Rose Colour Meanings – 13 Shades And What They Mean

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Updated On: October 27, 2021
rose meaning in a relationship

You can be over the moon if your man gets you a bunch of red roses. Even gifting a single red rose tied in a pink ribbon can be the most romantic gesture. But why is it a red rose that symbolizes love? Why not some other color? Roses come in different shades and rose color meanings can be significant in your love life.

When you are picking up roses for your love, have you seen even online there are roses in the shades of pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, white and there are some really rare shades too? Instead of sticking to the usual red rose picking up a bunch of roses in a different shade might convey a lot of meaning. Well, provided you know flower colors’ meaning in the context of your relationship stage.

Before you make your choice you have to know the rose color meanings so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your sweetheart.

Rose Colour Meanings – 13 Shades And What They Mean

Roses come in some of the most beautiful shades and if you know what they symbolize in relationships then you will be sorted as far as conveying your feelings through gestures goes. A good idea is to add a card with your bunch of roses that would convey your feelings.

We tell you the rose color meanings and what you can write in a note when you gift the special someone a bunch of roses.

1. Red rose meaning in a relationship – Romantic love

Red rose meaning in a relationship
Red rose symbolises romantic love

No wonder the red rose is the most sought-after on Valentine’s Day when couples look for classic and novel ways to express their love. In the movies, in books, in every romantic aspect, the red rose is shown as the ultimate symbol of love and passion.

The red rose does stand for desire, passion, love and loyalty. The rose has a place in history. It is believed that Cupid was stung by a bee and he shot arrows at it. The arrows pierced the roses in a rose garden that grew thorns.

When Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty walked through the garden the thorns hurt her and she started bleeding. Her blood turned the roses red and since then red roses symbolize love, romance and passion. So rose colour meanings do have their significance. The red rose meaning in a relationship, for instance, has and will always be an expression of deep love and desire.

Note with a red rose:

If it’s a dozen roses make sure you write “I love you” with it. If it’s a single rose, write about your loyalty and your feelings.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, my love for you will always be true.”

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2. Black rose meaning in a relationship – Exclusivity

Black rose meaning in a relationship
Black rose stands for exclusivity

Black rose meaning in a relationship is exclusivity. In the first place, you may ask, does a black rose at all exist? It is said roses that have a very dark red shade or the ones with a shade of purple are considered black roses. Supposedly, black roses actually exist in Tibet but no one really knows how much of a truth there is in this claim.

Gifting a black rose is a tricky proposition because the color black is often associated with morbidity, tragedy and death. So, rose meaning in a relationship could be misconstrued as a tragic romance. But black roses imply devotion and exclusivity of a rare kind. If you know what to say with a black rose you can say it right. If you know your rose color meanings, then a black rose can also convey much.

Note with a black rose:

Black roses are not easy to come by. Even if you do find some, they would cost a pretty penny. But gifting black roses shows the extent to which you are willing to go to express your love.

“Our love is as rare and exceptional as a black rose.”

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3. Orange rose meaning in a relationship – Attraction and desire

Orange rose meaning in a relationship
Orange rose stands for attraction and desire

Imagine how a wedding venue would look if it is decked up in orange roses? Out of the world, isn’t it? Orange rose meaning in a relationship is love, attraction and desire. That is why these are a popular choice at weddings and make for perfect gifts for anniversaries.

If you are in the early phases of a budding romance then gifting a bouquet of yellow, white and orange roses will imply that you are interested and enthusiastic about a relationship but you are still not going gaga with a bunch of romantic red roses.

Note with a orange rose:

Orange roses are a safe bet if you want to show that you are in love with a person but you are not yet pushing it too much. You are not falling in love too fast.

“Our relationship is as beautiful as this bunch of orange roses.”

4. Pink rose meaning in a relationship – Gratitude and joy

Pink rose meaning in a relationship gratitude
Pink rose stands for gratitude

If you want to tell someone that you are overwhelmed that they are in your life then pink roses could be the perfect gift. The pink rose meaning in a relationship can change depending on the shade of the flower you choose.

