access her photos, videos, text messages and even listen in on her calls.

Of course, none of these is a free app to catch a cheating spouse. They all come with in-app payments, and you’d be required to sign up for a premium account to avail of the full band of features. However, if you’ve exhausted all other options to catch a cheating wife but have not had a breakthrough, then it may be time to up your game.

Prepare to shell some dough, so that you can use some sophisticated apps to catch your cheating wife. The added bonus is that you will have all the proof you need to confront her about her infidelity and make her come clean.

8. Track her movements

Track her movements
Track her movements virtually

How to catch a cheating wife when you find nothing damning on her personal devices? It may be time to take your investigations from the virtual world into the real one. From GPS Navigation to Uber history, there are so many ways you can track her movements to catch a cheating wife.

If she drives her own vehicle, scan her location history in the ‘Your Timeline’ tab on Google Maps. The car’s in-built navigation system can also be a gold mine of information, if you’re looking to track her movements. In case, she travels in cabs, you can track where all she’s been by simply accessing the ‘Your Trips’ tab on her Uber app.

But what if her beau is the one driving her around on dates? Well, you’re in luck if you’re wife uses an iPhone. The ‘Find My iPhone’ app can throw up some intriguing insights about places she has frequented and not mentioned to you.

9. Look for encrypted photos

Finding photographic evidence of her transgressions is the best way to catch a cheating wife. So, when you’re scanning your wife’s phone for proof of her cheating, pay attention to her photo gallery. If you notice a lot of landscape, nature or animal photos, pay attention.

With tools like Quick Stego and Deep Sound, hiding text, audio files or even images in these innocent-looking photos is a piece of cake. Don’t overlook these thinking that your wife isn’t tech-savvy enough to pull off something of this sort. That cute Koala bear in your photo gallery may well be a steamy nude for the eyes of her lover.

You will need to get the code to be able to see the embedded content in these photo files. Even if you can’t, a sudden surge of such images is an indication enough that something is amiss.

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10. Catch cheaters texting

To catch cheaters texting is the best way to get them red-handed and call them on their bluff. If you’ve tried it all and are still struggling with an answer to how to find out if wife is cheating, give this a try. Just grab the phone from her hand while she’s intently texting, and read through the chats.

That’s how Adam confirmed his suspicions that his wife was cheating on him. “She had started spending a lot of time on her phone, which was what got me suspicious in the first place. Curiously, she’d hurriedly put her phone down if I walked into the room. And her phone was always on silent.

“So, one day, I snuck up behind her and took the phone from her hand. Sure enough, she was in the thick of a steamy sexting session with another man. I caught my wife cheating red-handed. It was a huge setback to our marriage that we’re still recovering from but the not knowing was worse,” he says.

It may not be the cleanest or smartest way to catch a cheating wife. But it’ll get the job done. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

11. Follow her around

Finally, try the old-school approach to catch a cheating wife. Take some time off work without telling her and discreetly follow her around to see where she is going, who she is meeting. If she’s actually where she claims she is. Who knows a stakeout may actually yield better results than all that virtual snooping around.

If you can afford it, consider hiring a private detective to do the job for you. Going to such lengths to catch a cheating wife may sound a bit extreme, but living in the constant suspicion that your spouse is being unfaithful to you can be far from damaging to your psyche and your relationship.

When you employ any of these ways to catch a cheating wife, know that these can have legal ramifications. These may be good enough to bring the affair to light but may or may not hold water as evidence in a court of law during divorce proceedings, should you decide to take that recourse.


1. Is my wife cheating or am I being paranoid?

If you see apparent signs such as being too distant or overly affectionate, unexplained spells of absence, a sudden attention to her looks or being excessively protective of her phone, there is a good chance she is cheating on you.

2. What are the most common signs of a cheating wife?

The above mentioned signs, coupled with a sudden disdain for the marriage, a tendency to pick quarrels or find faults with you are some of the best indicators of a cheating wife.

3. Will my cheating wife ever regret it?

Whether or not she regrets cheating on you depends on how much she values you and her marriage. Besides, how emotionally invested she is in the person she is having an affair with is also a determining factor.

4. How to confront a cheating wife?

To confront a cheating wife, you first need to gather concrete proof of her transgressions that she cannot possibly deny.

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