21 Beautiful Prayers For Your Husband For Everlasting Love

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Updated On: May 25, 2023
prayers for my husband

What can I ask for in my prayers for my husband? If this question has been on your mind lately, you are perhaps looking for ways to make God an integral part of your existence.

Anyone raised with faith knows that our relationship with God – or the supreme force that keeps the universe in motion – is the most intimate and important one ever. However, as our lives get busy and our plates fuller with commitments and obligations, this relationship often takes a back seat.

But it’s never too late to revive that bond. When doing so, it’s only natural that you’d want to keep one of your most important mortal bonds on earth – your spouse and your marriage – in your prayers. To nudge you in that direction, we bring you some of the most beautiful prayers for your husband with which you can seek of your relationship to be forever blessed by the almighty.

21 Beautiful Prayers For Your Husband For Everlasting Love

Your husband is one of the most important people in your life. The one you love with all your heart and share your dreams, hopes and life with. When you kneel before your God, seeking his blessings, you’d want to ask the same for your life partner too.

You know in your heart what you wish for your husband. That he always be safe, happy, healthy, content, thriving and on the path to becoming a better version of himself. However, putting these emotions in words isn’t always easy. To help steer your efforts in the right direction, we bring you a lowdown on 21 prayers for your husband, so that you don’t run out of ways to seek the right blessings and guidance for him:

1. Pray for his protection

How do I say a prayer for my husband’s protection? If you’ve wondered about this, here is a prayer to start you off:

“Dear Lord, keep my husband in your protection always. Keep him safe from ills, harm, temptation and disease.”

2. Pray for guidance

In your conversations with God, seek his guidance for your husband. Say a pray inspired by the Biblical verse – “A soft answer turneth away wrath: But grievous words stir up anger.” Pray that your husband be forever gentle and on the righteous path, with this prayer.

“Dear God, bless my husband with the right guidance in every decision he makes, no matter how big or small. Help him make the right choices that steer him away from darkness and toward the light.”

3. Pray for strength

When seeking blessings in prayer for husband, don’t forget to seek strength. Strength of character, body, and mind.

“Dear God, bless my husband with strength today and always. May he always be strong even to overcome any and all obstacles, physical, mental or spiritual.”

4. Pray for safety

Are you praying for a husband who is at war? Ask God to keep your hero safe and be his guiding light through this challenging time away from home.

“Oh, Jesus, keep my husband safe and out of harm’s way always. Be in guiding light to help him make the right decisions even in the face of domineering odds.”

prayer for my husband protection
Pray for husband’s safety

5. Pray for success

What can I ask in prayer for my husband at work? Well, most of us seek nothing more than success in our professional journeys. So, that’s a good start point.

“Dear God, bless my husband with success in all his professional pursuits. May he always be driven to do his best and be rewarded with befitting rewards.”

6. Pray for integrity

Speaking of ‘prayer for my husband at work’, remember that integrity is as important as success, if not more. So, ask that your husband always does his job with complete dedication, sincerity, and integrity.

“Dear Lord, may my husband always operate from a place of integrity in all his professional pursuits. May dedication, sincerity and honesty be his guiding principles. So, help him God.”

7. Pray for peace

Being at peace with oneself is one of the most underrated boons of life. A trait that few are blessed with. As the Biblical verse Ephesians 4:2-3 reminds us, “With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” When you talk to God, add this to your list of ‘prayers for my husband’.

“Dear God, bless my husband with peace. May his mind be content and calm with what he has in life. Free him from the mirage of endless pursuits.”

8. Pray for love

Have you ever wondered if I should add prayers for my husband to love me to my conversations with God? Well, why not! There is no harm in seeking the lord’s guidance in keeping your marriage brimming over with love. After all, love is the binding force in a marriage. Align your prayer with the Biblical verse John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

“Dear God, bless my husband with an abundance of love in his heart for me. May our love for each other always be enough to see us through the most trying times.”

9. Pray for your marriage

When it comes to prayers for your husband, one for your marriage just cannot be left out. But what is the apt blessing to seek for your marital bond? Here is your cue:

“Lord Jesus, keep our marriage blessed with your loving gaze always. May we never take each other for granted and always find strength to honor the vows we exchanged in your holy presence.”

10. Pray for companionship

What is a good morning prayer for my husband, you ask? Well, why not begin your day with a wish to have your spouse by your side always.

“Dear God, bless us with a long companionship. May we have a chance to grow old together, till death do us part.”