While dark pink roses can be used to say “thank you” because it symbolizes gratitude, a lighter shade of pink implies grace, joy, and admiration. If you want to tell someone you admire them and they bring happiness to your life, a bunch of pink roses might be a perfect choice.

Rose color meanings do have a way of telling you what to give your loved one.

Note with a pink rose:

Your girlfriend’s lost her job and is feeling down? You feel sympathetic but you want to tell her how much you admire her – just gift her a bunch of light pink roses and watch her spirits lift. Want to be a better boyfriend? Buy a bunch of pink roses.

Pink stands for health and love. We have it all and that’s what matters.”

5. White rose meaning in a relationship – Purity and innocence

White rose meaning in a relationship
White rose symbolizes purity and innocence

White rose meaning in a relationship is quite widely understood. These stand for purity and innocence, which is why these are used at weddings, christenings and other celebratory events like graduation ceremonies and homecoming parties.

White rose is also associated with chastity. In Christianity, it is associated with Virgin Mary. So it could be meant for a woman who has not yet experienced love and passion. But it also implies deep love and that’s why it symbolizes marriage.

White roses symbolize a love that you will never give up on. It is said roses came into being 35 million years back and the white rose was one of the first to bloom.

Note with a white rose:

A white rose signifies love, friendship, peace, respect and hope. So it can be gifted at any point in a relationship.

“With you I feel peace, love and hope for a great tomorrow. My love is as pure as these white roses.”

6. Purple rose meaning in a relationship – Love at first sight

Purple rose meaning
Purple rose symbolizes love at first sight

Did you know pale purple roses imply love at first sight? Purple roses stand for enchantment and mysticism. That’s why it says that enchantment could lead to falling in love at very first sight.

Purple rose meaning in a relationship can also vary depending on its exact shade and hue. For instance, purple roses that come in a deep color stand for royalty, majesty. These are the right pick to tell someone that you totally adore them and are fascinated with them.

Note with a white rose:

Lavender roses have been fascinating to people from time immemorial. It has a regal feel to it and if you want to convey your deep love to someone, you gift them purple roses.

“I find you as enchanting as these purple roses.”

7. Blue rose meaning in a relationship – Unattainable and mysterious

Blue rose meaning in a relationship mystery
Blue rose stands for mystery

If you want to come across as enigmatic and mysterious, then a blue rose is for you because that is what it symbolizes. It is said that blue roses are not really found in nature and it is usually a shade of purple roses that actually looks blue. Sometimes white roses are dyed blue to give them a fascinating color. So, if you are ordering your roses online take a careful look at the blue before you place your order.

But if you can get your hands on some blue roses it could be really enigmatic and you can send it to a person who is unattainable. As long as the other person understands the blue rose meaning in a relationship, this can be a great way of telling someone they are one of a kind. Even if they don’t, you can always build upon the mystery and enigma with a cryptic message.

Note with a blue rose:

It’s a great way to surprise someone and keep things a bit mysterious by adding an anonymous message with it.

“You are an enigma and I am a mystery like these blue roses.” – Your Admirer

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8. Green rose meaning in a relationship – Rejuvenation and fertility

Green rose meaning in a relationship
Green rose signifies fertility

Green rose meaning in a relationship is fertility and rejuvenation. So, these can be the right fit in a host of situations. Want to tell your spouse that you should be thinking of starting a family? Gift her a bouquet of green roses. Want to suggest another holiday to your partner? Say it with a bunch of green roses and a note, making it near impossible for them to turn you down.

Though extremely rare to find, green roses are grown in nature. These look really beautiful when made into a bouquet. As the color green stands for rejuvenation, fertility and new life, it’s a perfect gift when you want to discuss beautiful reasons to have kids. If you are looking for the right rose color meaning for a bunch of green roses you got it right.

