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Has he stopped wanting you like before?

Your relationship is at a stage where you both know that you want to have sex and there is respect and understanding between the two of you. But do you ever wonder if he wants you like the way he did when the romance was new?

Lust and love sometimes do not go hand in hand. Men often have a short span of attention and are not built for long-term attraction. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you-it just means that with you looking fabulous and being wonderful all the time, they seem to stop wanting you like they used to.

Thankfully we have these very simple tips (tricks?) to jump-start his desire train all the way up to the lusty land.

1. Some sensory nostalgia

What are those things that were regular in the initial days which has sort of fizzled out by now? Bring those back. It is easy to forget the little things that drew you together in the beginning of the romance. Nostalgic triggers make us remember the young, happy smiles and tears when romance was still new. Your man must have forgotten the rush and the sensual triggers which made him fall for you.

According to psychologists, tapping into the intense memories can initiate ‘positive physical reaction and generate instant longing.’ To make him want you more, start using an old perfume or visit a place you used to visit a lot with him, bring back a dating ritual that you used to follow or wear old t-shirts that he absolutely loved on you. These nostalgic and sensory instances will make him want you more.

2. Reach for keys in his pocket

The power of an unanticipated touch is massive. When he is not expecting it and you touch him suggestively but ‘accidentally’, it creates a positive physical contact and keeps him wanting it more. So instead of asking for keys, glide into his pockets to fetch them. Instead of asking him to pass the book from the night-shelf, reach across him to get the book, letting your skin touch his.

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3. Go bra-less

It might sound crazy, especially if you are uncomfortable venturing outside without a bra. But going bra-less will surely get his attention. While indoors, you can go around bra-less, slip into one of his extra-large T-shirts and strut about bouncing with your nipples showing. It is sure to drive him crazy.

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4. Not giving details

Let the anticipation build. If you are going with your friends for the weekend, he is going to miss you. Not giving him bit-by-bit details of the girls’ vacation will keep him wanting to know more about the fun. The less you tell him, the more his imagination will run. Less is more and leaving out the details from a girls’ night out will make him put more effort to know about it.

5. Harmless flirting

Men are strong and manly, right? Their competitive nature will always take the better of them. Slyly eyeing a good looking dude at the restaurant will make him want to check him out too. Lust works in funny ways. When out at a pub, where there is no lack of men who would like to have a dance or a drink with you, subtly flirt with your eyes in a harmless sort of a way. This is not to make your man feel jealous (ok, maybe a little). It is more about making him attentive and making him realise that he is a lucky man who gets to take you home when there are others who would like to do the same. Dressing up sexy for a night out with your man always adds to this case.

6. Read erotica

Just some harmless reading? Not really. When men see you reading an erotic novel he would like to know what you think of the details and if you are reading it because you want something sexually. Not to mention, people who read have a sex appeal of their own. Tell him about the novel you are reading and glorify the intricate details you like in the book. Make sure you don’t go into the parts describing sex. When you explain an erotic novel, most would like to know the sexy bits. To make your man want you more, leave out the dirty bits and innocently describe the psyche of the characters. That will turn him crazy enough.

7. Write erotica

If reading is not for you, you can always choose to write and make your man read it. It is much like a sex chat, but without your man’s indulgence in it. Erotic writing is wholly your perspective and the nastier the details, the more curious he gets. It will keep your man thinking “Wow. Does she really want to do this?” or “I never knew it gets so wild in her head”. He will want it so bad!

8. Change in your look

Change is always fun. Otherwise it gets a bit tedious and boring. Changing something drastic about your appearance can work wonders. He will take notice if you slip into your stilettoes more often. Get high bangs if you have never gotten it, or change your hair colour differently. Getting coloured streaks will also make him look twice at you. Your man is more likely to feel attracted to you if there is an obvious change in your look. And as shallow it might sound, it will also make you feel sexy when you are acknowledged by your man.

9. Utter those special words

You might have special phrases that you use for each other. Like the certain way you whisper his name, or the way you call out his name. For men, calling out their names acts like an aphrodisiac. Cooing his name in a public place in a voice he knows is reserved for the bedroom is going to make him want you more right then and there. There is a rush a man feels when he hears you call out his name.

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