11. Pray for health

A prayer for my husband’s protection…praying for a husband who is at war…healing prayer for my sick husband… No matter what you’re praying for, a wish for good health always fits right in.

“Dear God, bless my husband with good health, today and forever. May he always be one with a healthy body and sound mind. Bless him with a will to care for his body and treat it like the temple of his soul.”

12. Pray for contentment

Looking for a short prayer for your husband? If you ask for contentment, you won’t need to ask for anything else. As this Biblical verse reminds us, “If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.” So seek contentment for your husband, so your marriage is blessed with peace.

“Sweet Jesus, help my husband on the path to contentment. Provide him with enough for his needs and erase from his heart any desire fueled by greed.”

13. Pray for the family

When you kneel down before your lord, keep in your heart not just prayers for your husband but also your entire family.

“Dear God, thank you for blessing us with such a loving family. We pray that you always continue to keep us in your love and care. Bless each one in our extended families with good health and happiness, always.”

14. Pray for children

short prayer for husband
Pray to be blessed with children

If you are planning to start a family, pray to be blessed with children. If you already are parents, seek blessings for your husband to become an ideal father.

“Dear God, bless our marriage with the gift of children if that is in your plan for us.”
“Dear God, thank you for a husband who is also an incredible father to our children. May you continue to guide him to become a role model for these pure souls you have entrusted us with.”

15. Pray for compassion

The Biblical verse Ephesians 4:32 says, Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” Drawing inspiration from the message of the lord, seek blessings prayer for your husband asking for compassion in your marriage. For there is no quality more desirable than the ability to empathize with those who are less fortunate than you.

“Our father in heaven, I ask that you bless my husband and me with hearts full of compassion, so that together we do whatever we can to spread love among those around us. May we be able to extend a helping hand and caring touch to those in need.”

16. Pray for a beautiful day

‘What should I ask in my morning prayer for my husband today?’ Do you find yourself wondering about this often? Ask that he be blessed with a beautiful day.

“Dear God, bless my husband with a beautiful day today. May he be able to accomplish all that he has on his to-do list as smoothly as possible.”

17. Pray he get through his struggles

A life without struggles is a Utopian dream that never comes to pass. Struggles and challenges are our constant companions for as long as we live and breathe. So, instead of asking for freedom from problems in a relationship or life, ask for your husband to be blessed with the strength to tide over whatever curveballs life throws his way.

“Oh Lord, hear my prayer for my husband and bless him with strength to face all the odds that life throws his way, and emerge on the other side a stronger version of himself”

18. Pray for him to hold your hand

blessing prayer for husband
Seek strength in your husband to stand by you and you, him

Marriage is a long journey from the aisle to the grave. There are bound to be ups and downs, upheavals, and stormy times along the way. Seek the lord’s blessing to give your husband strength to stand by you through it all. And you, him.

“Dear God, hear my prayers for my husband to love me. May he always find the strength and love in his heart to hold my hand through the most tumultuous times in our marriage. And may I be by his side at every step of the way.”

19. Pray for wisdom

As you grow in your marriage, seek blessings for your husband to become wise and prudent.

“Dear God, help my husband with wisdom to make the right choices in whatever decisions he makes today and always. Help him turn toward you for guidance if he finds himself struggling in life. For, the real wisdom comes from you, my lord.”

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20. Pray for freedom from addiction

‘What is an apt prayer for my husband’s protection?’ If you’re seeking an answer to this, ask that he always be free of the bane of addiction.

“Dear God, I come to you in prayer for my husband’s protection. Guide him away from the path of addiction and be the beacon that steers his life choices on a healthy path.”

21. Pray for his faith

‘What is one of the most important prayers for my husband?’ This question ought to cross your mind when your relationship with God is a driving force in your life. Why not pray that he is blessed with the same faith.

“Lord almighty, I pray that my husband be blessed with a strong connection with you. Hold his hand, so that his faith never wavers. Not even in the most trying times.”

With these prayers for your husband on your lips and abounding love in your heart, you can mindfully work toward building a strong marriage that can withstand the roughest storms.


1. How should a wife pray for her husband?

A wife can pray for her husband by including him in her conversations with God.

2. Why should a wife pray for her husband?

A wife should pray for her husband because the marital bond is one of the most important mortal relationships we build during our time on earth. A husband and wife are partners for life. What befalls one inevitably affects the other.

3. Will praying help my marriage?

Yes, bringing your marriage to the lord’s care can give you the faith and strength to stick together in some of the most trying times.

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