7 Zodiac Signs With Expensive Taste Who Love The High Life

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Updated On: February 14, 2024
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Astrology steers our lives a little more than we anticipate or believe in. The zodiac signs we are born into govern some of our personality traits, which become an integral part of our beings. A person belonging to the Sagittarius sign is carefree, a Capricorn is always focused, and a Gemini is diligent. The zodiac signs with expensive taste, however, might just turn out to be who you least expected.

Now, the zodiac signs with expensive taste do not mean they are compulsive shoppers or that their credit limit is always off the charts. They may or may not be able to afford them but exquisite things seem to be drawn toward them, or the other way around.

This expensive taste can be for everything or a few specific things. Ranging from an affinity for expensive clothing to a certain wine brand, those expensive watches you’ll never wear, or those vintage sneakers. Let’s take a look at the expensive zodiac signs who won’t settle for anything less than outlandish.

7 Zodiac Signs With Expensive Taste

Having expensive taste means you want the finer things in life. It means you’d rather save up for the most expensive jewelry instead of ever committing the sin of buying a knock-off. The most expensive zodiac signs are willing to walk that extra mile to settle only for the best. And that’s why they are called the most luxurious zodiac signs.

Unlike most people, who would cringe about spending a whole lot of money on one item, these zodiac signs would never settle for anything less than extraordinary. They crave exclusivity and are willing to go to any extent to get that.

Can they also be defined as high-maintenance zodiac signs? Well, that depends. When you’re out there gift shopping for them, you know it’s going to burn a hole in your pocket, but hey, at least you know just what you’re going to buy. Let’s take a look at 7 zodiac signs with expensive taste, so you know if trying to impress or dating the person you’re crushing so hard on is going to leave you with a maxed-out credit card:

1. Taurus – The most high standard zodiac sign

You can’t beat a Taurus
You can’t beat a Taurus

When it comes to expensive tastes, you can’t beat a Taurus. If you’ve never noticed this in your friends, try and analyze their shopping patterns. You’ll quickly realize why they are called the “high-class” zodiac signs.

Be it lingerie, lipstick, shoes, or books, anything that a Taurus owns is not inexpensive. They like to splurge on gourmet food and vintage cameras. They do not want to hold back on spending just because the things they love are not cheap. If they like something, they are known to splurge on it.

The happiness, though, does not match up to their guilt. If you were to give them a gift, make sure it is well thought out or you keep the receipt handy for them to return and buy a better gift. Because Taurus is, after all, the most expensive zodiac sign.

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2. Leo – They believe in high standards

Leos have expensive taste and can be found spending money on themselves and other people. They might buy a gift for someone just because they like the present. So if you ever get a gift from a Leo, you know it’s going to be a good one, but it might also simply be because they just wanted to buy it.

Leos do not deny themselves a comfortable, luxurious life. They are zodiac signs who believe in high standards. They are also good at acquiring wealth along with spending their money, which basically means all their credit cards won’t be maxed out. So if you were trying to figure out which zodiac sign loves luxury but also doesn’t let their expensive taste consume their bank accounts, it’s Leos. Rest assured, figuring out finances in a marriage with a Leo won’t be a hassle.

3. Capricorn – The most picky zodiac sign

Capricorns like pretty stuff but can be frugal when needed to. In astrology, Capricorns are known for their persistence and hard work. The same is true when they buy stuff. It might even take them months to narrow down the exact thing they like since they’re also extremely picky with what they consider worth buying.

Whimsical shopping is not something to be associated with this zodiac sign. They have high standards and expensive tastes and they would only settle for the best. They know they have expensive taste and probably skip the fancy dining every night to save up enough to buy what they want.

Owing to just how particular they are about the things they buy, the answer to which zodiac sign has the best taste might just be Capricorn. Do you know someone who’s looking for a particular kind of shoe that was discontinued in 1994 and probably sells for a few thousand bucks now? They’re probably a Capricorn, and they probably won’t stop till they get what they’re looking for.

4. Aquarius – The zodiac signs that love money

They are fond of expensive gadgets 
They are fond of expensive gadgets 

Their expensive taste leans more toward electronic gadgets and probably a few fancy vacations. If there’s a new phone in the market, they find it too irresistible to wait for the price to come down. They want it immediately. Aquarius is less likely to splurge on clothes or food. They prefer going on luxurious vacations where they can feel like royalty.

However, they can figure out ways to get the things that they want without having to spend until the last dime. Being a high-class zodiac sign, finance management to get the best in life comes naturally to them. So don’t worry about them struggling to pay rent but still flashing the latest iPhone, they’ve got it figured out.

That being said, it’s not really the prettiest sight when an Aquarius knows s/he doesn’t have the finances to purchase that thing they want so badly. Since they’re also the zodiac sign that loves money, they aren’t too likely to spend all their savings on a single purchase, which is bound to put them in a bad mood.

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5. Sagittarius – They believe in finer things

Sagittarius’ are not bound by anything, least of all money. For them, money (or anything material) is fleeting and can always be earned later. The expensive tastes of this zodiac sign are not limited by anything.

They like first-class tickets, jewelry, and the new laptop on the market. Their tastes are top-notch but they are also expensive. They don’t mind spending every penny on the fascinating vintage record because they don’t like thinking about money as much as they like collecting experiences.

They’re the kind of people who value a good time more than anything else. This high-maintenance zodiac sign is definitely one of them. When they’re talking about the most absurd and lavish-sounding travel experiences, they’re probably going to flaunt a little about how much money they spent during the whole thing as well.

Sagittarius is a sign that believes in luxury and finer things and they are well-equipped to acquire that. Simply put, they are the most luxurious zodiac sign.

6. Gemini – They give a lot to charity

They cannot resist an impulse buy. If they think something will bring them happiness, they will buy it on the spot. What you should know about Gemini is if they think giving money to a charity is going to bring joy to them, they will do it.

Probably one of the most picky zodiac signs, for them, spending and guilt follow one another and they may end up returning the things bought. So you might see them trying to only buy clothes that are on sale for the longest time, but at the end of the day, Gemini has an expensive taste.

Don’t let their temporary steel-headedness fool you into thinking that they’ve given up on their splurging ways. The fact remains they are among the high-class zodiac signs who settle only for the finer things in life. And they are the zodiac signs who love to spend on these finer things.

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7. Libra – They balance it out

Librans have expensive taste, but they’re also balanced and thrive on harmony. Their tastes do run on the pricey end, but they have a good eye to strike a balance between spending money and saving. To balance the things bought, you’ll probably see them trying to console themselves after a huge buy, telling themselves their splurge was definitely worth it, or maybe even go on a brief spree of friguality.

Even though Librans are known to have a taste for the finer things in life, the answer to which zodiac sign loves luxury might not outrightly be Libra. They do like beautiful things, but they do not stick to brand names as such.

This zodiac sign has and expensive taste but they are not ashamed to buy stuff from thrift shops as much as from designer brands. So if you want to show someone you care and that “someone” is a Libra, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about buying the most expensive clothes. A simple, thoughtful gift will do.

Perhaps while going through this list of the most high-standard zodiac signs, you realized that you also have high-class zodiac sign traits as well. Are you a guilt-tripping Gemini who might even have returned that expensive impulse purchase? Or have you realized that you’re one of the most picky zodiac signs that cannot say no to something they’ve been chasing for months? Whatever the case may be, we hope this list has helped you figure out all you wanted to know about living the high life and their zodiac signs.

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