Note with a green rose:

You usually give green roses when your relationship is at a mature stage and you want to rejuvenate it with new life or you are into new beginnings. That’s the rose color meaning of green rose and… no in this case green does not stand for envy.

“Let’s add these beautiful flowers to our lovely garden…”

9. Burgundy rose meaning in a relationship – Deep passion

Burgundy rose meaning in a relationship is as deep and intense as their color. These roses symbolize a kind of passion that is way more potent than red roses. So if you want to convey your passion to someone, give them burgundy roses.

Burgundy roses actually look stunning in a bunch and they also mean unconscious beauty. This is also a great first night wedding gift.

Burgundy rose symbolizes passion
Burgundy rose symbolizes deep passion

Note with a burgundy rose:

If pink roses are the first step in the relationship, red roses take it to the next level and burgundy roses imply a depth and passion that comes from an intimate bonding.

“You make everything in my life seem rosy and I cannot seem to have enough of you.”

10. Yellow rose meaning in a relationship – Platonic affection

You can give yellow roses to just anyone without thinking if they are going to misunderstand you. Carry yellow roses on your first date to make a good impression.

Not only because yellow roses symbolize cheer, joy, happiness but also because they convey affection that does not have any physical connotation. Yellow roses can also be taken to graduation ceremonies, to someone recovering from an illness or just to give to someone you are great friends with.

Yellow rose meaning in a relationship
Yellow rose symbolizes joy

Note with a yellow rose:

Since yellow roses are given to a person with whom you still don’t have an intense romantic relationship, you can keep the note generic. Something like:

“You bring joy to my life like these yellow roses.”

11. Peach rose meaning in a relationship – Sincerity and gratitude

Peach rose meaning in a relationship
Peach rose stands for sincerity

Has your girl been with you through thick and thin and you want to convey your sincerity and gratitude to her? Get her a bunch of stunning peach roses and she would love you to the moon and back. You can also make a girl fall for you by gifting her peach roses.

Peach rose meaning in a relationship also makes them a great thank you gift. These could also be used to convey sympathy to someone who has lost a dear one.

Note with a peach rose:

If you want to convey your loyalty, sincerity and gratitude with a peach rose then the note should also say that. Write something like:

“With you by my side I can rule the world.”

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12. Rainbow rose meaning in a relationship – Love in different hues

Rainbow rose meaning in a relationship
Rainbow rose means love in different shades

You can order rainbow roses online easily as these hybrid flowers are created in greenhouses and are thus fairly readily available. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative and want to drive the rainbow rose meaning in a relationship home by making your effort shine through, you can even create a rainbow or mixed bouquet with a combination of burgundy, pink, red, yellow and peach roses.

This stunning-looking mixed bouquet would tell the kind of love you feel which is deep, romantic, passionate and loyal. Rainbow roses also symbolize unconditional love.

Note with a mixed rose bouquet:

Now that you know your rose color meanings you know how much a mixed bouquet would symbolize your love. Just go ahead and give your girl one and write down:

“My love comes in many hues like these beautiful roses.”

13. Cream rose meaning in a relationship – Charm and thoughtfulness

Cream rose meaning in a relationship
Cream rose stands for charm

Not all roses are pure white, some come in cream hues too. Unlike the purity symbolized by its white counterpart, the cream rose meaning in a relationship is charm and thoughtfulness.

The lady who charms you and floors you with her thoughtfulness deserves to get a bunch of cream roses, doesn’t she? You can gift yourself some cream roses too. It’s a great way to practice self-love.

Note with a cream rose:

Cream roses look beautiful and calming. You can combine a few colored roses like peach and burgundy with cream roses to make the assortment look more vibrant and eclectic. But even on their own, these flower colors’ meaning conveys a lot.

“To the most charming and thoughtful lady I know.”

Knowing the rose colors’ meaning does help you to make your choice when you pick up the roses to give your loved one. Keep the occasion and your feelings in mind and go ahead and pick your bunch.

Psst…Roses can charm a lady more than a pair of diamond studs! Yes, it’s that romantic.

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