10 Innovative Ways Of Telling Your Man That You Want To Have Sex

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telling your man that you want to have sex
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Seducing your man

It’s not easy to convey your signals when it comes to men. More often than not, they ignore signs staring them right in the face. It is especially more infuriating when you wish to indulge in sex, and they can’t take the subtle hints.

There are many ways to tease your partner as you let them know how much you want it. Here are some such ideas to convey that you are craving for some action under the sheets.

1. Eat a banana, seductively

Yes, your husband has imagined it. They have an idea about the innuendo and they know what it means. Does that lower lip bite as you bite into the banana? The way your eyes follow his every move? Honey, he’s hooked, and you won’t be letting it go to waste, will you?

2. Wear that one dress that he likes

It’s time to recall the deviant porn tastes he has hidden under his secret folders all his life. He likes leather now? How about you wear a leather jacket and walk up next to him with a wink, he would be quivering in his boots for a release by the looks of the idea alone. Plus, it would add spark to your marriage and you would be more familiar with each other’s kinks.

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3. Won’t you punish me, daddy?

Do something incorrigible at first, and earn your naughty points. Then, when he starts to get angry, spout the above words. If there’s one thing a man likes, it is being in control. And a night of using his wife being submissive is right up their table. Just make sure, he has not met your dad often enough to spark a memory and you are in for a night you will remember.

4. Command him

Ways to tell that you want to have sex
Command him

Look, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Take charge. Flash your boobs and lead him up the stairs to your bedroom when the kids aren’t watching. Be naughty, dominate and use him as you please. He would be thankful that he does not have to take charge of something.

5. Make stupid innuendoes

The oldest way for men to get sex always fails for them. For you, it’s a goldmine. “How do you like my buns?” Dirty pick-up lines in the text? On your hands, they are weapons of mass seduction. Use them right and you would have a man to pounce on at night. God save the poor soul who doesn’t know what is going to hit him soon enough.

6. Get some props

There’s hardly a woman hotter than the one wagging her butt plug tail at their husband. Or someone who brings her vibrator to the table. Show him you need it, and bad, and he would walk right into you, literally and metaphorically

7. Start role playing

Be a rom-com actress, walk up to him and pull him into a world of your creation. Sure, he would resist, but, remember, resistance, in this case, is healthy. However, once the imagination starts to flow he would easily write himself off as the sex fiend looking to use you. After that? It is all up to you to decide what you wish for him to do. Be a queen, if it suits you, make him feel like a king for a moment, state clearly that it is a role play somewhere down the trail, and work yourself. Don’t be too eager to please.

8. Snapchat nudes to him at inopportune moments

Alone in a long lift ride? Returning from home in an Uber? That is your time to shine. Snapchat nudes to signal what is waiting at home when he gets his ass down there, and I bet my life that he would run back to you at the first chance.

9. Dance at the bedside

There’s nothing more beautiful than a striptease from a woman who does not do stripteases often. Honey, that’s what all the parties in college were for. Show your man what you got in and in style. You would have him begging for more in no time.

Ways to tell you are in a mood of sex
Dance at the bed side

10. Ask him

Asking is not innovative perhaps but it remains the best way to deal with any person in your life. So, yes, when you face a dilemma about your sexual need, ask your partner.

In short, keep your wits about you and find out exactly what he likes. Then, armed as you are with this new arsenal of information, get ready to go out and bring him to his knees. Literally!

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